New Frontier

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Interlude 11

"Come Jasmine, I'm about to show you the diaries. Many Molkin during the war kept journals in hopes of revealing the truth once everything blew over." Lori began to tell as the two entered into her study.

"Actually it's Lizzie now..." Lizzie spoke up holding up a finger.

"You can be called Lizzie once you've earned it Jasmine." Lori retorts, causing Lizzie to get an annoyed look on her face. "During the war, many Molkin kept these diaries, to record the horror they went through, the hardships, and for some; their final hours."

Lizzie's facial expression became one of unease; not quite knowing what to expect. "How many are there?" she asks nervously.

"Hundreds of Molkin kept these journals, nowadays they're called Molkin War Diaries." she begins to explain as they enter into a room with a two bookshelves full of books. "Sit." she instructs.

Lizzie finds the loveseat Lori was referring to, nervously taking a seat. "You have a uh...lot of books..." Lizzie comments.

"Of course I do." Lori replies stonily. "The shelf on the left has only Molkin War Diaries, while the one on the right has alchemy and magic books. Perhaps I'll lend you out some of those. Perhaps." Lori nods.

"So...where are we starting?" Lizzie asked with raised eyebrows.

"With your first Molkin War Diary, and you must hear it all before we even consider starting your training." Lori replies, taking a leather-bound book off the shelf.

"Okay...what's it about?" Lizzie asks.

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