The Consequences of Obsessing over Vampires

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The defeat of Brad

"Sophie, calm down," Damien yelled over top of her screaming.

"But, what, how can she be dead?" Sophie flopped herself down by Katie's side, and started crying again. "No this can't be, how will I explain it to her mother, or my father?" Sophie sobbed.

"We will think of something, don't worry Sophie." Victor reassured.

"How are we going to fix this?" She pointed to Katie.

Susie snapped her fingers suddenly and everyone looked at her, "I think I got it, Katie gave Sophie her heart-"

"She gave me what?" Sophie suddenly turned green in the face.

"Not her organ Sophie. Her crystal heart. Now if you give it back, it may just bring her back."

"But how can it help? Katie has probably already turned, so that means she doesn't have a pure heart anymore." Dorion pointed out and everyone groaned. "Sorry."

"No, I don't think that's true, if it was, Sophie would never have actually woken up." Victor explained.

"That's true, maybe it will still work!" Akasha screamed with excitement.

So following their discussion the gang went to more discussion at how Sophie is to take out the crystal that lies within her. Many ideas seemed plausible but none actually would have worked.

"Well maybe she could like just wish for the crystal to be in her hands." Deylinn suggested.

"That might work. Try it Sophie." John demanded. "We don't have all day."

Sophie glared daggers at John, but than nodded. "I wish I had the crystal, I wish I had the crystal." Sophie whispered softly. A few moments passed, and still nothing happened.

"Well it was a good try Dey." Victor assured. "Sophie you can stop mumbling now."

Sophie opened her left eye, stuck out her tongue and kept mumbling. "Sophie, please stop, it's not working." Deylinn pleaded.

Sophie ignored his request and went closer to the only sibling she has ever known. Tears started to sting her eyes, holding them back she bent down to Katie. "Please don't leave me Katie, you are my sister." Sophie than uncontrollably started crying, warm wet tears covered her body. Something miraculous happened than, nothing no one can explain to this day, Sophie laid her head on Katie's chest, and she started mumbling again, but this time something did happen. Katie started glowing blue, while Sophie started glowing a bright green color.

"What do you suppose is going on?" Victor asked Susie.

"Now what makes you think that I know what is happening?" Susie snapped.

Victor shrugged, "I don't know, just thought you did. No need to be snapping on a poor man."

"Sophia!" Damien suddenly screamed.

The others turned away from the arguing couple and turned to face where Katie's dead form lay and where Sophie was not where they last seen her.

"Where did Sophie go?" Akasha asked the now frozen Damien.

Damien opened his mouth, but no words arose, all that came out were meek, scared sounds.

"I don't get it, where did she go." Victor scratched his head pondering.

"First there were two, but than they became one," Brad's book riddled.

"What?" They all looked at the book now floating over top of Brad.

"It's a riddle." Deylinn said. "He means that Sophie and Katie have become one."

"How is that possible?" Susie exasperated.

"I don't know, but it has happened." Deylinn explained. "Look."

Katie's and Sophie's magic glow were now together, beating as one so to speak. Everyone was speechless as the glows slowly vanished and Sophie was appearing out of thin air a few feet above Katie.

"What's going on?" Deylinn and Damien asked, amazed.

"I.. I don't know." Akasha replied.

Suddenly, Katie's body started to move up and down in a slow beating rhythm. Everyone gasped, Katie slowly sat up and rubbed her eyes. Sophie landed a few feet away, she opened her eyes and smiled widely at the living breathing Katelyn before her.

"What am I doing on the floor?" Katie asked herself. "Ugh, my head hurts."

Deylinn ran up to Katie and held her tightly, tears drifting down he tan face. "Oh, Katie! I am so glad you're all right."

"How did that happen? That's impossible!" Brad screamed furiously.

"No Brad, it's not impossible. It's called love, and of course you wouldn't know anything about that, now would you?" Akasha glared.

"I.. but… no…I can't be defeated by a mere mortal!" Brad stammered.

"Whoever said we had to defeat you?" Katie asked. "You have already been defeated." Katie blew a kiss at him, it was like one of those fairy tale kisses, where you can actually see the lips, which landed right on Brad's left cheek. Brad screamed furiously, as the kiss softened him, he collapsed to the floor.

"Come Katie, Deylinn, Sophie, let's take you guys home." Akasha gestured.

"But Deylinn, he's changed." Sophie pointed out.

"But we still have time before it's complete. Hurry we must get going now or all three of you will be turned." Victor urged.

Sophie shook her head, "No, I am staying here. I want this place to be my home, I want to stay with Damien."

"Sophie…" Katie murmured. The two hugged, Akasha grabbed onto Katie, and Katie held on to Deylinn.

"Do not think it's over yet you two! I still want the crystal, and you're not going anywhere till I get it!" Brad slowly got up.

"Katie!" Sophie screamed.

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