Kuekuatsu: Fate of a Lycanthrope

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A young witch on the verge of becoming an adult. encounters a werewolf by chance, and together they discover that fate has a plan for them.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Dreams Do Come True

Sitting upon her skyward throne, the moon shined over a field of grassy plains, within the center of those plains, stood a boy with dark disheveled hair rippling in the brisk weather of the night. The tone of his skin had the distinct shade of bronze, which glistened under the silver rays of moonlight. His sleeveless black shirt fitted him nicely, while his grey pants had a fine opening for his furry tail to fit through. With two deep brown eyes, the boy stared peacefully at the moon, admiring its magnificent radiance. He then closed his eyes, lightly raised his chin, calmly took in a deep breath, and let out a long echoing howl that traveled across the moonlit plains.

At the end of it, his furry ears pricked up to the sound of grass being crushed, underneath the footsteps that walked toward him. Slowly, he turned around to face this unknown person, unsure if they were friend or foe. Standing before him, from about ten to fifteen feet away, was a person wrapped in a red cloak, with a hood covering their face. A gentle flow of air rolled downwind, carrying with it the person’s scent. With a single sniff, the boy easily picked up on the smell, and realized that the aroma was of a human female. He narrowed his eyes on the girl, after getting the first clue as to who she was.

“Who are you…?” he asked the girl in the red cloak.

Rather than answer his question, she held out her hands from beneath her cloak, and proceeded to remove the hood covering her head, revealing bright red hair that fell over her shoulders, a light beige complexion, and emerald green eyes which twinkled, as soon as the moonlight had touched them. Another draft quietly brushed past them, causing the girls red hair to flow gracefully with the winds current, while her cloak fluttered along with the gust. He stared at her for a moment, captivated by her beauty, but then shook off the infatuation, and asked again who she was, in a more demanding tone. When she finally answered him, she spoke in a calm soothing voice, saying,

“Save me, Kuekuatsu.”

“Save you?” he blinked in surprise, giving her a puzzled look. “Wait…how do you know my name?” he added, with a faint growl seething through his fangs, knowing full well, that he did not address his name first.

“I know, because you are going to tell me, after you save me.” Her smile widened, exposing her pearly whites. The winds current subsided, and her hair rippled down her shoulders, while her cloak reverted to a more stagnant position.

“What are you talking about?” Kuekuatsu’s confusion was palpable, and his curiosity for the girl’s identity grew, as well as his suspicion.

“You don’t look like you’re in any danger.” The boy stepped forward, reducing the distance between him, and the girl in the red cloak. He thought it was strange that she still had not answered his original question. Panning up and down, his eyes examined her from head to toe, seeing nothing, nor sensing anything threatening about her. His senses also confirmed that there was no one else lurking in the surrounding area. The only thing the boy saw or sensed was a girl simply asking for help.

“I will be in danger…” her smile faded. “And you will save me….you have to..” Tears began to fill in her eyes, as she hung her head down to stare at the blades of grass below, which had a small tint of silver on them, courtesy of the moons glow.

“Why don’t you tell me who you are…so I can save you…” He said as he got closer to her. Each step he took was casual, as it was cautious. Although what she was saying wasn’t making much sense to him, the boy felt compelled to at least try and comfort her. And more than that, he wanted to make sense of the situation.

“I will tell you, but not now…” she looked up at the boy with a sad smile, and tears trickling down her cheeks.

“Why not…?” Kuekuatsu was within an arms length of her. He reached out to touch her shoulder, but failed when the girl stepped back.

“Because…” She whispered, then with both hands, she reached for her hood and placed it back over her head. “It is not time yet…” Her thin smile was concealed by the hood as she turned away.

A hand reached out and grabbed the enigmatic girl by the shoulder. “Wait a minute.” Kuekuatsu said, with a hint of annoyance in his voice. But before he could utter another word, the boy jerked back when the girl suddenly rose up, to levitate about four feet off of the ground.

“Where…where are you going?!” he asked, awestruck by her ability to levitate.

She stopped in mid-air, and looked over her shoulder to glance at the young man one more time. “When the time is right….you will find me, and then you will save me.” Her red cloak flapped in the wind as she glided away.

“Hey! …wait…Wait!” He called out to her, but she ignored him and continued to glide.

Kuekuatsu could not let it end like that. Not without getting some answers from the mysterious girl.

