The Alpha’s twins

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Chapter 8

I woke up to crying and tried to get up but I was trapped under an arm. I tried to wiggle out of his grip but every time I moved his arms held on tighter. I stopped moved and his arms relaxed.

“Get off me” I said and he grunted. “Please Damon, Brielle or Brandon are crying, please let me go” I said softly. He let me go and I flew up and went into their room. I walked in and saw 2 men holding my kids. “Who are you?” I asked and they turned to me and their eyes widened when they saw my black eyes.

“Alpha Damon’s beta” one said.

“Alpha Damon’s third in command” the other said.

“Well, I don’t care if your fucking Santa Claus, I don’t know you too so I suggest you put my kids down” I said lowly, you could hear the authority in my voice. They nodded and put them back in their cribs. “Now get out” I snapped and they ran out like they knew their life depended on it.

I felt stronger today for some reason. I saw Brielle and Brandon had fallen asleep because of Damon’s beta and third in command. I’ll say “Thank you” to them later and apologise to them for yelling at them, I just didn’t want them near my kids since they have already almost been kidnapped.

I walked back into my room and went into my bathroom and washed my face. I looked in the mirror and saw something on my neck, I looked closely.

A mark.

All sudden last night’s events came flooding back. A deep growl came out of my chest.

“I’m going to kill him” I growled. I stormed into my bedroom and saw Damon was still sleeping. He was tangled up in the blanket and I gave the blanket a hard tug that pulled the blanket and him onto the floor. I heard a thump and he flew up off the ground.

“What the fuck Naomi!!!” He yelled.

“That’s funny because I was about to say the same thing” I yelled. “What the fuck is this Damon!?!?!?!” I yelled and pointed his mark that is now on my neck. he went pale and he looked scared and worried. He should be scared and worried.

“Listen Naomi, it wasn’t my fault” he said softly and put this hands up in a surrendering motion. He was on one side of the bed and I was on the other side.

“Wasn’t your fault?!?! Wasn’t your fucking fault?!?! Whose mark is this then dumbass?!?!?” I yelled and his eyes went black. He jumped over the bed and pushed me down by shoulder and onto the ground. I cried out from the pain in my back and head. I tried to get up but Damon was straddling me and he had my hands pinned above my head. He was squeezing my wrists I cried out and wiggled more.

“Stop it!!!” He ordered, using his alpha voice and I had to listen. I felt my wolf and I cower underneath Damon showing him our neck as a sign of submission. “I didn’t do it Naomi, my wolf did. He took full control from me, the only thing I remember is what he showed me”. He said and he let go of my wrists and caressed my left cheek. “I’m sorry Naomi, I really am” he said and I turned my head away from him.

“Get off me” I whispered. He nodded and got off me and helped me up. I flinched when he touched my wrists. They had red rings around them but they started going purple. “I need to get ready”. He nodded and he started walking out my bedroom door. “Just know Damon, I hate you and I always will” I said and he looked back at me pissed, walked out the door and slammed the door shut. I walked into my bathroom and locked the bathroom door.

I hopped into the shower and it was nice and warm.

Once I was done I got out and wrapped a towel around me and tied my hair up.

I walked out of my bathroom and Damon was sitting on my bed. I glared at him and his eyes roamed my body. I walked in my wardrobe and slammed it shut before locking the door. I grabbed a long sleeve t-shirt and black jeans with high tops. I grabbed a white bra and matching lace underwear. I got changed and grabbed a black ring.

I walked out and went into my bathroom and did my makeup. I dried my hair and then straightened it. I did 2 braids and tied them up at the back.

I walked out and grabbed my phone. Damon was still here.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“I’m going to the park with my sister, her kids and my kids”

“Can I come?”

“You can watch from a distance if you have too” I said and walked out and went to the twin’s rooms. I got the twins dressed and walked downstairs and put them both down and they ran around. I can’t believe they are going to be 2 years old in a month.

“Let me come with you” he said.

“No” I said. The bell rang. “If you’re my beautiful big sister you can come in!” I yelled.

“What if it your handsome big brother?” Jeremy yelled back and Jeremy, Annie, Declan, Diana and their kids walked in.

“I have a handsome big brother? Hmmmmm, who knew” I said and Diana chuckled. “Jeremy are you telling me I have 2 big brothers; I really hope not because the one I’ve got is enough” I said and Diana fell on the floor.

“Okay, it’s official, I don’t like you” he said and Annie slapped the back of his head. “Owwww woman”. He yelled and she slapped him across the back of the head again.

“Don’t woman me and apologise to your sister right now or you can sleep on the couch for the next month” Annie said and Jeremy’s eyes went as big as saucers.

“I’m sorry Naomi” he said quickly and I bit my lip to keep myself from laughing. Jeremy started glaring at something behind me.

“What are you doing here?” Jeremy growled and looked to see Damon behind me.

“I’m your sisters mate” Damon smirked smugly.


“It’s true” I said through gritted teeth.

“Let’s go Naomi” Diana said and I nodded.

“Elle (Brielle) and Brad (Brandon)” I said and they walked over to me and we went outside.

"I’ll be watching” Damon said through our mind link.

“Not creepy at all” I said back to him sarcastically and then blocked him out.

I don’t want to talk to him. I strapped Brielle and Brandon in and jumped into the car. I drove to the park with Diana behind me in her car.

It was now 3 o’clock and the twins were fast asleep as we drove home.

I drove down the driveway and saw Damon’s pack running out of the woods.

I grabbed the twins and walked inside, putting them in their cribs.

I walked into my room and Damon was sitting on my bed. He looked up and saw me. He stood up and walked towards me and I slammed again the door. He put his hands on either side of me and leaned down to my level.

“I’m going to give you a month, one month and then you’re coming back to our pack with our children” he said and I saw his wolf wanting to surface. I hate his wolf. I hate him.

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