New Frontier

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Jimmy hustled back up the trail, ignoring the wildlife this time to get back as quick as he could. He could barely contain his excitement, an ancient treasure? And at his favorite spot in the world? How could he resist! As he trotted back up home, he looked back at Lake Toccata one last time, before smiling. "I'm going to find out what you're hiding." he tells himself as he continues on the route back home. He entered into the cozy cottage, taking off his thick jacket and hanging it on the coat rack. He took a seat down on his couch and let out a deep sigh.

His bliss didn't end there, as he stretched out onto his sofa, resting his hands behind his head. Jimmy reflected on what Gwen had told him, was there really a secret treasure hidden at the floor of Lake Toccata? Jimmy ran through the possibilities in his head, he really hadn't ever seen the lake at night, especially because he was usually asleep by 10! At the end of the day, there was no real harm in staking out the lake to see if Gwen's story added up.

As the thought of discovering the treasure flooded Jimmy's mind, he began to get up. He never had actual gone camping down at the lake before, and now seemed like as good as time as ever. Of course, never having gone camping, Jimmy didn't have any of the equipment he needed. Sure he lived very close, he wanted to have the full experience. Jimmy got up and found his keys to his car. With that, Jimmy drove off into down.

Jimmy headed into the bustling town. It's always strange to go from such a quaint, quiet place into the bustling city with cars and civilians everywhere. Jimmy coped, but he'd much prefer to stay at his small abode back down by the lake. He really only went to a one department store; Miller's Warehouse. Miller's had everything he'd really ever need to buy; clothes, food, supplies, electronics, everything. He was a regular there, a lot of the employees knew his face, they were quite friendly, generally speaking. Jimmy pulled up into Miller's parking lot, parking in the first open spot he could find. He got out, locked up the car, and head inside to store.

It was a little quiet, it was still rather early, Miller's had only opened 20 minutes before Jimmy's arrival. He tended to come when they opened, there was far less people and he could get in and out much faster. Jimmy journeyed to the outdoor supplies near the back of the store to look for tents, sleeping bags, and the like. As he looked around, an employee approached him.

"What you looking for Jim?" a familiar woman asked.

"What?" Jimmy says turning to face her. "Oh hey Stacey." he says with a warm smile. "I was just getting some camping supplies. " he says nonchalantly.

"Camping huh? Who are you going with?" she asks crossing her arms.

"Oh uh...just me, going to go down to Lake Toccata for the night..." he says hesitantly.

"You can't go camping by yourself! That's dangerous!" Stacey scolded Jimmy.

"Well...I uh...I'm a secluded person..." he says rubbing his arm.

"No reason to get yourself killed!" Stacey responds. "Tell you what, why don't I come with you? I've enjoyed the chats we've had whenever you swung by here." Stacey asks with a smile.

"I...erm..." Jimmy stutters. "It...would be nice to have someone down there with me..." he says quietly.

"Great! Listen, come by at 7, that's when I get off, and we can set up shop!" she says cheerfully.

"Now, I suppose back to business, did you need any help?" she asks.

"N-no...I'm fine...thank you..." Jimmy responds nervously, blushing a bit.

"Let me know Jim, you know where you can find me." she says as she saunters off.

Jimmy got everything he needed, a tent, thermos, and bought two sleeping bags, one for himself, one for Stacey. He took his goods, purchased them, and headed back to his car. As Jimmy put his purchases in the trunk, he stopped at the second sleeping back, thinking to himself. He'd never gone down to the lake with anyone before. Sure Stacey was probably the closest thing to a friend he had, but he'd never thought about seeing her outside the store. Was this a kind of date? Jimmy thought Stacey was rather cute and fun, but he hadn't thought about dating before! As Jimmy drove home, he couldn't shake the thought away, becoming rather nervous and sweaty as he drove.

As Jimmy rode along the city, he'd see couples of all ages holding hands, kissing, leaning against each other. Jimmy never thought about dating before, but the thoughts of Stacey and him camping along with couples on the street made him start to picture him and Stacey together. His first instinct was to shake the thought away, but he found himself staying with it. He began to picture how she and him could be happy together. As Jimmy drove into his driveway, he began to transfer his purchases into his house. He threw one of the sleeping bags in, and looked back down at the other one. "M-maybe I only need one." he says nervously to himself, shutting the trunk to keep it hidden.

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