The Consequences of Obsessing over Vampires

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The return of Victor Anderson

Dorion wandered around the castle for an hour, saying good-bye and looking at his former home one last time. He sighed and headed for the castle door, "Dorion!" He turned around to see a red headed woman running down the hall.

"Michelle?" She got up to him, panting.

"Oh Dorion, I am so glad I found you." She smiled and Dorion looked at her.

"Why were you looking for me?"

Michelle turned a bright red, "there are rumors going around the castle, saying that you are leaving. And well I was just wondering if they were true."

"They are Michelle." Dorion turned around, heading for the door once more. Michelle grabbed his hand, stopping him from moving.

"Oh." She bowed her head, "well, I just wanted to say good-bye." She looked at him, tears urging to come out. "Yes, I wanted to say good-bye."

Dorion looked at her skeptically, "Michelle, is there something you want to say?"

She shook her head, and a few tears escaped her grey eyes. "I have to go!" She turned around and ran towards the kitchen.

"Michelle.."Dorion whispered desperately.

A womanly figure appeared out of the shadows, "Dorion." He looked at her, "you must leave. Katie is in grave danger."

"What do you mean Susie? How do you know that?" Dorion demanded.

"That is for me to know. But quick, you must go to Lord Sergei's castle." She started pushing Dorion towards the door.

"But Michelle.."Dorion protested.

"She'll be here waiting for your return." Susie opened the door and pushed him out."Now be off Dorion. For if you don't hurry, you won't see Katie ever again."

Dorion nodded and fled down the steps. He went down the winding road and took off to Velet Vamp City, looking for a castle black as the night, and dangerous.

With Katie...

"Katie, my dear. Tell us your tale of being a prisoner of Johnathon." Sergei suggested.

I swallowed the food in my mouth and nodded,"Lord, I wasn't a prisoner." Sergei looked at her questioning. "Yes, I was kidnapped, but I was no prisoner. They treated me as royalty, I was a guest there, and made many friends."

"In four days?" Damien asked.

I nodded, remembering my times at the castle. "Everyone there was so kind, I met my father and he taught me things I would only thought to be real in one's imagaintion."

"I see." A servant boy came into the dining room.

"My Lord. There is a man, requesting to see you."

"Bring him in then." Sergei ordered.

"Right sir." The boy bowed and left. He came back a few minutes later, with a man standing beside him.

"Dorion?" I asked shocked. He nodded and I ran to him. "I thought I would never see you again!" I ran into his open arms, and tears came sliding down my face.

"Can you say dramatic?" Damien snickered and Soph nudged him in the ribs. "Ouch!"

"Serves you right." Deylinn smirked and walked towards us. "Dorion," Dorion looked at him.

"Ah, you must be Deylinn." He smiled and shook hands with him.

"Yeah, although you should have known that." Deylinn smiled and Deylinn laughed.

"I should, but I didn't."

I cleared my throat loudly and everyone turned their direction to me. "Dorion, you must be hungry. Come and eat."

"Ah, that would be rude my dear. Sergei, my old friend, how are you?" Everyone gasped loudly.

Sergei laughed happily, "Dorion I am well." He embraced his old friend. "Please, come eat."

Dorion nodded, and took a seat beside me. "So Katie, what have you been up to?"

I looked at him curiously, "we seen eachother like four hours ago."

"Yes, but alot can happen in those four hours." He smiled and started eating.

"Dorion,"Akashed called. "How did you get out? Weren't you bonded there?"

Dorion nodded, "yes I was. But after you left, John's trusted maid came. She said things I would never understand, but after she left Johnathon said I was free."

"Oh. Excuse me everyone. I need to rest." Akasha abruptly left.

"Was it something I said?" Dorion asked confused.

I smiled, "no. She hasn't really been acting herself lately."

"Oh, well that's reassuring I suppose."

The doors banged open then. We all turned and stared, a tall dark figure stood before us.

"Ah, Dorion, Sergei. It's been such a long time, don't you think?" The man smiled.

"Who are you?" Sergei demanded.

"Sergei, you don't remember me?" He held his heart like it broke.

"No. Now get out of here!" Sergei ordered.

We walked towards the man, "ah ah, not so fast." He held a limp Akasha in his arms all of a sudden and we all gasped.

"Akasha!" I screamed. "What have you done to her?" I demaded, my eyes hard and cold.

"I did nothing." He lied.

"Liar!" I yelled. "Tell me or else I'll..."

"Or what Katie? Kill me?" He moved and was right in front of me.

"Katie."Deylinn cried.

The man moved his lips to my ear, "it might be hard to do that. I am already dead." I gasped, and fell to the floor. Feeling weak and nausious.

