New Frontier

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A Helping Hand

Stacey had taken Jimmy's keys out of his pocket and rushed back up to his abode to receive towels and a change of clothes for when Jimmy came around. It took her a few moments, after all she'd never quite explored his home, but after a while she found her way to the bathroom. She grabbed a few towels from it and went into his room, pulling out clothes that would ensure Jimmy's warmth. After getting everything she needed, Stacey found her way back down to Lake Toccata, and what she saw surprised her. A blonde woman, in nothing more than a tank top with a pair of shorts standing over Jimmy.

"Who are you?" Stacey asked in an annoyed tone.

"Someone you need." she replies very seriously.

"I don't know about that." Stacey responds getting more miffed.

"Jimmy here is hurt, badly. Without my help he won't survive." she says coldly.

"What!?" Stacey yells out. "What do you mean by that?"

"Jimmy wouldn't be able to get this tablet without proper diving equipment, it's far to deep for someone to get casually, there's a reason it's never been claimed." she began to explain.

"Whatever, just help him! Please!" Stacey begs.

"I plan to. I will need the tablet in order to perform a healing spell." she says.

"Spell? That stuff doesn't exist!" Stacey began to question the woman's legitimacy.

"Unless you want your friend here to die, you're going to have to trust me." the woman replies.

"Fine. Just, please...fix him..." Stacey said starting to tear up.

The woman picks up the tablet, a wide grin forming across her face. "Alright, I just have to active this now..." she says as she flips panels in the rock around. After flipping a few, the tablet began to glow. "Now I just have to cast the spell." she says looking over to Stacey for approval. Stacey nods her heads as the woman begins to chant. "Su tou, chan bleu, cora spied..."

The words made no sense to Stacey, it sounded like an ancient language. The woman chanted more, and Jimmy's body began to glow, the woman stopped chanting as he did.

"What is it? Is he alright?" Stacey asked terrified to the woman.

"He'll wake up as if nothing happened." the woman replies without emotion.

"Thank you! What's your name? I owe you!" Stacey says crying tears of joy.

"Gwen." the woman responds. "However, I must keep this tablet as compensation." she adds.

"What? Jimmy almost died getting that and you're taking it from him?" Stacey asked in outrage.

"He would of died if it wasn't for me. His life for a piece of rock, seems fair to me." Gwen retorts.

"But..." Stacey attempted to find an argument but failed.

"That's what I thought, now if you excuse me." Gwen said as she walked away with the tablet. Stacey mumbled to herself before looking back to Jimmy's sleeping body lovingly. She was just glad she could rest easy knowing Jimmy was alright. Of course she doubted Gwen's legitimacy, but her words re-assured her that Jimmy would pull through, and that was enough for her. Stacey sat down and waited for Jimmy to awake. Time flew by and Jimmy, albeit breathing, was still out cold.

Meanwhile in the woods...

"How did you manage to get it?!" a woman yelled out in glee.

"That boy's enthusiasm to get this proved fruitful. I told you we could get it without hurting ourselves." Gwen replies.

"I still think it wouldn't have harmed us much." the other woman protests casually.

"Gwyneth! You know how dangerous water is to our kind! Don't be foolish!" Gwen retorts fiercely.

"Come on Gwendolyn, nothing has ever been achieved without some pain." she shrugs.

"Whatever, the important thing is that we have the tablet! Our power's can finally awaken!" Gwendolyn says full of gusto.

"What of the boy?" Gwyneth asks. Her tone showed she didn't truly care, but she was still curious.

"He'll be the first of a whole new breed! My power is still very weak, but with the tablet in our hands, we'll be at full power yet again!" she says with a smirk.

"How did you pull that off?" Gwyneth asks impressed.

"A made a ruse about the boy's life being in danger, I just made up a lie about some healing spell so that pesky girl with him wouldn't try and intervene." Gwendolyn replies. "I think being the first is quite a hefty reward for retrieving this tablet and giving it back to their rightful owners no?" she adds with a devious grin.

"Indeed sister." Gwyneth returns the smile. "We should get back to brother and he can guide us on how to proceed."

"You know I've been thinking about Galde, he's not the best leader for us..." Gwendolyn says with a sly tongue.

"What are you saying sister?" Gwyneth asked in confusion.

"I think it's time for a change in command..."

Lake Toccata

Jimmy's eyes began to flutter, eventually staying open in a small squint.

"Jimmy!" Stacey calls out happily as she rushes up and hugs Jimmy. "I was so worried!"

Jimmy returns the hug tightly. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I was blinded by excitement...I just wanted to be the first..." Jimmy apologizes with a still-raspy voice.

"I'm just glad you're okay!" Stacey cheers, giving him a peck on the cheek.

"I'm lucky that someone like you came into my life." Jimmy says with a weak smile.

"Come on, let's get you back up home, you need to rest." Stacey says with a smile, helping Jimmy up, supporting him with her shoulder. The couple slowly made their way up back to Jimmy's cottage. Stacey slumps Jimmy up to his room and lays him down on the bed.

"Now you need to rest and get your energy back, don't worry about the supplies back at the lake, I'll go get them." Stacey says smiling.

"Thank you..." Jimmy says smiling weakly. Stacey returns the smile and kisses his forehead, leaving Jimmy to himself. Jimmy idly laid on the bed for a while, eventually turning on the TV to have something to listen and watch. Jimmy watched casually as Stacey was down at the lake packing everything up. It would take a few trips back and forth, the luggage was meant to be carried by two people after all. This meant Jimmy had a long time to himself. As Jimmy watched the television, he began to get hotter. Odd, it was generally quite cold in his abode. Jimmy shrugged it off, assuming it was just part of his recovery. Eventually, he began to grow itchy as well. He went to starch his arm, it seemed hairier than usual. Again Jimmy shrugged it off, trying to ignore it. After a while, Jimmy's body got the best of him, starching one of his arms furiously.

"What is that?" Jimmy says to himself annoyed and confused. He looked down and his eyes widened. Fright entered into his body as he began to stutter. "F-f-f-f-fur!?"

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