Amber & The Secrets Hidden In The Shadows

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The princess that had a precious secret that she would do anything to keep. A secret that, in her case, meant life or death. Amber is on the run, from a king she once called father, a mysterious boy she can't yet trust, and a past she refuses to face. Now a layer of lies and secrets once hidden in the shadows forgotten; soon to return the light. The truth of the first heir, and all the missing children that disappeared the unbelievable attack when they were too young to fight back.

Fantasy / Adventure
Essie S. Nix
5.0 2 reviews
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Deep within the Forest Of Deadly Heaven, blending into the dark shadows that no man’s eye could see through, a figure was crouched in the shadows. The figure was on the run from something that was hidden and an almost forgotten secret from her past. The silence was abruptly interrupted by the sound of thundering hooves. The figure leaped out of the shadows as nimbly as a galloping deer. Bending and twisting she tumbled through the nagging thorns and the outstretched branches that were in the way of her path.

The figure darted from one shadow to the next, keeping out of sight, moving swiftly on her feet. It went unnoticed to the figure that her hood got caught on one of the small twig branches of a new tree that she had just passed, leaving a small tear in part of her hood.

The moonlight peeked through the branches before the mysterious figure blended back into the shadows. If someone had sharp eyes, they might have gotten a quick glimpse of a delicate face, with high cheekbones, large blue eyes that always looked for adventure, and perfect, soft, pink lips. This was the face of a princess. This is Amber Ever, the new identity for Lana Kingstood: the Runaway Princess. The princess that had a secret that she would do anything to keep. A secret that, in her case, meant life or death.

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