"Katie!" Deylinn yelled well running to me.

"Victor. My dear old friend, what brings you back from hell?" A voice was heard behind us.

The man, named Victor, turned around to see a pudgy old man and Susie-the maid-.

"Johnathon? Is that really you?" He smirked, "God, you gotten fat."

"What are you doing here? Leave now!" Johnathon ordered.

"My affairs are none of your business." Victor looked at me, and I started floating up into the air. "I have no more need of being here. I have what I came for." Victor, unconscious Akasha and I disappeared.

"Katie!" Dey and Dorion screamed.

"Akasha!" Sergei screamed in unison to Dey and Dorion.

"Where has he taken them?" Soph asked scared.

"I don't know." John whispered sadly. "I am sorry. I could not stop him in time."

"John, don't be so blunt. You couldn't have stopped him any easier then we could." Sergei protested.

"We have to find out where he has taken them." Susie pointed out.

"Yeah, but how are we going to do that?" Deylinn growled.

"My boy, don't get all angry. We'll find them." Sergei promised.

"I have a theory of why Victor wants them." Everyone looked at Susie, "he wants their powers. After all they are the most powerful descendents of him, more powerful then him."

"Yeah, but that still doesn't help on how we are going to find them Susie." Dorion argued.

She looked hard at Dorion, "you underestimate me Dorion." She then looked at Sergei. "Sergei, do you have a magic room of some sort?"

Sergei shook his head slowly, "no. I never needed one."

"How about Akasha's room?" Everyone looked at Soph. "She has a secret room where she showed a little magic to Katie. Couldn't we use that?"

"That would work. Do you know where it is?" Susie asked and Soph nodded.

"Yeah, follow me." She led them to the dark hallways of the castle.

With Akasha and Katie...

"Ugh, my head." Akasha moaned. She opened her eyes and looked around. "Where am I?" She saw Katie laying on a bed beside her own. "Katie!" She rushed over. "Katie, are you okay?"

Katie opened her eyes, "Akasha?"

"It's me sweetie." Akasha whispered, "are you alright?"

Katie smiled, "yeah, afterall I was only knocked out."

Akasha smiled and whispered something under her breath and Katie laughed. "I am so glad you two are finally awake." A dark cold voice said from behind them.

Akasha turned around sharply, "who are you and what do you want with us?"

"Ah, my dear Akasha. Hasn't changed one bit." The man laughed coldly. "No worries though, you will remember me in time."

The man stepped into the light, Katie and Akasha both gasped at the horrifying site. His face was burnt on the left side of his face, he was missing half of his hair. And he wore a tattered black outfit with a matching cape that went all the way down to his ankles.

"You're Victor!" Katie all of a sudden yelled.

"Very good Katie. I see you are the most brightest, beautiful girl in the world." Victor screeched and came closer to Katie.

"Don't you touch her Victor!" Akasha jumped in front of Katie, glaring.

"Ah, fiesty are we? Tell me, is it motherly instinct to protect her or are you just trying to play the hero?" Victor smirked.

"Why you bastard!" Akasha screamed and pounced on him, hissing all the way. She pinned him down, he growled visicously and he threw her off of him. She landed on the bed, hard. She got back up and attacked him again. And again he threw her against the wall.

Katie's POV...

"Akasha, do you really think you can stop me?" Victor asked. "Vigor!"

A small blue goblin came running into the room, "you called Master?" He lifted up his head, and I was ready to throw up. His teeth matched his skin, except there were little red specks everywhere. His face was just as ugly, it was all disoriented, and disfigured. And he smelled of dead fish.

"Yes. Vigor, please take Miss Katie, to her bedroom now." Vigor nodded and came up to me. I backed up to the wall as far as i could go, holding onto my knees.

"Go away! Don't touch me!" I screamed horrified.

"Katie!" Akasha started running towards me but got stopped by Victor.

Victor waved his pointer finger in front of her face, "tsk tsk. You can't help her."

The ugly goblin type thing, was getting closer and closer to me, and I was getting more frightened with each step he took. "Please go away. Dorion. Deylinn." I whispered. The goblin thing reached for my hand and I slapped him away. "Get away from me you ugly cockroach."

'Vigor' looked at Victor with a pleading look in his eyes, and victor nodded while smirking. "Okay, that's just creepy." I whispered.

The goblin then looked back at me, with a twinkle in his eye and my mouth gaped open and a disgusted look on my face. "Katie, you are to come with me willingly or forceably. What's your chocie?"

"Katie go with him," Akasha begged.

"No! I will not leave you. This is ridiculous. I mean we are related and here we are horrified of eachother and fighting like we are babboons." Everyone looked at me akwardly at the last statement.

