New Frontier

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Prelude: The Molkin

That woman's name was Lori, she'd be the one who explained everything to me. She was someone who guided me; who would explain the horrors the humans did to the Molkin. As it turns out, I had Jasmine's body. Gwendolyn told me back when I first transformed but she made me forget our whole encounter. Lori would help me remember everything, and explain what I needed to hear to try and stop Gwendolyn from transforming more innocent humans into Molkin. You know it's strange, that at one point the Molkin ceased to exist because of one single tablet. These...magical; amazing creatures gone with the drop of a hat. Of course some had found a way to stay alive; like Gwendolyn had. Some means were normal while others were...more unethical. During the last days of the Molkin-Human War; the Molkin turned to many different ways of staying alive. The tablet caused the Molkin's magic capabilities to be ripped away from them, so they were stuck in whatever form they took. Some hid as humans, some as full blown animals. I wonder how many Molkin were those animals I fed at the lake...Right! So, Lori had just stopped me calling can only imagine how strange it felt, some woman coming up to you calling you by a name you've never associated with...

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