The Alpha’s twins

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Chapter 6

I woke up and felt this funny feeling in my chest.

“Naomi, go to the twins, now!!!” Silver, my wolf yelled in my head and I flew up and ran into the twin’s room. Brielle was crying.

“Hey Bri, what’s wrong baby?” I asked.

“Me” a voice said and I shrieked before turning around. I looked into the man’s eyes and growled.

“Rouge” I growled and stood between Brielle’s and Brandon’s cribs, protecting them.

“Rouge” he growled back taunting me.

“I’m nothing like you, I’m a lone wolf” I said seriously. “And you’re a dead red-eyed rouge if you don’t get away from my children” I said and he laughed.

“You’re a bit confident, don’t you think a little too much” he said smirking.

“Your standing in my children’s room and you’re asking me if I’m a little too confident” I said with a raised eyebrow. “Leave. Now” I demanded and I felt my wolf wanting to surface so she can protect her pups.

“No” he said. I felt my anger rise and he moved, he was now standing in front of the window and I felt something snap in me. I ran forward and collided with him.

We flew out of the spinning but I gained control and stopped the spinning making us land with me on top and he fell on top of all the glass. I saw wolves run of the tree and towards us. I saw my sisters mate, Deacon running towards us and got to us quicker and helped me hold down the struggling rouge. He was weak from the land but he was still fighting us. Deacon went to snap his neck but I stopped him.

“Don’t kill him” I said and everyone looked at me strangely.

“Why?” Deacon asked.

“He was in my son and daughter’s room; I want to know why” I said and they all nodded.

“We will tell the alpha” Deacon said.

“Thanks D” I said and walked up to the house and went inside and ran into the twin’s room. I grabbed them and put them on my bed and ran into their room and grabbed the portable cots. I set them up and put them in.

I went into my bathroom and had a shower and cleaned up my cuts. They all be gone in the morning but the bruise on my cheek I got when he punched me while we were falling. I walked out of the bathroom, checked the kids and saw they were fast asleep and continued walking into my wardrobe.

I grabbed black sweatpants, a dark grey wife beater and black socks. I grabbed black undergarments and got changed quickly and ran back to my kids to see Jeremy.

“Hey Jer” I said and he jumped.

“Jesus don’t scare me while I’m holding your son or I’ll drop him” he whisper/yelled while putting him back in his cot.

“You drop my son and I’ll drop you, 3 times as hard” I said and his eyes widened.

“Okay, um, I tried questioned that guy, he’s not talking” he said and I frowned.

“He was in my kid’s room, he was standing there, Brielle cried that how scared she was and from I can smell he didn’t even touch her. Damn it Jeremy, he was there, he could have hurt them” I whimpered out the last part while Silver growled at the idea of her pups getting hurt. Jeremy wrapped his arms around me and I buried my head in his chest.

“We will find out why he was in there Mimi but in the meantime, they will never ever get back in here again, I promise” he said and I nodded.

“Okay” I said and pulled away wiping my face.

“Go to sleep sis, your kids and you are safe, I’ve made sure your all going to be safe” he said and I nodded and laid down on my bed.

I woke up and heard crying and got up and saw Brandon and Brielle both sitting up, crying softly. They stopped when they saw me and I went over to my phone and saw it was 7 o’clock. I walked into the bathroom and had a shower.

Once I was don’t I got out wrapping a towel around my head and body. I walked into my wardrobe and grabbed black jeans, a white wife beater and nude coloured leather jacket with black ankle high heel boots. I grabbed a watch and a bracelet and then a spotty scarf.

I dried my hair and straightened it but let the ends be slightly curled.

I walked back to Brandon and Brielle and got them ready and they look so cute.

We were now driving to day care after having breakfast.

I got out of the car and grabbed them both, somehow walking in. When we got inside I put them down and held their hands as they walked.

“Aww, they look so cute today” Annie said.

“They look cute everyday” I said and kissed their cheeks before they ran through the little gate they have.

“So true” she said and I signed them in and walked out. I had this funny feeling that I was being watched. It was creeping me out. I shook it off through and got in my car, driving to work.

It was now 5:30 and I finished all my work. I walked out and went into my car.

I drove to the twin’s day care and walked inside.

I signed them out and we walked to the front door and down the stairs. They are bigger than normal 2-year-old because they have alpha blood in them.

“How was my prince and princess’s day?” I asked as we walked.

“We coloured and Elle bit someone” Brandon said and I gasped.

“Brielle, is this true?”

“Yes but she stole my crayons and she told Auntie Annie that she drew this picture but it was me mummy!” Brielle said.

“Well, if she stole my crayons I would have bit her too”

“Really, I’m not in trouble” she said and I bent down looking at Brandon and Brielle.

“You too will never get into trouble for defending yourselves” I said and they nodded. “But Brielle, no more biting, okay?” I put Brandon in the car first and then picked Brielle up and put her in her seat.

“Okay mummy” she said in a small voice and I kissed her cheek.

Damon POV

We found Naomi walking out of a newspaper building and followed her to a day care centre.

My blood boiled when that little girl called Naomi mummy. She got pregnant with someone!!! I was about to storm out but my beta stopped.

“Alpha, look at them, that little boy is an exact replica of you when you were little and that little girl if you look closely has your eyes” he said. I looked at him and he was right the only difference between the little boy and I are the eyes, he has Naomi’s while the girl looks like a mini Naomi with my eyes.

“Their mine” I whispered and he nodded.

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