New Frontier

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New Breed

Jimmy began to sweat nervously, holding onto the sheet tightly. Stacey tried to pull it off of him, struggling to do so.

"Come on Jimmy! Stop playing!" she scolds rather annoyed still trying to rip the bedsheet off of him.

"I'm fine really!" Jimmy defends, laughing nervously. The two play tug of war for a while, Jimmy getting more frightened and Stacey getting more upset. Eventually, Jimmy tried to grip the sheets tighter, however this caused claws to retract out of his fingertips, tearing out ten holes, one for each finger. Stacey very quickly let go and let out a loud scream.

"What are those!" she yelled. Stacey knew it wasn't some kind of prank, they looked too real.

"Listen I can explain!" Jimmy yells out, unmoving from under the sheets, slowly moving his hands away from the sheet, hiding his fingers from vision.

"What's happening to you?" Stacey says quietly in disbelief at what she saw.

"Just please...leave me be." Jimmy says sadly, feeling fur grow on his chest and spreading all around his body.

Stacey gives a sad look, but honors Jimmy's request. She closes the door behind her to return to getting the supplies back from the lake.

Jimmy lets out a small sigh of relief, at least she wouldn't see him turn into some kind of cat...thing. He looked down at his rapidly growing fur, noticing white fur going down his center, orange fur growing around it. Jimmy was somewhat intrigued by the multiple fur colors, before his interest shifts to horror. He watches as his figure begins to contort, quite radically so.

Jimmy's fat began to be distributed all throughout his body, leaving certain places to travel to others. He watched with wide eyes as the fat at his gut begins to move up and down, going to his chest, hips, and rear respectively. This caused Jimmy's waist to cave inward, giving him an hourglass curve. His hips expand outward, to a decently sized proportion; for a female at least. At Jimmy's chest the biggest, and scariest change was happening. Two mounds of flesh began to push out from it, getting softer as it did so. They kept growing bigger and bigger, eventually forming into soft C cup breasts.

"I-I-I'm turning....into a girl?" Jimmy says in a high pitched whimper. He brings his hands up to the newly formed breasts, causing a huge wave of pleasure to travel through his body. This lead to a strange state of bliss and horror. It felt good, but at what cost? Jimmy was to stunned to really do much, moments ago he was a human boy, now turning into some kind of freak, and a girl at that! Jimmy was starting to sweat nervously, causing moisture to fill up his newfound fur.

The next two changes would prove to be the most painful. Jimmy began to feel something pushing out from his rear slowly and harshly, causing Jimmy to yell out in pain. Slowly, a long orange tail elongated from his rear, tearing apart his pants and boxers. On top of this, Jimmy's rear had become a bit larger in the process. During this Jimmy's hips also pushed out to childbearing proportions, giving more of an articulation to his new hourglass figure. Almost instantly afterwards, the same kind of pain went to his crotch.

"No no no no!" Jimmy squealed as his hands reached down, only to feel nothing but a flat surface and new opening down there. He felt horribly bizarre as his insides were slowly altering themselves, forcing a new reproductive structure onto him, officially making him a female. Jimmy feels down at his, or from henceforth, her crotch as tears begin to form in her eyes. She never wanted this. Was this the treasure? What kind of treasure is that? Taking away your own body to swap it with, this cat thing, and a girl to boot! Was this some kind of sick joke?

The last changes came as orange fur grew down to Jimmy's feet, which began to alter. His feet became smaller, as she lost digits and her nails became retractable claws like her fingernails. Jimmy's feet became much more shapely and feminine, as the transformation ended. With the feeling of transforming officially gone, Jimmy took a deep breath and got off out of the bed, standing in front of a body mirror.

First off, she was now a female with no pants and an ill-fitting shirt, her new breasts causing it to be a bit tight. Fur covered up her new womanhood, so in the long run pants weren't fully required. She nervously takes off her shirt, revealing her loose breasts. It caused her to be weighed down a bit, she didn't have a bra after all. Jimmy watches as her tail idly waved behind her. If she focused on it, she could move it like any other body part, but this would prove generally un-useful. She took another look and examined her (technically) nude body.

She was shorter, now a mere 5 feet, 6 inches she estimated, about the size of Stacey. Her hair was much longer, as it reached just past her shoulders. Her hair color was ginger on top of this, with orange fur all over her body, white on her front. Her figure was much more feminine, it wasn't over large, but it was still quite generous. The tip of her toes had white fur that melted into orange fur past her ankle while her palms had white fur with orange around it. Jimmy wasn't human anymore, quite far from it. She was now an anthropomorphic orange tabby cat.

Jimmy looked at her reflection unmoving for quite some time, starting to sniffle. Soon, tears began to form into her eyes, going into full out bawling at it. She ran back to her bed with her hands in her face, falling onto it. She bawled loudly into a pillow for quite some time. Soon, Stacey came back into the room. "Jimmy...?"

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