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The Secret of Lake Toccata

Jimmy and Stacey finished setting up camp after a good while. While Stacey appeared fine, Jimmy was still flustered from their kiss. He had never kissed a girl before, was it good? Was it appropriate? All the questions and possibilities caused Jimmy to blush and begin to sweat quite a bit.

"How much time before this 'treasure' is supposed to be revealed?" Stacey asked as she took a seat.

"It's at uh...11..." Jimmy responded nervously.

"So we got another ten minutes before that, you're not just going to stand around are you?" she asks with a small smile, patting the ground next to her.

"Oh...r-right." he says with a nervous chuckle as he takes the seat next to Stacey. The two stare off into the night. Jimmy can't help but give a smile at it all. The Lake looked gorgeous, he was about to discover a brand new treasure he had never heard about before, and he was with someone he knew he'd spend a lot more time with. Stacey leaned her head against Jimmy, giving a warm smile herself. The two stared off until the lake, as and then, the clock finally struck eleven.

Near the base of Lake Toccata, a bright, golden light began to shoot out from the depths. Both Stacey and Jimmy's eyes widened, Jimmy standing up in surprise as he looked towards it. The light begins to get lighter and lighter, lighting up the whole lake as if it was daytime.

"It-it's true! Oh my God it's true!" Jimmy cheers out jumping around excitedly.

"You really weren't lying..." Stacey lets out to herself as she stares off into the source.

"We have to go get it! What if this never happens again?" Jimmy said turning to Stacey. "I can't take that risk, look at it, the treasure can't be that deep!" he says, grabbing Stacey's hand, forcing her to get up and follow him. The two approach the foot of the lake as a wide smile forms on Jimmy's face.

"I think I can see it! It's not deep at all!" Jimmy cheers as he begins to take off his shirt.

"Are you sure it's safe? What if it's too heavy?" Stacey asks with concern in her voice.

"How heavy could it be?" he replies taking his shirt off, throwing it onto the ground. "I just have to take a deep breath, look! You can see it from here!" he says pointing down.

"Yeah, but what if it just seems like that, it could be much deeper!" Stacey rebuttals.

"Then I come back up for air." Jimmy replies confidentially. "Wish me luck!"

"Jimmy wait!" Stacey calls out, but all too late as Jimmy dives into the water.

Jimmy begins to swim down to the source, the light making it quite easy to see underwater. He swims lower and lower, the treasure never appearing to get closer. Not giving up and still having a good amount of air, he continues his dive. He tries to swim down as fast as he can and as his air began to run out. He could finally see the treasure getting close, within reach in fact. With his air nearly depleted, he makes one last push down to it. He grabs a hold of whatever the light source is, and it turned out to be quite heavy. However, as he grabs it, the light diminishes into nothing instantly, making everything around Jimmy dark. With the light gone, the source seemed to become much lighter, but it was simply floating to back up to the top. Jimmy held on as tight as he could as he floated up with it, however his lack of oxygen made it hard to keep his grip. Eventually, it got the better of him as his grip on the treasure failed, losing hold of it. It floated up to the top much faster than he did, as Jimmy's vision began to darken into nothingness.

Stacey stood at the foot waiting for Jimmy to rise back up. She heard a loud "plop" noise as a strange tablet surfaced; without Jimmy. "Jimmy?" she called out nervously. It was a few moment, but Jimmy's body resurfaced as well, albeit he was unconscious. "Jimmy!" she called out in horror and fright as she rushed to him, dragging him back to shore. She began to attempt to give CPR to Jimmy, seemingly in vain. "Come on Jimmy! Come back to me!" she says continuing. Water starts to sprout out from his mouth, as Jimmy begins coughing. "Jimmy you're alive!" she cheers tearfully, hugging him tightly.

"Y-yeah." he says with a raspy chuckle. "Get the treasure please..." I says with a small smile.

"Of course of course!" she says rushing back to the water grabbing the tablet and returning to Jimmy. "It's some kind of rock." Stacey says examining it.

"It's worth something." he says with a weak smile. "I think I'll rest right here..." he says, falling unconscious yet again.

"I guess I'm going to have to dry you off then." she says with a nervous chuckle. "I'm just glad your alright."

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