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Prelude to Lake Toccata

Can you imagine I have trouble remembering what I used to look like? I've been in this body so long I barely recall ever being in a human one, or a male for that matter! Of course I have pictures of my old self, we keep it hidden away from the kids, we don't want them finding out about my little secret! I keep it in my personal safe, where I hold all my mementos of my old life, let me just get the picture real fast, one moment. Ah ha! Gotcha! Here, this is what I look like, take it, don't be shy! As you can see, when I was Jimmy, I was rather average built, not to big, not to small. I had long, straight hair, of course not nearly as long as it is now! My eye color wasn't always the unique Eminence purple I have now. No no no, they were a normal and dull brown. Most of my shirts were plain, I wasn't one for brands or flashy designs, heck I still aren't! I wore jeans almost exclusively, save for the my formal attire. I was a pretty casual guy back in the day, to a certain extent I still am a casual dresser!

Anyways, I used to live in a small home near a lake, Lake Toccata. It's a quaint little place, away from all the noise and chaos of the city. I had a peaceful time as Jimmy, no one bothered me, I didn't bother anyone. My biggest hobby was fishing at the lake, it was a pleasant pastime. I never really ate the fish; when I was Jimmy at least. Being a feline now, fish are probably one of my favorite things to eat! After turning I found myself...you know what, I'm getting ahead of myself! This is about my time as Jimmy!

My journey truly began when I found this tablet. You see, one of my morning rituals was walking around by Lake Toccata, enjoying the scenery of it, gorgeous flowers, adorable wildlife, luscious trees, oh man it was great. I would watch the sun rise while relaxing alongside the lake, watching as the sun touched with the water, creating a beautiful reflection of the water. This was my routine for years, and nothing ever changed about it, honestly I think some of the animals started to recognize me when I came by, I'd always bring them some nibble of food or something they could use.

Obviously I no longer live in my old home, we live in the city nowadays, but me and Darren lived there for a while. Every evening he'd take me down to Lake Toccata to watch the sunset. You should really see it, it's like the sun kisses the ocean as it descends to the other side of the Earth. The orange hue on the water is gorgeous, I do miss going down there, but I don't want my kids running around getting lost in the woods, hence why we moved to the city after I became pregnant. Maybe one day I'll take them down there, if it wasn't for Lake Toccata, they wouldn't even be here today!

I'll be talking a lot about the events that transpired at Lake Toccata, it's quite a magical place, in more ways than one! Now I'm just editorializing aren't I? Apologizes! Sometimes I get swept up in the nostalgia of it all, the lake is my favorite place on Earth, so I'll go off an tangents when I'm talking about it. It is quite important to the tale, so I guess in the end it's fine, or at least I hope so! So, why don't we start with the day that started it all? It was March 11, 2015...

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