His furry tail swished from side to side as he walked faster, and then started running, now he was chasing the girl through the grassy field. A few minutes after the chase began, a small quake shook the earth beneath his paw-like feet, causing trees to randomly sprout out from the ground, surrounding them as they rapidly grew to enormous sizes, within seconds an entire forest had come to life. The abrupt change in scenery had left the young man thoroughly perplexed, but he then forced himself to ignore it, because keeping up with the girl was his top priority. While he was still running, the boy’s hands dropped to the ground. His limbs became less human-like as they morphed into a more bestial appearance, his face elongated into a maw with a complete set of sharp fangs. The clothes wrapped around his fur changed as well, to fit his new body. Now that he was in his full wolf form, running on all fours had greatly enhanced his overall speed. Although, despite his change in velocity, the distance between them continued widening as the girl seemed to increase her speed as well. Soon she was out of sight, hidden somewhere in the new forest that had erupted to life in no less than thirty seconds. The wolf stopped in his tracks; anxiously looking left and right, hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl in red. Relying on his sense of smell instead, he began to sniff out her scent again. His nose soon discovered that the scent was moving southwest of his position. However, before he rushed off to follow it, a loud echoing roar traveled across the entire forest, followed by a terrified scream. The young wolf remained still as his ears flickered again, searching for the source of that beastly sound, which seemed to reverberate from multiple directions.

“This must be what she meant about danger…” he thought to himself, believing that the time she spoke of had now come to pass. Following the trail of the girls scent, and the sound of her screams, the wolf ventured deeper into the forest. His search eventually led him to an obscure clearing, where he found the source of the loud roars. Standing before him, nearly twenty feet away, was a large furry animal standing on its hind legs, holding the girl in the claws of its left hand-paw. Despite the lack of moonlight in the area, Kuekuatsu could clearly see the monstrosity that held the girl hostage.

“LET HER GO!” he roared, after he shifted back into a partial human form. But the monster ignored him, and stared at the girl with his piercing yellow eyes. The girls head turned to look at Kuekuatsu with tears in her eyes. She found it difficult to breathe, due to the fact that the claws were wrapped firmly around her neck, slowly cutting into her skin, drawing out her blood in small droplets. The girl tried with all her might to release herself from the monsters grip, but she wasn’t strong enough to move a claw by a single inch.

“..Save...Me” she mouthed the words, and then managed to let out a cry which gave them life and emotion. The moon brightened its glow over the immediate area, illuminating the creature entirely, from the rows of sharp fangs in its maw, to the razor-edged claws on its hand-paws.

“You bastard…!” Kuekuatsu growled, then without a second thought, he immediately started running at full speed toward them. He couldn’t let her die.

Two yellow eyes glanced at the charging black wolf. “You’re too late…” growled the werewolf, who finally acknowledged the boys existence, but did not see him as a threat. He raised his right furry arm, with claws open and ready to slice. The girl no longer had the strength to scream; she simply closed her eyes tightly, shed one last tear, and accepted her fate.

“NOO!” Kuekuatsu roared, as the werewolf swung his arm to deliver the killing blow.

“STOP!!” he roared again, but they were gone, the forest was gone, the moon was gone as well, and in its place was the inside of a cave, which happened to be his room.

“..What the hell...was that….?” He whispered to himself, breathing heavily, as he sat upright on his bed of grass. The boy known as Kuekuatsu put his hands to his face and started rubbing his eyes. “Ugh…Was that…really a dream?” he asked himself in a drowsy voice, while thinking over all the events that just took place in his mind. The moon, the grass, the girl in the red cloak, the forest, and of course …the werewolf, he wondered what it all meant, and why did it seem so real. Never before had he experienced a dream such as that one.

“Ketsu...are you okay?” asked a boy from a different section of the cave; who apparently had woken up after hearing his brothers scream.

“Don’t worry Kogenta…I’m fine, it was just a bad dream” he assured him, with a decent smile and a quick wave of his hand.

“Okay…” he yawned as he rubbed his left eye, before scratching his messy white hair.

Like his brother, Kogenta’s skin tone was also a shade of bronze, and his brown eyes were deep and lustrous. The young man’s furry ears twitched, and folded back while his tail stood up straight as he stretched out his limbs. He dressed himself with a grey long sleeved shirt, with an image of a black flaming skull and cross bones stitched in; and a pair of loose brown pants.

The black wolf laid back down on his bed of grass and tried to sleep again, but it was pointless—he was wide awake—so he just laid there, thinking to himself about the dream he just had, trying to make sense of what occurred during the event. However, that all changed once the smell of something fresh and delicious filled the air, and caught the attention of his sensitive nose. Once again, Kuekuatsu sat up from his grassy bed, and continued to sniff out the delicious scent of food as his mouth began to salivate, while his tail moved with enthusiasm. He couldn't tell which type of meat he smelled, because the scent was shrouded under a bouquet of herbs and spices native to the forest. Whichever type of meat it was would most likely be their usual prey.

“YAY!!” howled a little girl from another section of the cave. “Breakfast is ready!!”

