New Frontier

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Interlude 10

That was my first official shopping trip as a girl. Had to start up my whole new wardrobe. It's expensive. I have a whole new thing I'll have to start buying with bras added into the mix. I never understood the point of clothing, even as a human; paid clothing at least. It's stuff you have to have on even if you can't afford it. With fur at least everything is covered up, while most Molkin tend to wear clothes, some will walk around without it, they find it restricting. I can't blame them, I've gone clothes-less a few times and it makes me feel quite free. As for Jessica, the friendship was growing. All the help she gave me; I'll never forget it. I owe her so much. Jessica was my best friend, the first friend I made with this body. However my whole world was about to flip upside down...

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