New Frontier

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Lizzie gave her reflection a nod of approval. She was starting to grow on her new look. Sure, others wouldn't feel the same way, but she wouldn't care. She liked her new body. Who cares what the others thought? After Lizzie approached her mirror, grabbing a brush that Stacey had left behind. She began to brush her long ginger hair happily. She made it look nice and pretty, making sure none of it stuck out. Lizzie thought a bit to herself. This would probably end up being a daily routine! She gave a small chuckle and shook her head playfully; the thought of so seemed so strange to her. After grooming herself, Lizzie put the brush down, looking down at it longingly. It brought one thing to her mind. Stacey. The wound came back vividly, the love that she felt for her and how she ripped her heart out. She looked away from it angrily, barely managing to hold back her tears.

Lizzie went back into her room to find a new pair of clothes. She got her mind far and away from Stacey, as much as she could anyways. She went to her wardrobe to explore, however her still male clothes wouldn't prove very fitting. At the most they would be crop tops, as the shirt she was wearing before was. On top of that her new hips, and especially tail were a new issue all together. That's when Lizzie realized something. She had to buy new clothes. The world was going to see a whatever Lizzie now was for the first time.

This caused a bit of fright for Lizzie. She never liked being the center of attention, and preferred to keep to herself if possible. With this humanoid cat body now, there was no doubt in her mind people wouldn't keep their eyes off of her. She admitted her figure was something that would catch male attention, but Lizzie was pretty sure that her feline features would be the thing people stare at her for. Another thought that Lizzie dreaded was how other humans would react. With kindness? Intrigued? Hatred? The whole concept of it all caused Lizzie to shiver with fear. There was no running from it forever; sooner or later she would have to go out and buy clothes or food and other essentials. She may as well get it over with.

Lizzie gathered herself, and put on a blue shirt, barely reaching past her chest. As for pants, there was little she could do. She stuffed her tail into her legs after much patience and slid them up to her hips, barely fitting. With her new paws, shoes and socks were completely out of the equation. Lizzie gave a small sigh at her ill fitting wardrobe and grabbing her wallet, went out to her car. Lizzie got in with the seating arrangement as it was in she was Jimmy. Of course, this was meant for someone taller, now she could barely reach the pedals. Lizzie lets out a small sigh as she adjusts her seat, moving it closer to the wheel now able to comfortably operate her vehicle.

Lizzie nervously started her car and made her way to a shopping mall. It would be the best place to start her new female life. There were shops for everything really; and she would be needing a lot of new equipment. When she hit greens, Lizzie avoided any driver's eyes, concentrating and the road. Of course she would run into red lights, getting a few different encounters. The encounters were...mixed. Some of them simply started in amazement, others in confusion. One driver asked her to roll down her window, and complemented Lizzie on her "fursuit." There were a few occasions where she caught male driver's staring at her, namely her chest. Lizzie felt a strange mix of annoyance and pleasure. It was nice people thought she was pretty looking, but annoyed at the fact they chose that part to her eyes. Eventually, Lizzie reached the mall and took a deep breath, entering it.

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