His dark-brown haired, hyper active little sister Kaylan, was stretching out her arms and legs while happily wagging her tail as she walked toward the mouth of the cave. The youngest of the three lupine siblings wore a shirt dyed in fuchsia, decorated in cascading blue stars and a pair of pants with a lavender color scheme.

“Awesome, I’m starving.” his brother yawned after exiting his room, and followed her outside, but stopped when he noticed that Kuekuatsu wasn’t following.

“Ketsu, aren’t you coming?” Kogenta asked, looking back at his elder brother.

“Yeah,” Kaylan giggled, while bouncing up and down.”If you don’t hurry up, there won’t be any more food left!”

“Okay, Okay, I’ll be right out,” he told them as he wiped the drool off his mouth.

Kuekuatsu got out of his manufactured green bed, stretched out his muscles for a moment, to shake off whatever drowsiness that remained, and then followed them out of the cave. Before he reached the entrance of the cavern, he stopped for a second, only to realize that he was wearing the same pair of clothing as he did in his dream, which to him was odd, because he never could recall what he wore in a dream, assuming that he wore anything at all. The discovery made his dream even more intriguing, but in spite of that, he quickly lost interest after the scent of food called out to him again, beckoning the young wolf to come closer, and follow the delicious aroma.

“Eh, I’ll think about it later” he muttered to himself with a shrug.

After exiting the cave, he expected to see both of his parents to be standing in front of a campfire, roasting another batch of fresh meat on top of it; however Kuekuatsu only saw his mother standing in front of the fire, waving at him and his siblings to come hither. Her dark brown hair rippled down her nape, after cocking her head to the side. Her lips curled into a smile, and her furry ears twitched in delight, when she sampled a piece of the meat she had placed over the open fire. Her daughter—who was tall enough to reach her waist—hopped over and gave her a hug.

“G’morning, Mommy!” Kaylan barked cheerfully, looking up at her mother with dazzling yellow eyes. “Your dress looks so pretty!”

“Aw, thank you” She dipped her head down to kiss Kaylan’s forehead. “Good morning to you to, Kaylee.”

When he saw his mother and sister giggle with one another. Kuekuatsu noticed the red kimono—decorated in black clouds—wrapped around her fur. A piece of clothing of that quality was not something his mother normally wore, especially out in the wilderness.

“Looks like Mom is determined to become a civilized werewolf,” Kogenta nudged his brother with a grin.

“Yea,” He chuckled. “Next thing you know, she might convince dad to find us a place to live in Tora’Cai.”

“I’m on board with that idea.” Kogenta widened his grin. “I’m already starting to like wearing clothes.”

“Me too,” he nodded. “But I’m not so sure about dad though…speaking of which, where is he?” the black wolf looked around, but couldn’t see his father anywhere.

“Hey mom, where did dad go?” Kuekuatsu asked, while still scanning the area for his absent father.

“Did he have something important to do? I hope he’s okay,” Kaylan looked concerned; she was already jumping to conclusions as to her father’s whereabouts.

“Don’t worry,” The mother patted Kaylan on the head, then looked up at her sons and said. “Your father went to Tora’Cai to run an errand for me. He should be back in time for breakfast,”

“Okay, but can he hurry up? ‘Cause I’m starving” said Kogenta, who rubbed his stomach as it began to rumble.

“Yea, me too!”

“Me three,”

The young wolves sat down on a log positioned in front of the campfire, and wagged their tails—which lightly swept the dirt beneath them—as they watched the skewered meat continue to roast over it. Every few seconds, a swift breeze of wind would blow through the flames, giving it more life, and carry the scent of the food into their snouts, giving them a sample of its flavor. It had the aroma of certain herbs or spices that their mother had been experimenting with, and Kuekuatsu couldn’t wait to try it. Overcome with greed, he reached out to grab a piece.

“OW!” His mother smacked his hand away and said,

“Not until your father comes back! The same goes for you two,” she wagged her finger at them in disappointment, discouraging any further attempt to take the food.

“Sorry Mom,” the three pups sighed.

For the next ten minutes, the four of them waited patiently for their Alpha to return. In that time, the mother’s impatience became palpable, as she tapped her finger on her folded arms. Her yellow eyes swirled, and took on an amethyst tint as they scanned the forest that stood before their cave. She turned her head, and saw that her pups sat anxiously, with their tongues lolling out of their salivated mouths. Kaylan rubbed her stomach and began to whimper.

Their mother closed her eyes and sighed. “I’m sorry I kept you waiting. Go ahead and eat.” when her eyes opened, they had returned to their natural color.

“We love you mom!” the three of them said simultaneously, as they grabbed as many pieces of cooked meat as possible, then savagely sank their fangs into it.

