The Consequences of Obsessing over Vampires

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Purple Clouds

"Prepared for what?" Soph asked drowsily.

"Prepared to fight whatever is after Katie." Damien answered her.

Sophia's eyes glazed over with red, "Katie! Katie! Its always about you!"

Katie looked at her oddly, "All about me? All about me?" Katie started to raise her voice. "Do you really think I wanted to come here?! Do you really think that I wanted to be half vampire? Do you?"

"Katie, calm down. Its nothing—" Deylinn started.

"No! I will not hear of it! Do not ask me to CALM down!" Katie was now screaming at the top of her lungs. "I miss my mother, my earth mother! I don't care what you say, I shouldn't have to be stuck here just to be used!" Katie looked at Akasha when saying this. "I want to go back to school; I want to see my friends and everyone else I know. Sophia, it isn't really all that great to be chosen for all these terrible things. I never wanted to be a heir to a throne, and I don't like the fact that I was kidnapped, and I most definitely don't like the fact that there is an evil vampire out to kill me!" Katie collapsed in a heap on the floor, tears flowing down her face, slowly but tough.

Deylinn walked slowly to her, Akasha stopped him and whispered into his ear. "Take care of her Deylinn." Deylinn nodded and went back towards Katie.

"Katie," Katie didn't move. "Katie, come, you need some rest." Deylinn stooped down to her level.

Katie looked up slowly, she could see his eyes, full of concern and she smiled A very weak smile but a smile none the less. "Oh Dey!" Katie slammed her body into his muscular chest. "I am so scared." She whispered.

"It's okay Kate. Come. Let's go now." I picked her up slowly, and we walked out of the room.

After they knew the door was shut, everyone looked at Sophia. "What?" She looked at their angered faces.

"You damn well know what Missy." Jonathon said.

"You were being conceited, you have always been conceited." Akasha practically hollered.

"I was not! I was just wondering why it always happened to her and not me." Sophia argued.

"That still doesn't change the fact that you are conceited." Sergei argued back.

Sophia looked at Damien for help. "Why should I bother my breath on you? Ever since you were here, okay I lied; a couple days after you were here, you turned into a big cold hearted bitch. And I want nothing to do with you." Damien ran for the opposite door, tears streaming down both their faces.

"Damien…" Sophia pleaded.

"Soph, I doubt you like this. Everyone mad at you and all, but you have to be tough. You will get over it eventually, everyone will, just give it time." Akasha encouraged. Everyone filed out of the room, leaving a depressed confused Sophia alone.

"Ugh! Everyone hates me!" Sophia screamed at herself. "I wish they would rot in hell!"

"They aren't mad at you Sophia, they simply just hate you."

"Huh? Who said that? Show yourself." Sophia commanded.

"Sophia, I am but a conscious, not of your head but of my masters."

"Your master huh? Then why doesn't your master show himself?"

"Because I ain't in his head, I am in yours."

"I ye! What? How can you be a conscious in someone else's mind and yet be in my head?"

"My master is very powerful, and he requests you join him."

"Why would I want to do that?" Sophia asked, rather bored.

"My master won't treat you like dirt. My master will make goddess of you, and he will make sure no one ever hurts you. Ever. Not even those no account goody two shoes friends of yours. And Katie, don't even get me started about her, she deserves to die, she deserves to be killed by what she did. She made a fool out of you. Made everyone hate you, even your one true love."

Those words hit the spot, dead on. Sophia nodded her head in agreement. "Alright, I'll go."

"Excellent. Step into the portal Soph, and you will be free forever."

"Free forever…" Sophia echoed. She started walking to the portal, the little voice encouraging her all the way. Her toes reaching the beginning of a new journey, where she wouldn't have to see Katie, or Deylinn or Damien… oh how she will miss him. Sophia shook her head of them, and walked into the portal.

With Katie…

Deylinns POV…

We entered the room about ten minutes ago. I laid Katie on the bed, she was still sleeping. In some ways I feel sorry for Sophia, and in others I feel sorry for Katie. I remember when I used to like Sophia, the one I thought was my soul mate. Boy, was I wrong. After I met Katie, everything seemed to fall into place. I was happy again. I moved some hair away from her face, she stirred but continued sleeping. I rolled her over a little, and crawled in beside her. Oh I hope we can go home soon Katie, I fear the worst is about to come.

"SOPHIA! NO!" Katie suddenly screamed, sweat beads pouring down her face in a rapid motion.

"Katie, what's wrong?" I hugged her tight and whispered sweet things in her ear.

"Sophia, I saw her. I feel so bad, she's gone and it's my entire fault."

"What do you mean?" I asked her, honestly confused.

"She's gone DAMMIT! Do I have to spell it out?" Katie suddenly screamed.

"Gone?" Katie nodded her head. "Wait- how do you know that?"

"I watched it all in my dreams." Katie looked up at me. Her eyes glistening as tears were trying hard to not fall out.

"It's alright Katie. You stay here and I'll go get… uh someone." I reassured her, and left.

Regular POV…

Katie sat there for a few more minutes, before getting up and slowly walking to the door. The cold floor soaked through her feet, for once she felt safe. She wondered if she were to ever get out of here. She wanted to go home, everyone knew that, but yet she was still here. If she didn't leave soon she was going to become one of them: a murderous beast. She looked around her bedroom; did her mom even miss her? Or did she even know she was gone? Katie shook her head; she didn't want to think about it.

