The Consequences of Obsessing over Vampires

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After five minutes of staring at a brown door, Katie, well got bored. She slowly got off the bed, making sure she wasn't completely trapped on her bed. After realizing it was safe, she walked to the door slowly. Turning the bright copper knob she turned it very slowly, as if she didn't want to break it. Katie poked her head through the little crack she had made, and she looked left; no one was there; she looked right, it was clear. She smiled, satisfied with her self she continued down the right hallway.

Katie was walking for maybe ten minutes when she got bored again. She then turned down another hallway, but this one looked different from all the other ones. At the end of the hallway, it looked like it was getting smaller and smaller, the door looked like it could fit just an infant. But curiosity got the better of her, and she headed down it, getting closer and closer to the carpeted brown floor. She finally reached what seemed like the end of the hallway, and grabbed hold of the small peanut sized knob. She turned and pushed, it didn't open. She pushed again, and still it didn't open. Getting frustrated, she threw her body towards the small door. Bang! Two gigantic doors burst open, making her topple forwards.

She looked confused, but than opened her eyes. She was in a great big crystal dome, Katie could see the stars, and how they were shining bright in the black sky. Oh how she wanted to go home. She shook her head, than she seen a chair, a table, and a crystal substance book on the table. Curious, she went over and sat in the chair.

"What would you be looking for today master?" A robot sounding thing asked.

Katie jumped back, scared. "What? Who, who said that?"

"Master, you seemed surprised. I have always talked to you. You told me it kept you from not being lonely." Katie looked down at the book, and realized that it was talking.

"Yes, yes. I am sorry about that. My memory isn't as good as it used to be." Katie lied.

"Ah, you are forgiven my liege." The book said. "What would you like to see today? Spells, chants? Or how about Victor?"

"Victor." I said without second thoughts.

"As you wish." The book started flipping through pages at a very high speed, it than landed on a particular page. It had a screen like picture on its pages, and there in the middle of it, was Victor.

"Oh, wow, what are they trying to do?" Katie asked confused.

"I don't know, let's find out." The book urged.

"What are we to do?" Victor asked someone. "If we can't conjure up a TV than how are we going to save Katie?"

Akasha than came out of the shadows, "I don't know dear father. I wish I knew."

"Well I can't just stand here and do nothing! Deylinn, yelled. He was really stressing.

"Yes, we know how you feel Deylinn, but we can't let it get to our heads." Susie comforted.

"Yes, you are right. Come, let's try again…. Than altogether, it faded.

"Any other requests, master?" the book questioned Katie again.

"Actually yes, I would like to see-"

"Ah, Katie I see you have found my crystal paradise." Katie turned sharply to see Brad standing there with a cruel smile. "You have been the first person I have ever met to come face to face with my home."

"Not like I tried there." Katie mumbled.

"Book, you need to learn how to discover if it's me or not, you fool." Brad scorned the book.

"I am sorry master, it's just like you said though, and many have been in your castle but never in your paradise. I am just so used of it being you I didn't think it would be anyone else." The book answered wisely.

"Well just feel lucky that you are useful to me. If you weren't you would have been the fire for my next meal." A gulp could be heard.

"I am sorry master, it will not happen again." If the book had legs, Katie could have sworn it would have bowed.

"Make sure it doesn't." He than turned back to Katie. "My dear, I assume you wanted to search for the answers next, right?" Katie nodded, to scared to speak for fear of him doing something.

"Well come my dear, I will tell you everything, and what you were destined to become." Katie nodded, happy that someone finally wanted to tell her what she always wanted to know. She got up and followed him out of the room.

With Deylinn…

Deylinn soon fustrated at the several attempts at Akasha trying to conjure up a TV. He paced the room in circular motions, getting impatient with everyone just standing there. Suddenly, he stopped abruptly, a thought entering his mind. "Guys, I figured it out."

"Figured what out Dey?" Victor asked bemused.

Deylinn sighed with fustration, wanting to rip out his hair in chunks. "I remember how charmed used the crystal." Deylinn laughed, "all we need is something of Katie's." Everyone stood there thinking of what to use, than Akasha snapped her fingers.

"Would her hair brush work?"

"Yeah, that would do." Deylinn smiled, they were getting so close. "And now we need a quartz crystal and a map of this god forsaken land."

"Brush!" Akasha screamed, a few seconds later brushes were flying in to her. "Um, that didn't go too well. Dey, do you know what Katie's brush looks like?"

Deylinn nodded, than walked forward to the two foot pile of brushes. He examined every single brush, till he landed on the one he wanted; a copper rimmed brush, with red tips. "Got it." He layed the map on the table and put the brush on top. "Uh, I need a string."

"Oh." Victor mumbled. "Allow me. String!" Victor commanded, than a long thin string appeared in his hands. "Here you go boy."

Deylinn rolled his eyes, while accepting the string. "Thanks." Deylinn than went on and tied the string to the crystal than to the brush and started moving slowly around the map.

"How long is this going to take?" Dorion questioned ten minutes later.

"Patience is a virture there Dor." Deylinn shot back.

Dorion started mumbling something than walked out of the room.

A few minutes later, the crystal soon landed on the paper, crusty from age, and just a little dusty. "I found her, but I don't know where she is."

"Well that helped alot now didn't it?" Dorion replied sarcastically.

"Shut up guy. The crystal found her, I just don't know where that is."

"Let me see." Akasha moved forward to look at the map. "She's at Brad's castle." She turned to look at Dorion who came back into the room suddenly. "Dorion you know where that is. Take us to her."

With Katie...

Brad and Katie, still walking through corridors and hallways and doors and than more corridors. Finally Brad led her through big oak doors, I mean you could like fit ten Katie's in there, anyway, getting back to the story. Katie looked around, well this is one room that didn't look like Victor's. The walls were cobble stone of the 15th century, and 17th century windows. Very beautiful, but of course Katie had forgotten her camera at home.

"Well Katie, to start; go look over there." Brad pointed to a glass coffin. Katie walked over and peeked inside, she screamed and held her stomach tight. Feeling nausious, Katie looked back at Brad, tears swelling at the brim of her eyes.

"How...could.. you?" Katie stammered.

"She's not dead my dear. She is just in an eternal sleep, like that fairy tale... uh what was it called again?' Brad wracked his brain for the answer.

"Sleeping Beauty" Katie automatically replied.

"Yes! That's what it was. Anyway, except true love to awake her, she needs blood from a pure heart."

"A pure heart?" Katie questioned. "No one has a pure heart, Brad."

"That is where you are wrong."

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