“Hey! remember to chew your food. I don’t want any of you choking or biting your tongues” she demanded.

“Sorry mom.” They each said with their mouths full, making it difficult to understand. Then they swallowed their food—repeated their apology—and slowed their eating pace. Minutes after they started eating, there was a sudden rustling in the bushes nearby. The mother stepped forward, and sniffed out the scent of the potential intruder. After a few seconds, a deep growl rumbled through her fangs when she recognized the scent.

“There you are!”

The bushes trembled as a nine foot tall being emerged from them. His fur had the color of snow, mixed in with the shade of clouds. A leather pouch was securely tied to the right side of his leather belt. And a long wooden spear—that matched his own height— was strapped over his back. “Sorry I’m late,” his voice was deep, but had a smooth and clear sound to it.

“G’morning, Daddy!” Kaylan howled happily, and waved at him.

“Good Morning Kaylee” he replied with a sincere smile across his maw.

Kogenta and Kuekuatsu greeted their father as well, and then returned to eating to their hearts content. The Mother continued to glare at him, with a look that demanded an explanation for his tardiness. While reaching for his pouch to untie it, the father motioned toward his mate.

“I’m sorry for being late Keiko, but it seems I had to wait in line, before collecting my reward from the Tora’Cai butcher shop.” He handed her the pouch, which jingled the moment it landed in her hand.

“Well if that’s the case, then it’s alright” She sighed, before her lips curved into a smile. “But next time, how about you try wearing some clothes, before you enter a populated area,” Keiko grabbed some skewered venison from the fire, and offered it to her mate.

“I’m wearing a belt aren’t I?” He accepted the offering.

“You know what I mean.”

“Yes, I do.” He agreed. “But still, I see no reason why we should assimilate with their society. The natives here do not fear or despise us, like the others have. So we should be free to live like we always have.”

“Don’t be naïve Axel,” The she-wolf shook her head. “We cannot function the same way a normal pack would. That way of life was sacrificed, the day we left Luna’Crest.”

The three young wolves sensed an argument about to rear its ugly head when their parents withdrew to speak privately, but they did not pay it much attention, because naturally, their parents were bound to have an argument every once and a while, and then make up for it later. However, they still felt a level of concern.

“I know…” His voice rumbled. “We are but a mere handful of wolves with a small range of territory in this country. Nonetheless, we are still wolves. The least we could do is to show some pride.”

“Our pride hasn’t gone anywhere Axel,” Keiko said. “There is nothing disgraceful about adapting to a new way of life.”

“We’ve tried adapting before in other countries, but it never worked out. So tell me Keiko, what makes you think this place will be any different?”

“The people here are kind, and are willing to accept us.” She raised one claw. “The environment here has been fruitful, providing us with whatever we needed.” She raised a second claw. “It’s already been our third weeks since we moved here.” She raised a third. “Yet you still haven’t given this place a chance!”

“I’m still not convinced that this country is worth giving a chance.” He growled, before chewing on more meat.

“Would you prefer to bow down and beg the elders to let us back into Luna’Crest? Or have you forgotten the reason we left our homeland in the first place?” A shade of crimson tainted her pupils when she blinked.

Kuekuatsu’s ear twitched when he heard his father growl. From the corner of his eye, he saw his parents exchange a few glares at one another.

“Are mom and dad fighting again?” Kaylan whispered to her brothers.

“They’re talking about Luna’Crest again.” Kogenta whispered back.

“That place is supposed to be our homeland right? Why aren’t we living there?” The young she-wolf looked to her brothers for an answer.

Kogenta simply shrugged and resumed eating while Kuekuatsu contemplated on the question.

“Because Luna’Crest was a Warzone, and it wasn’t a safe place to live in.” The black wolf answered. “That’s what mom and dad told me when I was little.”

“Wait,” Kogenta spoke with his mouth full, and then swallowed before continuing. “How come they never told me that?”

“Well, since you and Kaylan weren’t born in Luna’Crest, I guess they figured that it would be better if you didn’t know.” Kuekuatsu shrugged.

“That shouldn’t mean we can’t at least visit the place.” Kogenta said before gnawing on a thigh bone. “That war must be over by now”

“You have a point, but we have no idea what’s happening over there, and no way of finding out either.”

“If there is still a war in Luna’Crest, what could they possibly be fighting about?” Kaylan replied.

“It’s probably a fight to see who will become the next king or something.” Kuekuatsu hypothesized. “When packs of Lycans share the same territory, a fight is bound to happen.”

The siblings fell silent when their parents returned to sit alongside them. After some time passed, Keiko lightened the mood with some conversation, and shared some ideas she had about life as a civilized wolf. During that time, Kuekuatsu was plagued with thoughts about his dream. No matter how much he suppressed it, three words kept echoing in his mind. “Save me, Kuekuatsu.” He didn’t have a clue what was happening to him, or why he kept thinking back to the dream he had, and how real it felt. The wolf continued to focus on reality, because after all, it was just a dream. Once they finished their meal, there was nothing but bones left.

