New Frontier

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Prelude: Lizzie

So as you can tell, it was starting. My transformation into what I am now. This part of the story is...going to be the hardest to tell for me. It's makes me very...emotional. However, its a very important part of the story, something I just can't skim over; even though I'd like-REALLY like to. Sorry, sorry, I'm so sorry. Give me *sniff* a moment.


Alright, I'm ready. So, me and Stacey had returned from the trip down to Lake Toccata. While I was recovering from the near death experience, Stacey was bringing the supplies back. And if you recall from our last session, my body was starting to sprout fur. Heh, it still does that. During winter my body gets super fluffy! It really is quite warm and cozy, maybe Rebecca's fur choice is better than I thought...

Apologizes! I got lost in my own thoughts! Back to the story. My body was starting to grow fur, and I knew Stacey would come back any minute. At first, I was unsure of what to do or say, I mean, who would?

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