The Consequences of Obsessing over Vampires

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The unexpected visit

"The others are probably in the dining hall." I smiled and kept walking behind her, "Is there something wrong Katie?"

"No." I smiled again and we kept walking.

We finally entered the dining hall a few minutes later. It was really big, there were portraits of Sergei and his ancestors. The walls were a hazel color and the ceiling was of children running and playing. It would be awesome to be a kid again, no worries in life, just freedom. I smiled as I walked towards the table. The table was a golden color and lions for legs. Beautiful.

"Ah, Akasha; Katie." Sergei smiled. "So glad you could join us. Please, have a seat." We both went to sit down. I sat at the end of the table, beside Deylinn. And Akasha sat between Sergei and Damien.

"How was training?" Sergei asked Akasha.

"It was very successful. We only practiced making things appear, don't want to drain all her energy." Akasha informed.

"Good, good." Sergei stroked his chin with his thumb and index finger.

I smiled. "Where is Sophia?" I asked, noticing she wasn't in here.

"She went to go get ready for dinner." Damien replied.

"Speak of the devil." All of us turned toward the hall entrance, and there stood Soph. She looked rather stunning. She was in a pink formal dress, and there were red roses embroided around her waist. She was also wearing white gloves that went up to her elbows.

"Wow." Damien looked at her stunned, then ran up to greet her. "You look amazing Miss Sophia."

She nodded and smiled. "Thank you Damien. But please just call me Sophia." She smiled again.

"Your pardons Miss- erm Sophia." He offered her his arm, and she took it gladly. They finally made it to the table.

"You look amazing Soph." I smiled at her.

"Thanks Katie. When is the food going to be ready? I am starving!" Sophia complained, and her stomache grumbled its protest too.

"My Lord, dinner is ready." A young boy came in, wearing a black tux and a white bow tie. He bowed and left.

"Finally!" Me and Soph screamed. Four butler type people came in, and put all the food on the table, bowed and left again. Soph and me dug in quickly, everyone staring at us like we were animals.

"Well, everyone um dig in." Sergei replied, still amazed at how two young girls could eat so fast and so much at one time.

I swallowed my food, "Sergei, don't you guys only eat blood. Erm well drink it?"

He nodded. "Yes, but we can eat normal food. We just need to have blood too."

"Wow, you must be bloated by the end of the night." Everyone looked at Sophia, who blushed and went back to eating.

After dinner, all the butlers that served us now cleaned off the table. "Damien, maybe you would like to take Miss Sophia for a walk. For her to get aquatainted with our land and you."

"Yes My Lord. What do you think Sophia?" He looked at her and smiled.

"Sure. A walk sounds lovely. I need to get rid of all the food I have eaten anyway." Deylinn and me burst into laughing, while the other three were confused.

"Why would you eat the food if you were just going to get rid of it?" That was it, all three of us were now laughing hard, holding our sides and gasping for air.

"" I said between gasps.

"Oh. Well shall we go then?" Damien asked and Sophia nodded.

"Well Sergei and I are going to go for awhile. Be back soon." Akasha replied, and the two were gone.

"Hey Damien." I said, and he stopped and turned around. "If you try anything funny, watch out."

He swallowed and nodded, then the two left. "Well, Miss Katie. What should we do?" Deylinn asked me.

"I wanted to walk around the castle." Deylinn grunted. "Well you don't have to come."

"Ha! And miss something." I looked at him. "Nevermind, lets just go." He stood up and helped me up.

I pushed him, and took off running; him right behind me. I squealed happily when he caught me from behind. We both tripped over eachother's feet and fell down laughing. Still laughing when we got up, we shook the dirt and whatever else off of else. And hand-in-hand we walked the halls.

With Damien and Sophia...

"Lovely night isn't it Sophia?" Damien asked glancing over at her.

"Mm, yes. Very lovely indeed." She replied and went back to admiring the garden.

Damien cleared his throat, "Do you like it here?"

Sophia stopped what she was doing, and looked at him. "Yes Damien, I do."

"Would you stay here with me?" She laughed slightly.

"What is with all the questions?" He looked at her skeptically and she sighed. "Yes, I would like to stay here with you." She smiled.

"So you wouldn't mind turning into a half vampire?"

"Stop with the questions already." Sophia said exasperated. "Come, lets just look at the scenery and we will talk about that afterwards."

Damien nodded. What is this feeling? I have never had it before, why is Sophia so important to me? Damien thought.

"Shall I show you the lake?" Sophia nodded enthusastically.

"Wow, it's so beautiful Damien." She breathed. The scene was rather breathtaking. The lake was large and really blue and it glistened from the bright moon. Fish, popped up out of the water farther out of the lake, to watch the moon. The dark moon lit sky reflected over the water was very gorgeous.

"You like it?" He asked, watching her carefully.

"Yes I do. I love it!" She sighed happily. She sat down, a few minutes later. Damien following her. "I could stay here forever." She looked over at Damien. She leaned back on the tree that mysteriously appeared, and linked her hand with Damiens.