Kuekuatsu and his siblings smiled widely and said “Thank you Mom, we love you.”

“And I love you” she smiled back at them, proud to know that they were satisfied with their meal.

At that moment, the father hugged her from behind, and sneaked a kiss on her cheek, then whispered in her ear.

“I love you as well,” Keiko blushed, nudging him in the shoulder, and called him an idiot, which was her way of saying it back.

Kaylan and her mother hummed a sweet little tune, as they buried the bones that were left over from their meal. While the rest of them gnawed on a few leftover bones of their own, and used the broken sharp edges as toothpicks.

“Kuekuatsu,” Axel addressed his son.

“Hmm?” The young wolf turned and looked toward his father, giving him his full attention.

“Today we’re going to pick up from where we left off yesterday, and work on your defenses.” he stated, before picking out pieces meat from his fangs.

Kuekuatsu shuddered, when the chilling memory of his training session from the day before came to mind.

“Hey, umm, how about we…” He paused to search for the right words. “Take a day off?” The black wolf suggested with a shrug.

“A day off?” The white wolf replied with furrowed brows.

“Yea” Kuekuatsu nodded. “And I could spend the day meditating.” His lips curled into a smile, which quickly disappeared once he saw the expression on his fathers face.

“In other words, you want to sleep all day.” The Alpha growled at his eldest son, who folded his ears back while averting his glare.

Axel sighed in disappointment. “You need to start taking your training seriously, my son.”

“Ugh…Yes…I know that, but I don’t understand why you are so adamant about it? There’s hardly anything out here that could be a threat to us. Especially since we’re the only Lycans in this part of the country” he said, with a faint growl in his voice.

His Mother sat next to him and said “I agree, this nation is indeed peaceful, and our time here has brought us no trouble. But, the same things have been said about the places we once called home.”

“We’re not moving again.” The black wolf declared, making eye contact with both his parents.

“If that’s how you feel, then you must be prepared to defend our home if need be.” Axel replied firmly.

“Alright,” Kuekuatsu sighed. “I promise to focus on training more often.”

“Good, you can start by sparring with me this afternoon” A sharp grin appeared on Axel’s maw.

Damn it….” His son thought to himself as he hung his head down.

Keiko reached over and put an arm around her son, then held him close as she started scratching behind his ear.

“Now that that is settled, I need you to do me a favor”

“Okay, what is it?” His furry ear twitched as he looked up at his mother.

“I need you to collect some Kazcuza berries for me. They will be the main ingredient for the pie I’m going to cook tonight”

“Wait, what the hell is a pie?”

“It’s a pastry dish that humans like to make. They mix together eggs, dough, and other ingredients, then bake it in a heated container called an oven”

“Sounds delicious, I can’t wait to try it!” Kogenta barked.

“Why bake when we can hunt?” Axel scoffed.

“Axel,” Keiko shot him a glare, and he merely rolled his eyes.

“Where’d you learn so much about human food, Mommy?”

“The free market,” Keiko chimed. “The merchants there are very informative.”

Kuekuatsu released himself from his mother’s embrace, and stood up straight as he stretched his arms. “Alright then, I’ll go pick them up now.”

“Good,” His mother nodded. “While you’re gone, I’ll go to Tora‘Cai and gather some supplies. Would you care to join me Axel?”

“I’ll pass.” He folded his furry arms. “I’m still not quite used to being around so many humans”

Keiko sighed, annoyed by her mates response.

“Can I go?” Kaylan raised her hand.

“Of course, you can.” Her mother smiled.

“Yay!” Kaylan jumped for joy.

“Well, looks like I have nothing to do” the white haired Lycan stood up. “I guess I’ll go back to sleep then” he chuckled as he walked back toward the cave.

“You stop right there!” The young wolf shuddered, when his father growled.

“Your brother isn’t the only one who has training to do.” Axel said, with eyes focused on his son. “You can start by doing five hundred push-ups.”

“F-five hundred what?!”


“Whoa, wait a min—”


“Okay, okay!” Kogenta surrendered.
“Come on Axel, that’s a bit harsh” Keiko disapproved.

“Fine, he’ll do Six hundred and Fifty.” He declared, and his mate agreed with a nod saying, “That’s better.”

Kogenta’s jaw dropped.

Kuekuatsu chuckled at the sight of his younger brother doing what he was told while muttering to himself. Seeing no further reason to stay, he waved his pack good bye then turned to walk into the bushes, but his mother called out to him.

