New Frontier

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"What did that treasure do!? Why am I...this!?" Jimmy yells over to Gwen angrily, who only gave a smirk in reply.

"You're the first Molkin to walk the Earth in hundreds of years, you should be honored!" Gwen replies leaning against the doorway.

"A...Molkin!?" Jimmy shouts out. "What even is that!?"

"Relax dear, I'll explain everything, but not until you lower that tone." Gwen says pointing her finger at Jimmy with a roguish smirk.

"How can I keep calm?! You've literally ruined my life!" Jimmy retorts angrily.

"Do you want answers or not?" Gwen asks getting ready to leave.

Jimmy lets out a defeated sigh. "Please..." she says sitting down onto her bed.

"That's what I thought." Gwen says walking into the room, sitting on the chair at Jimmy's desk. "Now then young one, The Molkin were a race of what you would call humanoid animals." she begins to explain. "However, there was a war, a major war, and the Molkin...the Molkin lost. Their spirits were all locked away into the very tablet you found at Lake Toccata.

" I possessed by one of the spirits!?" Jimmy asked in a fright.

"No, you're fully your own person." Gwen answers. "But the form you took is based on their's."

"So this cat lady was a victim?" Jimmy asks uneasily.

"Yes, she used to walk before you humans eradicated the Molkin." Gwen said angrily.

" humans? Aren't you a human too?" Jimmy asked curiously.

"No." Gwen says smirking. "I'm one of the three true Molkin who still walk this planet." she says. Jimmy gives a puzzled look, eyeing Gwen's body.

"You really don't look the part." she says titling her head.

"This isn't my true form you see." she begins to explain. "My name is Gwendolyn, and me, my sister, and my brother all took human forms after the humans obtained control of the tablet, thus saving our souls from being sucked in with the others. However, we weren't able to revert to our Molkin bodies without it, so we were stuck."

"Why are you still human then? I got the tablet back." Jimmy asks her, not following.

"Actually, we got the tablet back, thanks to that little girlfriend of your's." Gwendolyn says with a smirk.

"Please don't call her that, she's a horrible person, and I don't want to be associated with her any longer." Jimmy says, doing her best to not break down, a small tear flowing down her muzzle.

"Nasty breakup I take it?" Gwendolyn says with a smirk.

"Shut up, it's because of this stupid body! Why am I like this anyways?" Jimmy asked angrily as her emotions began to return.

"Because, the world needs to see how Molkin are no different from humans. We would have gotten the tablets ourselves, but pure Molkin are horribly weak to water, you're fine because you still have human blood in you." Gwendolyn says angrily. "Just because we have some fur and paws makes us enemies and freaks? Now with you humans turning into us, they'll be forced to see the errors in their ways." she says turning to the window. "And the Molkin will walk freely yet again."

"That's your plan? Convert innocent humans to Molkin?" Jimmy asks clearly upset.

"If you humans were innocent you wouldn't have killed my species!" Gwendolyn quickly snaps at Jimmy. "A whole genocide, and you call them innocent? How can you even think that?"

"This aren't the same people who committed it!" Jimmy defends his words. "Those people are gone!"

"Yes, but their children live on when they took away hundreds of Molkin children. Now they can pay for their actions by making more." Gwendolyn answers clenching her fist.

"So that's your plan? Convert others in Molkin?" Jimmy replies upset.

"Yes it is. And you're the alpha! Once the news of your body hits the airwaves, the next wave begins!" Gwendolyn replies gleefully, and there's nothing you can do to stop it!"

"What makes you so sure?" Jimmy asked skeptically and nervously.

"You won't remember this meeting of ours, I'll make sure of it personally."

"No you don't!" Jimmy says attempting to get up, finding herself unable to do so.

"Don't make this harder than it needs to be." Gwendolyn replies as if it was more of a burden than anything else. "Now stop, and rest." she says, causing Jimmy to fall onto her back, going into a deep sleep. "When you awake you won't remember any of this, dream well." Gwendolyn says with a smirk, leaving Jimmy to her fate.

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