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Act of Kindness

"You mean to tell me that you are really this humanoid cat?" Jessica says with a small chuckle. "I accept everyone's identities, but there's a time where you have to go away from that, if only for a moment. Sometimes it's medical, or someone who needs your measurements!"

"I really I am this..." Lizzie sighs. "I don't know why, but after an accident, I woke up growing fur." she explains. "Then I was well...this." she adds showing off her body.

"You know how crazy you're story sounds right?" Jessica responds with a light chuckle.

"I frankly don't know if I believe it myself..." Lizzie trials off. "But it's true! Come here, feel this fur." Lizzie says holding out her arm. Jessica gets a bit of a frightened look on her face. "Do it!" Lizzie says invitingly. "Let me show you I'm real!"

Jessica takes a deep breath and approaches Lizzie nervously. She brings her hands up to Lizzie's arm, feeling the fur. "It does feel like a cat's..." she says quietly.

"That's not all, cat teeth to!" Lizzie says opening her mouth. Jessica examines it and noticing her sharper than human teeth. "Let go of my arm." Lizzie instructs, Jessica doing so. "I've never done this before, intentionally at least..." Lizzie says, revealing claws from her fingertips.

"Are those...?" Jessica asks in amazement. Lizzie giving a nod retracted them. She thought that was pretty cool; she felt a bit like Wolverine doing so.

"I have to be dreaming..." Jessica says in shock.

"I wish I was too." Lizzie says with a small sigh. "I just want to transition into this body as soon as I can." she adds.

"I'll consider it my duty to get you there." Jessica says with a weak smile. "Everyone deserves to be comfortable with who they are."

"R-really?" Lizzie asks with her eyes lighting up. "You're not going to run from me?"

"Of course not!" she replies as if Lizzie was crazy for thinking that. "What kind of person would run off knowing your scared and need help."

Lizzie looks down. "Someone I thought was important to me..."

"I'm sorry." Jessica frowns. "If that's the way he or she thinks, I don't think it was a right fit."

"It seemed so perfect. Me and her. Stacey was her name. I thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives together." Lizzie says with a small smile. "Then I became both a woman and a cat!" she says with a hint of anger in her tone, sighing. "I honestly don't know what I'm going to do without her..."

"I've barely met's your name?"


"Lizzie." Jessica repeats. "But I know that you're someone who wants to be accepted for who they are. And you deserve to be. I'll stay with you, when you're transitioning into your new body and even afterwards as a friend. You have my word I won't leave your side."

Lizzie looks up to the woman, tears filling her eyes. She walks up to her and hugs her tightly. "Thank you..." she lets out. Jessica rubs her back soothingly.

"We'll get you through this." Jessica says warmly, not letting go of the embrace. After a while it breaks.

"I've barely met you and you've already seen me break down!" Lizzie says with a chuckle, sniffling.

"You have a right to. You've been through a lot from what I can tell." Jessica says with a smile. "Here's a tissue." she says pulling one from her pocket, handing it to Lizzie. She accepts it and blows her nose into it, wiping her eyes with her hands.

"Now then, why don't we get you some new clothes huh?" Jessica says playfully hitting Lizzie's shoulders.

"Yeah...I'd like that." she answers with a smile. "Thank you for believing me, and for being so kind."

"It's my job hun." Jessica replies smiling. "We'll get you where you need to be in no time." she adds. "Now lift up those arms so I can measure you!"

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