“I’ll need about a dozen Kazcuza berries.” She tossed him an empty leather pouch.

“Got it” He replied after catching it.

“Remember that tonight is a full moon. So don’t be out for too long okay?”

“Full moon…?” Kuekuatsu blinked in surprise. Forgetting what time of the month it was. His brown eyes panned up to the sky and gazed at the blazing orange-yellow orb that dominated the world above. He blinked again, and for a moment, the sun turned silver. Once more, three words echoed.

“Save me Kuekuatsu”



The black wolf snapped out of his trance when his mother yelled his name. He placed his attention toward her and said. “Yea Mom, I remember. I’ll be back soon.” He waved again, and then dashed into the woods.

“Just what in the hell was that…?” he thought to himself. “Am I…Am I going crazy…?”

Even though he remembered the task that was given to him, the only thought on his mind was how far and how fast his feet could carry him.

The native wildlife of the deciduous forest hid themselves, as they watched what seemed like a black furry blur rush past them. Relieved that their newest predator was gone, they returned to their natural routines. At will, Kuekuatsu’s finger nails extended, and curved into a sharp point. Near the end of this sprint, he leapt into the air and latched onto a tree, making use of his claws; he climbed up, and then threw himself toward another tree. The wind he felt on his face as he plummeted from the forest canopy was soothing, as it ruffled through his already wild hair. Kuekuatsu landed on a sturdy branch, back flipped, grabbed the same branch, and used it as a swinging pole to launch himself through the air. He landed on the side of an oak tree, bent his knees, and propelled himself forward. The black wolf found himself flying out of the forest and landing in a field of grassy plains. Kuekuatsu gazed across the open field, which seemed to go on for miles and miles, ending where the next section of the forest began.

His nostrils flared as they searched for a specific scent, and soon the distinct citrus flavor of Kazcusa berries made itself known. Kuekuatsu determined that they were in another section of the forest, south west of his position. If he left now, it would take no more than twenty minutes to retrieve the berries and return to the cave. With that in mind, the black wolf felt that there was no need to rush things.

He walked deeper into the tall grass and glanced at the sky above. The wolf blinked when small droplets of rain pelted his face. The radiant sunlight of the morning sky had left, allowing a cloudy afternoon to take its place. Kuekuatsu didn’t mind the precipitation at all; in fact, he welcomed it with open arms.

“There will come soft rains” He whispered with a small grin. With arms still spread out, he leaned back and allowed gravity to do what it did best, knowing that the grass would cushion his fall.

Mother Nature gracefully showered her children with calm drizzling rain. Nurturing the plants, and filling the ponds of the lively forest. Moments later, Kuekuatsu sat upright with his legs crossed, and eyes closed, while keeping a very still position. His heartbeat and breathing slowed to a minimal pace as he began to reach a state of Zen, a technique taught by his mother.

Soon he began to feel everything around him. Kuekuatsu’s senses had intensified. More than just the small droplets of rain washing over him, he felt the blades of grass that he sat on, and the texture of the clothes he wore. His furry ears pricked up to the sound of a bird reinforcing the structure of its nest in a nearby tree. In reaction to other noises, his ears began to flicker in a pattern, picking up on any vibration that was within his range, from the heartbeat of a cricket, to the pecking of a wood pecker. As he continued to listen to the nature all around him, he picked up on the sound of footsteps from a distance, and each step was fast paced.

At first he thought that it was just another animal, but something was off. He heard two steps instead of four. To further investigate, the Lycan used his heightened sense of smell to identify the two legged creature. Once he acquired the scent, his eyelids opened halfway when he whispered.

“A Human?” A puzzled expression hung on his face.


Kuekuatsu shuddered and his ears folded back in pain. The startling scream of terror left his furry ears—which were still heightened—ringing.

“Argh!....Damn it!....what the hell was that?” The black wolf cringed as he clenched his furry ears.

The state of Zen he had achieved was now shattered, and his senses returned to normal as a result. Once the painful ringing had subsided, the black Lycan rose to one knee and began to think clearly.

“That human was a girl…” he analyzed from the scent he picked up. “Why was she screaming?”

What was chasing her was the more important question, he realized. Since he moved here, Kuekuatsu had become familiar with the few other predators in the forest, and knew that none of them would dare attack a human. Perhaps this was a new predator, the Lycan thought; someone who had just arrived and was currently chasing down their first victim. Kuekuatsu planted his hands on the ground as they shaped into paws. If this newcomer had succeeded, and what was left of the body had been discovered by citizens of Tora’Cai, there was a good chance that he and his pack would be blamed for the incident, because they were still newcomers as well.

A vicious growl rumbled through his fangs as he completed his transformation. “We’re not moving again!” He barked with eyes piercing with rage.