It's all her fault that they were there, she concluded. If she never made that stupid wish, she wouldn't be here. She learned things, which she never EVER wanted to learn. She found out her past, who her father was. But it wasn't enough; she just wanted to be back on Earth…

Meanwhile…on Earth

Still no sign of seventeen year old Katelynn Anderson and eighteen year old Deylinn Corrs, they disappeared a week and a half ago. They were last seen at Katelynn's home, no sign of fighting or kidnapping. If you see any of these two teenagers, please report it to the police immediately. The parents of the two are having a very difficult time, and want their-

Katelynn's mother turned the radio off. She couldn't stand it, she just couldn't. Her daughter disappeared, no sign of struggle or anything. Besides the fact that her favorite book is gone, there is nothing. A tear escaped from Jolene's eye. She drove to her mother's house that day, and now she was on her way home.

"You have a call Miss Anderson," her talking computer called.

"Answer." She commanded it.

"Jolene, thank-god I have gotten a hold of you." Sophia's father Roger was on the phone.

"Roger, what's wrong?" Jolene's frown deepened.

"It's Sophia. She's…she's gone!" He screamed into the phone.

"What? Since when?" She asked.

"She disappeared two days after Katie did. But I didn't think anything of it."

"It's alright Roger. Come over to my house, and we will talk then."

"Okay, I will see you than. Bye."

"Bye." She said. "Phone off." Click.

With Adults…

"What are we going to do?" Akasha asked the group.

"I am not sure dear." Dorion answered truthfully.

"Well we have to do something. He is coming for her tonight. And those three kids aren't going to be able to stop him." Jonathon replied.

Deylinn burst into the door then, "Sophia's gone."

"What?" Sergei questioned.

"She's gone. She went through a portal or something."

"How do you know that?" Akasha asked.

"Katie had a dream about it. She watched her talk to herself, and then go through a portal." Deylinn took in a huge gulp of air.

"Where's Katie now?" Dorion asked concerned.

"In her bedroom," the group all gasped. "What?"

"You are a fool Deylinn!" Akasha roared. "You aren't suppose to leave her by herself."

Deylinn smacked his forehead with his palm. "Oh no," everyone ran out of the room in a frenzy.

With Damien…

Damien sat in his 'room' thinking. He was sitting on the cream colored floor, legs crossed, elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. He didn't know what to do, he never had a girlfriend before, and didn't know what to do when they had a fight. He heard hustling and bustling outside, he got up stiffly and walked to the door. Opening it he saw Deylinn and them running down the hall in a hurry.

"What's going on?" he yelled at them, but no answer. "Ugh, whatever!" He slammed the door shut.

With Katie…

Katie's POV…

I climbed back into my bed, too scared to go back to sleep I just looked up at the ceiling, remembering the faces of home. I couldn't stand it, I just wanted to go back home! Why couldn't anyone figure it out, that's all I want? I'll stop skipping school; I'll do my chores without arguing. I continued to look up at the ceiling; I looked closer for there was a purple cloud slowly getting bigger.

"What is that?" I questioned myself, "Yeah, why do I ask questions when I can't even answer them?" I was losing it.

The cloud was getting bigger and bigger, I was wondering when something would come out of it. Eventually something or should I say someone did. I screamed, not very loud, but I still screamed.

"Katelynn, be calm, I am not going to hurt you." The tall man, floating in the air cooed.

"Don't be silly, it has been two days and now you are to take me away to my doom."

"Your doom?" He laughed slightly, "I have not come to get you to kill you my sweet child."

"Stop playing mind games! I know you want to kill me!" Katie stood up now, pretending she wasn't afraid; when in reality she was petrified.

"Who's playing mind games?" He pointed to himself. "No, not I, I have only come here to take what is rightfully mine." He smirked.

"I am no one's bitch thank you very much!" Katie huffed.

"Don't feel so special. I wasn't talking about you, but what's inside of you." His eyes were glowing a dark almost black purple color.

"Inside of me? Impossible."

"With you my dear, nothing is impossible." He laughed evilly.

"With me? What do you mean with me?"

"Oh you will see my dear. Very soon!" He blew some powder into my face. I screamed like I was being killed, then I was getting sleepy. I finally fell to the floor with a hard thump. "Good, good. It's working perfectly."

With Deylinn…

Dey's POV..

We heard a blood curdling scream, and I ran faster, faster than I have ever ran before. I burst into Katie's room and looked around; but no one was there. It looked like no one has been there for centuries. I fell to the floor in a heap. Kill me now!

"Katie." I whispered, finally the others caught up to me.

"Dey, I am sorry. We will try to get her back, but we have to hurry before he gets the crystal out of her body." Victor promised.

"Why is there a crystal in her body?" I asked, honestly confused.

"It's her heart." Susie stated plainly.

On Earth…

Anderson's house..

Jolene paced around the living room floor, waiting for her company to arrive. She was getting impatient, where are they? She thought. They should have been here by now. Suddenly the doorbell rang and she practically ran to answer the door. There stood Sophia's father, Roger, Deylinn's parents, Alice and Frank and his sister Jordanne.

"Welcome to my home. Please come in." She moved out of the way so they could enter.

"Thank you," they all replied and entered.

They sat in the living room, waiting for someone to talk. Finally Jordanne broke the silence, "what are we going to do to find my brother and sister-in-law, and Sophia?"

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