"Yeah, me too." Damien replied just as happy.

"Yes sir, they are just sitting there." Pause. "I don't know if it is them or not. The girl looks like her, but the boy looks far older then the one we are after." Pause. "Yes, I know sir. Only one more chance. Yes. I got you. I will not fail you again like I did 400 years ago." Pause. "Yes, sir. I will report it straight away if I find anything of your interest." Pause."Good-bye sir." A figure, filled with hatred and vengance watched Sophia and Damien.

He sat back on a tree, writing something in his little blue book. "Soon. I will regain my respects with him. But not until I capture Deylinn and Katie." He laughed menacinly, soon after he dozed into a horrific nightmare of his past.

With Sergei and Akasha...

"Do you really think that they will be alright by themselves?" Akasha looked at Sergei with concerned eyes.

"I do. They are strong and Deylinn and Damien will protect them." Sergei smiled reassuringly.

She looked over to the direction of the castle sadly, "Alright."

They were in a deserted area, the air was nice and warm. A slight breeze drifted out from the black night. No stars out tonight, and this worried Akasha. The stars held secrets of their own, and would never tell. They were sitting on a patch of green grass, and watched the animals getting ready for a unwelcome winter. Akasha got a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomache and looked towards the castle, nothing seemed wrong but she knew better than to judge the earth.

"I think its time to Sergei." He nodded and got up.

"What do you purpose it is Akasha? Do you think its him?" He spat the last word with enough hatred to kill.

She nodded, "I do. But I don't think we would be able to help them."

"We will. Come lets go now." They then started off for home.

With Deylinn and Katie...

We have discovered many hidden rooms, this castle is really big. "Dey, what are you doing?" I looked at my boyfriend well he was examining some books.

"Why would Sergei have a library and not tell you?" He pondered to no one in particular.

"What are you talking about? We have only been here for a day." I smiled at his back.

He turned around, "I don't know." I looked at him confused. "It just popped out of my head."

I laughed, "I see. Come, we should go see if the others are back yet." He nodded and we left.

We got closer to the door to the garden, when we heard a deafening scream. "Sophia!" I screamed and ran out there.

We finally got there, panting hard and fast. Gasping for air. We looked up and seen Damien's body limp on the ground, not moving. I screamed in horror as I figured out he was dead, Deylinn noticed what I was looking at and stood there shocked. The figure that, obviously killed Damien, had Sophia by the neck. She was gasping for air, I stood there defenseless. Akasha where are you?

"Who are you? What is your purpose here?" I stammered.

"That is none of your concern," he hissed violently. I stepped a little closer to him and his grip on Sophia tightened. "One more step and I'll kill her just like that garbage over there." He looked over to Damien's dead body and I stopped dead in my tracks.

What am I going to do? I looked over at Deylinn's stilled form and back at the vile creature. "You have still not told me what you are doing here." I glared at the figure.

"Well I have my orders. I want you!" I gasped. "And if you don't come with me, I will kill everyone you know. And thats a promise." He smirked.

I nodded numbly. What am I suppose to do now? "Fine. I go, and no one else gets hurt. Deal?"

He thought about it a moment before nodding. "Deal." He dropped the limp form of Sophia onto the ground and I ran to her. Thank God she is still breathing. "Come on Katie. My master doesnt like to be kept waiting." I nodded silently. He took hold of my arm, and we left.

Deylinn got out of his stupor, he looked around for me, but never found me. He seen Sophia laying there, so he rushed up to her. "Sophia?" He called softly. No movement. "Sophia, wake up!" He screamed. She stirred slightly, and opened her eyes.

"Deylinn?" She muttered. He nodded and helped her sit up. Akasha and Sergei chose that moment to arrive. They spotted Damien immediatly and their faces fell. Sergei had tears brimming out of his eyes, as he ran towards the boy.

"Damien." He cried softly. Akasha came and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder, tears coming out of her own eyes. She couldn't explain how she felt.

"Sergei, I am so sorry." He shrugged her arm off his shoulder and stood up. A very dead Damien in his arms.

"Deylinn, grab Sophia." Deylinn nodded and grabbed Sophia.

Akasha came in step with Deylinn, "Dey, where is Katie?" He looked down suddenly, tears now brimming his own eyes as realization hit him. "Where is she?!" Akasha screamed frantically.

"I-I don't know." He put Sophia down on a couch in the living room type area. He turned around to face Akasha, when he suddenly felt a big pain on his right side of his cheek. Had Akasha hit him? "I'm sorry, but I couldn't do anything."

She sighed sadly, "I am sorry Dey. You are probably taking it hard yourself." Dey nodded, and went to Sergei with Akasha in tow.

"You guys, we must not let the death or near death of those two. We need to find Katie before its too late. She left willingly, for our own safety. Now we must repay the favor." He wiped his last remaining tears.

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