The black wolf ran east, rushing back into the forest. The human scent became significantly stronger as he traversed through the woods, and along with it came a secondary scent of a beast, much to Kuekuatsu’s expectations, but he still wasn’t close enough to make a visual confirmation.

The chase went on for about five more minutes when he finally caught a glimpse of his target. An animal made up of a large mass of bulky gray fur, blocked his view of the terrified human who continuously cried for help as she ran for her life.

“Help! Somebody help me!!” Her cries were followed by deep barks of laughter that mocked her distress.

Seeing the werewolf toy with his victim infuriated Kuekuatsu even more. But it also gave him the opportunity to get closer.

“Hey!” the Black wolf barked. “Get away from her!” He pushed himself to run faster.

“Back off! I saw this one first!!” The grey wolf roared back, with eyes focused on his soon to be lunch.

Kuekuatsu could hear the deep breaths of the human girl; she was exhausted and would probably collapse at any moment. Seeing that his prey was now ripe for the killing, the grey wolf closed in to finish what he started.

With all his might, the black wolf jumped in the air and reverted into a partial human form as he prepared to pounce.

Just a few inches more….just a few more inches before he could finally tear into that human flesh. The grey werewolf opened his maw, and reached for the neck of his prey to get the first taste of young blood. But something was wrong. He suddenly felt knives dive into his back, and more of them latched onto his left shoulder. The sharp pain shot through his body, and a loud yelp expelled from his maw as the added weight forced him down.

With his opponent pinned down for the moment, Kuekuatsu looked up and saw that the human girl had fallen, and was staring at the two of them, both fear and confusion were written all over her face.

With blood stained fangs, Kuekuatsu barked at the human.


“Off….” His eyes widened in shock the moment he recognized that iconic red cloak.

“No way...” his voice trailed off in astonishment. “It’s not possible…” He stared into her emerald green eyes.

Regaining some of her strength, the girl in the red cloak rose to her feet. She tried to control her breathing as she backed away. Before taking off, she shouted “Thank you!”

After she had left, Kuekuatsu realized too late that he had let his guard down, when he received an elbow to the face, knocking him off the grey wolf’s back. The other Lycan roared as he jumped to his feet, then let out a vicious snarl while marching toward the younger wolf.

Before he could make another move, Kuekuatsu gagged when a big furry hand grasped his throat, and squeezed while two sinister eyes glared at him, pondering on what would be the best way to inflict pain.

“You little bastard!” the grey wolf growled. “I told you to back off!! That human was mine!”He strengthened his grip, causing his claws to slowly cut into Kuekuatsu’s neck.

As he desperately tried to free himself, the black wolf plunged his own claws into the furry arm that choked him. The gray wolf acknowledged the intensity of the pain, but acted as though it did not bother him.

“You’re the one who needs to back off!” Kuekuatsu wheezed. “This territory belongs to my pack! And you are trespassing!”

“Your pack?” He snarled. “That’s not possible. No wolf packs exist outside of Luna’Crest.”

“Mine does!” Kuekuatsu replied.

The young wolf continued to struggle, and slowly began to feel his consciousness slipping.

“Wait a minute…” The grey werewolf narrowed his eyes, paying close attention to the color of Kuekuatsu’s fur. He then sniffed, taking in a good sample of his scent. A smirk broke across his maw as he threw the young wolf to the ground.

“It all makes sense now...” He folded his furry arms. “You’re Axel’s son.”

Kuekuatsu coughed and felt his neck which bled a minimal amount blood. He then looked up at the grey wolf, whose height matched his fathers.

“How do you know my Father’s name? .... Who are you?!” He barked.

The grey wolf crossed his furry arms in an X shape and answered. “I am Zetrov, son of the great warrior Keltrov. I am a lone wolf, and a former associate of your father.”

Kuekuatsu finally stood, and crossed arms the same way. “I am Kuekuatsu, son of the great warrior Axel, I am a member of the Wind Scar pack.”

Once the introductory ritual was over, Kuekuatsu went on to say “Like I said before, you are trespassing in my packs territory. I advise that you leave now.” He growled.

“I’m not going anywhere, now that I’ve found you.”

“I don’t care if you and my Dad used to be littermates! You almost killed a human! And that could have endangered my pack. So get the hell out!”

Zetrov charged forward, knocking the young wolf down before he could react, and placed his foot firmly on top of Kuekuatsu’s neck.

“Listen here young pup,” he barked. “This is what’s going to happen. First, I’m going to find that human, and kill her. Next, I’m going to drag you back Luna’Crest with me. Then, I’m going to present you as a gift to the Elders for bringing you alive. And finally, I’ll be greatly rewarded, while the Elders and the King will do what they’ve tried to do since the day that you were spawned….Kill you!”

