New Frontier

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The room was dead silent after the reading. Lori stared into nothingness while Lizzie sat there teary eyed. Hearing about everything, from the Molkin's treatment to Dustin's death, it was so much to take in. She had not a clue as to what to say to Lori and decided to simply stay quiet and let Lori deal with the clear emotions she felt. After a good five minutes, Lori finally began to speak up.

"In order to start training in magics, you'll need to read two Diaries before you can trade that knowledge for a lesson." she says as if ignoring anything she had just revealed.

"Alright..." Lizzie says quietly. "But...if the tablet is activated...why haven't you tried becoming Molkin again?" she asks nervously.

Lori doesn't even move her head to look Lizzie in the eyes, and simply gets up and leaves without saying a word. Lizzie lets out a heavy sigh, perhaps it wasn't the best time to bring that up. She looks back to the doorway, heavily debating on whether or not to go and comfort Lori. Lizzie gets up from her seat and looks around the room, eyeing the bookcase in particular. She approaches it and picks out one of the books on it. Lizzie opens up the cover, "The Life of Jolu" the front page read.

Meanwhile in the other room, Lori had locked herself in the bathroom. She eyed her mirror, as if in deep thought. The words that Lizzie had told her rang in her head. Why didn't she just try going back to her Molkin body? That'd never work right? She had her magic snatched away, but if a brand new Molkin half-breed was created, why couldn't she revert? No it was silly of her to think of that, she would have to have the tablet...right? Lori closed her eyes and focused on her body, attempting to get back her magical juices.

White fur began to sprout all over her body. She wanted to open her eyes in surprise, but it would break her focus. If this was somehow going to work, she needed all the concentration in the world. Her toes picked up off the ground to become digitigrade while a long bushy tail elongated from her back. Lori's face pushed out into a muzzle as her nose became black at the tip. Her ears became triangular while Lori's hair lighted in color to become a very light shade of blue. Lori opened her eyes and saw her true form staring back, a white fox Molkin.

"Jolu..." the name kept ringing in Lizzie's head. Why did that seem so familiar? She pounded at her head trying to recall the importance of that name. She ran through her memories, and a conversation between Lori and Lizzie's first meeting rand through. Jolu had run off with Jasmine, of who her new body was based off of. Lizzie eyes the book, unsure if she was quite ready to read what was in store. It had to talk about this Jasmine character, and may give some insight to the previous owner of the body.

Lizzie eyed the book, looking at is uneasily. One question rang in her mind. Was she ready? Lori's diary was hard enough to listen to. Whatever Lizzie would read in Jolu's would indirectly be forwarded to her new body. It was a bit overwhelming, causing Lizzie to let out a small sigh.

"Why so glum?" an almost ecstatic voice came from the other room.

Lizzie's ears perked up, that couldn't have been Lori, it was way to cheerful. However to her surprise when Lizzie turned to face it, another humanoid animal was in the room in the form of an arctic fox.

"Who are you...?" Lizzie asks in a mix of amazement and nervousness.

"Don't you recognize my voice?" she asks with a smirk. "It's Lori!"

"H-how?" Lizzie shakes her head. "I thought you needed the tablet or something!"

"I guess not!" Lori giggles. "I'm back, and really me!" she says with a wide smile.

"Awfully happy now." Lizzie can't help but smile for the woman.

Lori looks up to the sky, "I did it Dustin...the real me survived..." she says smiling, a small tear of happiness going down her muzzle.

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