The Book of the Dark Savior

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The World is dying as the elements of life began to rot causing untold devastation. Those left seek a savior except this savior is the one they betrayed and turned into a monster consumed by Darkness

Fantasy / Horror
Marco Cosme
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“Why are you doing this” a man said as his arm were bound by chains. He wore a light blue business suit with a red scarf around his neck. He had a blue fedora on his head that covered his silver hair. He also had x pupil for eyes as he struggled in his chains. “You humans are a bunch of bugs that need to be exterminated” a large red dragon said as his dragon companions agreed. “Unfortunately we can’t touch them unless the immortal is dealt with” the red dragon said. “Since immortals can’t die we had to think of another solution” the red dragon said. “Thanks to your sister though we have found an alternative” the red dragon said as a large rectangle object came from the ground.

“What is that” the man said. “It is Pandora’s Box and again thanks to your sister it shall be your prison” the red dragon said with a smile. “Drag him in” the red dragon said. “NO,NO,NO” the man said as he struggled as he tried to station his feet to the ground to no avail. The box began to open as a flash of glowing light revealed a chair with multiple clamps all over. The other dragons managed to put him into the box as the clamps seal his entire body. “Please you can’t do this” the man said as tears began to flow on his face.

“The heart of the world must not be sealed away” the man said as tears fell from his face. “If it is magic will stop flowing and the world will start dying” the man said. “Serenity please tell them, SERENITY” the man yelled as the doors closed sealing him away. “Now it begins the extinction of humanity” the red dragon said as his companions cheered except for a female silver dragon who had a tear fall from her face.

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