“Wh-what the hell are you talking about?” Kuekuatsu said, as he tried to lift the foot from his neck.

“There’s no point in explaining it to you. Your existence is a curse, a curse to the entire world. So I’ll do everyone a favor, and end the curse of the Black Wolf!”

“No!” Kuekuatsu roared, finally mustering enough strength to free himself. He rolled away and assumed his beast form.

Zetrov chuckled as the black werewolf charged at him. He then raised an arm, and with a powerful thrust, he sent the black Lycan flying toward the nearest tree. The force was so great, that the tree was knocked down as soon as Kuekuatsu slammed against it, fracturing multiple bones.

Kuekuatsu struggled at first, but he eventually got back to his feet, and regained his balance.

“It’s pointless to fight me, boy! So just do yourself a favor and stay down!”

“Not until you leave this forest!!”

The black wolf plucked out a few splinters, and spat blood on the ground while his bones reconnected. Putting all of his previous training to the test, Kuekuatsu marched into battle.

A smug grin polished the fangs of the gray werewolf who stepped to the side, when the younger wolf lunged. Once his opponent was wide open, Zetrov threw up a knee kick into Kuekuatsu’s gut. The black werewolf tasted blood in his mouth as his body became airborne. Gaining a firm grip around his furry right arm, Zetrov slammed the black wolf into the ground, and then picked him up to do it once more. Like a furry rag doll, Kuekuatsu was then thrown away, tumbling painfully across the dirt. Fighting through the pain, he laid on his stomach and started to pick himself up, but then rolled away when his ears twitched at the sign of danger. An impression of Zetrov’s fist was left where Kuekuatsu once laid. The snarling furry beast then reached out with his claws, aiming to snatch the young wolf, but he had already jumped back to his feet. With a fist full of rage, Kuekuatsu threw his first successful punch into the maw of his enemy. Zetrov stepped back and grimaced when two more punches pummeled his stomach. Utilizing his reflexes, Zetrov caught the fourth punch, and returned the favor with a slash of his claws.

Kuekuatsu roared in pain when knife-like nails cut into his skin, and shredded his shirt. He staggered backward with one hand clutched to his bleeding chest. Growling in triumph, Zetrov easily broke through the young wolfs defense and threw a kick to his face. Kuekuatsu flew for a few seconds and then crashed into the ground, then rolled onto his back, and coughed up blood when he attempted to get up. Standing over his body, Zetrov raised his claws, and then plunged them into Kuekuatsu’s torso, wearing a sinister smirk as the young wolf roared in pain. Like before, the claws were like knives, but this time it was worse, the black wolf felt a burning sensation, as if those knives were on fire. Kuekuatsu grabbed Zetrov’s furry arm, and tried to pull it away. It was then he saw that the gray wolf’s claws were glowing bright red. The young wolf recognized the technique and knew what it meant.

“Don’t worry” Zetrov snarled. “I am not going to kill you. I just need you to fall asleep for a while” He pushed his claws deeper.

“Damn…you..!” Kuekuatsu howled in pain, and began to feel his consciousness slipping.


A controlled fiery explosion blasted Zetrov’s in his face, which sent him flying backwards, crashing into several trees. Kuekuatsu simply laid there on the ground, not sure if what he just saw was real.

Did I do that?....what was that? He thought to himself, in his painfully exhausted condition.

Without realizing, Kuekuatsu reverted to his partial human form, as he coughed up blood again and was breathing heavily. He wondered what his next move was going to be. Because he doubted he had any fight left in him. All he could do was lay there, endure the excruciating pain and wait until his body healed while he remained conscious.

“Oh My God!” shouted an unknown voice, and with it came a familiar scent.

Seconds later, the girl in the red cloak was kneeling next to him, she hesitated at first, but soon she held his head up, asking if he was okay. Rather than respond, Kuekuatsu looked into those emerald green eyes, and saw that her hood was off, revealing her bright red hair. At that moment, Kuekuatsu realized that he could not deny it anymore, whatever doubt he had in his mind had been snuffed out, because the dream had now become reality.

“Please don’t die!” she started to cry, as blood seeped out of Kuekuatsu’s torso.

“Thank you for saving me, I didn’t think there would be anyone else out here.” tears were flowing down her cheeks.

“Please…say something…anything.”

Between hearing her words of gratitude, Kuekuatsu’s eyes widened in shock. The same girl, who asked him to save her life, was now holding his head in her arms. Yet it seemed as though she did not know who he was, which begged the question.

Who are you?

However, seeing the expression on her face, made him want to postpone that question for a little bit longer. Despite the pain shooting through his entire body, he managed to give her the best smile he could muster, and said “Don’t worry about it, you’re safe now”

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