The Story Of The Legend

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“Oh, poor you, did you really think you could escape ME?” The wolf looked at me with an evil wolf smirk as he mind-linked me. The legend is found out by a group of pack members from a nearby pack but what will happen? Find out now! Enjoy!

Fantasy / Romance
The Creative
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Stay Away From Me

I ran through the woods, running faster and faster with every stride I took. They were gaining on me, I can’t go any faster.... I… need… to slow…. Down… for a minute….. I collapsed and struggled to crawl to a small cave that was nearby.


“Hey!!! Over here! I found something you may want to see!...” A voice that a heard a few feet away from me suddenly turned into multiple people, or whoever they are, walking up to me as I laid still on the forest floor.

“What the hell?!” A voice then yelled out as all the people stopped in front of me. “Call a doctor or something!”

I slowly started to open my eyes but as soon as I did, all the strangers stopped talking and shouting and looked at me with wide eyes. “...” My eyes went wide with fear, thinking that they were going to hurt me like the people from before. I got up and stumbled backwards just as one of them reached their hand out to stop me from getting away. “S-s-stay a-away…” My voice trembled with fear but held a sense of regret and loss.

“It’s okay. We will not hurt you. So, who are you?” One of the strangers who looked to be in charge spoke up and everyone looked at him and then to me.

I mumbled my name to them and looked away with tears in my eyes.


“My names-” I stopped just as I sensed someone behind a tree. My eyes widened in fear and a stepped back and started to run.

“Wait! Stop! Everyone after her. Now!”

Multiple “Yes Alpha’s” were said amongst the group and they all started running the same way the girl went.

I can’t do this anymore… I can’t just run for the rest of my life.

I stopped as a large group of wolves surrounded me in a clearing. I looked around but there wasn’t anywhere to run so I looked at them and lowered my head. I heard a twig snap and I looked back to see the people from before looking at me with wide eyes. I looked back to the people surrounding me and nodded my head slowly.

Oh, poor you, did you really think you could escape ME?” The wolf looked at me with an evil wolf smirk as he mind-linked me.

“Yes, and you know VERY well I can so I thought I would save you the trouble” I smirked back at the wolf as a sense of defeat washed over him.

The other group of people looked at me with confusion as to why, and if, I was talking to myself. I looked at them and gave them a small smile and looked back at the wolves in front of me. “Now… should I do this the EASY way or the HARD way?...” I grinned mischievously and produced a small purple flame on the palm of my hand that slowly travelled up my arm and onto my left cheek to show a hidden mark that showed a lilac wolf howling at the moon. My eyes then began to shine purple and gold which then cause all the wolves to collapse on the ground in pain. My voice changed into a low voice that echoed off all the trees in the area. “Now. Do not EVER talk to me or cross my path. Do you all understand?” I smile and then walk off towards the hidden group of people.

“W-w-what - w-who-who are you?...” Their leader asked.

The mark slowly faded away from my cheek and I breathed a sigh of relief. “I am so glad that is over. Also, I am so so sorry that you had to witness that but if you don’t know who I am then why do I think you actually do? Hahaha” I smiled happily at them and they looked taken aback and just stood there with the mouths wide open.

“Anyway, I must b- ”I stopped as I looked at the small group’s leader and he looked at me with a shine in his eyes.

He growled lowly and said something I thought I would never hear be said to me… “mine” The group looked at him and then me and smiled brightly. “C-”

“I already know what you are going to say. Let’s go then.” I cut him off before he said anything else.

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