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Molkin War Diaries: Lori

[A line of text reads "For My Beloved Dustin." It's much more recent compared to the rest of the writings.]

Monday, May 23, [the year appears to be crossed off]

Sometimes I take for granted how lucky I am to live away from a human city, they are nothing more than a hub for hatred towards the Molkin. They have supplies I do need though, so I don't have much choice when I "visit" that town. Every time I enter into Loutville (a name both fitting and not for their citizens) I see many of the Molkin race being publicly humiliated one way or another. Tied up and getting food thrown at them while humans cheer and laugh at them-despicable. Is there any reason behind it? We have fur? We're no different from humans on any kind of social or economic level. Majority of the stores have a strict "No-Molkin" policy, how is this even a smart business move? The few stores that do are constantly getting eggs thrown at it and it's always full of nasty graffiti. There's actually a Molkin-run shop in Loutville, and it gets as bad as you'd imagine. Especially with the war getting bigger it's often the center of theft and hatred towards Molkin. Vandalizing the interior, shouting profanity, it's quite barbaric in nature obviously. I don't know why Jim, the shopkeep doesn't just uproot and move out to a better town; a Molkin one at the least. It saves me the trouble at shopping at a human-run shop, so perhaps that's why he stays there. A place for the Molkin that have to shop in Loutville to be somewhat away from the hatred; the farthest away they could be while in the town at least. It's certainly noble of Jim, taking all the heat and hatred for the other Molkin to have some kind of haven; when it's not being attacked by humans anyways. Perhaps one day this petty issue the humans have with the Molkin will end; and I can'll end with the blood of one of the races.

Sunday, July 15, [the year is faded and illegible]

I was right. The tension finally became to much as the Molkin and Humans have entered into a war. Considering Loutville and my own home town Sleckington are neighboring cities the war took a toll on both towns. They were constantly being raided for food and supplies to help the other forces. Both sides managed to make do with the hand dealt, until last night. The humans came, attacked head on; destroying a village, lighting anything in sight ablaze, killing any Molkin they saw. Including my dear husband...[the words are smudged, as if a tear fell onto the page and yet still legible]who saved my life my sacrificing his own. My beloved Dustin...taken at the hands of scoundrels. He told me to run; not bring myself down to their level and become a killer, and if I truly loved him to live on. Tell the story of the Molkin people after the war blew over. I owed it to Dustin, and made my escape to a secluded region from the mountains, hidden from any kind of war. It was a safe zone, the "Hulkin Zone" it was called. It was intended for Molkin and human alike, who saw the war as barbaric and pointless. The Hulkin Zone proved to be the community that Dustin died for. Humans and Molkin being able to happily live together. This is my new home, at least until the war blows over. I hope one day, for the sake of Dustin, and all other Molkin's who's lives were unfairly taken away from them, that the fighting ends; and we can live peaceful with one another as a whole.

Tuesday October 20 [No year is written, the look of the text is identical to the dedication to Dustin earlier.]

It's the end. The Humans won. They've acquired an ancient tablet, filled with magic. The humans of Hulkin gathered all the Molkin together to inform us...of our upcoming deaths. The humans are planning on using the tablet to eradicate the entire Molkin race. We all took this differently. Some were happy to leave the world of hatred, others were mortified at it all. Many had said their goodbyes to the humans of Hulkin, which is no fun. But I'm not giving in. For the sake of my dear Dustin...I will live on. There's been rumors going around that if a Molkin can disguise themselves as a human, they will be able to avoid destruction. Despite how sickening this is to me, I don't have much choice. Dustin died so I could live on; and I owe him that; to do my best to even if it means losing my fur and muzzle. This is my last journal entry, and hopefully I won't stay human long. Perhaps one day the humans can realize the wrong-doings they brought upon us and somehow reverse this genocide. I pray for the sake of all of the other Molkin that the future holds this true. Goodbye my Molkin friends and family, and I wish for you to return to these lands one day. And I suppose if this human disguise trick won't work...goodbye. And to Dustin...I'm sorry I failed you...

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