Victor was lost in thought for a moment, "Vigor, she is right. You may leave to go find your supper. But be back here in an hour." Vigor nodded and ran out of the room. Victor threw Akasha on the bed beside me with a thunk.

"Are you okay?" I tried not to laugh.

"Why are you smirking Katie? Can't you see I am in great pain?" Akasha glared.

Victor looked at both of us, confused more then ever. "Why are you two bickering?"

"It's what mothers and daughters do." I smiled.

"Whatever." He muttered, Akasha and me looked at eachother and burst out laughing. "Quiet you two!" He snarnled which caused us to double our laughter.

He glared at us, and then with some type of power through Akasha across the room, making her fall unconsious. "Akasha!" I screamed.

"Katie, tell me." I looked at him. I swear if glares could kill he would have been dead. "How long have you been here?"

"I don't know. Maybe a week or so. Why do you care?" I snapped.

"Curiousity." He replied cooly.

"Curiousity killed the cat, or in your case a vampire." I spat back.

"Katie, don't be so rude. After all I am your grandfather."

I looked at him shocked, "w-what?"

"As if you didn't know." I blinked a couple times. "I am Akasha's father."

I almost screamed. Almost. No, he's lying. Why wouldn't Akasha tell me? Why didn't the book? Victor laughed suddenly at my confused look.

"My dear, you shouldn't look so confused. After all where did you think you got your looks from?" I looked at him disgusted.

"Ovbiously not from you." I muttered.

He glared, and then the next thing I knew I was being choked. Victor's eyes had turned from a sky blue to crimson red violently switching back and forth. "You little wench!"

"A little touchy on your looks are we?" I gasped, all the while scratching at his arms to release me. My feet were now dangling two feet off the floor. "Let go, you are hurting me."

"That's the whole point." He snapped.

I looked at him then, his eyes still changing from blue to red until fnally they stopped. I could finally see his blue eyes, they were actually quite mesmerizing. Aside from his tattered dead look his eyes were really the only thing on him that was beautiful. He's so lost. A tear slid down my face then, and he looked at me questionly. Still pinned up against the wall, tears slid down my face all the while trying to get air. Sighing in defeat he let me go. I fell to the ground in a heap, greedily filling my lungs with air.

"Katie?" Victor asked softly, Akasha completely fogotton about.

I looked up at him, fresh tears threatening to come. I stood up wobbily, grabbed a post from the bed to hold me up. He watched my every move with worried eyes. I took a step forward, almost falling. Regaining my balance I ran over to him and hugged him tightly. A shocked gasp released from his lips, then I felt his hands slowly go around me.

Akasha's POV...

"What the?" I murmured, finally coming to. The site I seen play before was something not even a physic would have seen coming. I stood up rather slowly, you would have to if you were flown against a wall for the third time. I watched, mesmerized as Victor slowly started hugging Katie back. A few moments after that, Victor started crying, and I mean crying, streams of tears poured out of his old eyes.

"Victor." I whispered desperately. They both looked at me then, Katie came over and helped me to a chair in the corner of the small bedroom. I colloapsed onto the chair hard. Looking around drastically, finally taking in the room we have been in for God knows how long. There was a big bed, which convered pretty much two thirds of the room, a beige rug was on the floor half covered by the bed and half showing to the world. There was a chair, what I am sitting on, a desk, a lamp, and a little pencil holder on the side. The walls were like an ugly brown color and the lights were just candles scattered around the room. Talk about unhygeniec living quarters.

"Akasha," Katie called my name slowly.

I looked at her sharply, "what?"

"Are you okay?" I gritted my teeth at her.

"Does it look like I am okay? I just got thrown across a room and got knocked out by my own father!" She quickly gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.

Katie looked over at Victor and smiled, "I already know Akasha."

"But how?" She glared at Victor.

"Vic-" She got cut off by a sharp low knock at the door.

"What?" Victor yelled irritated.

"Master, it is I. Vigor." The goblin thing spoke through the door.

"Enter." Victor replied impatiently.

"I am done my feeding sir." He smiled and his teeth were red, redder then that fairytale girl, what's her name? Oh right. Little Red Riding Hood, I think.

Victor cleared his throat, "right. Please escort Katie to her bedroom. She must rest, she has had a tiring night." Vigor nodded. Katie followed him silently and closed the door behind her silently.

I then looked at Victor, who was creepily already staring at me, "why did you tell her? Hmm? Why did you just have to go and tell her that you are her grandfather?"

"I had to Akasha. You wouldn't understand what it's like. You hid for 400 years, and not once seen your daughter. I always wanted her to become the heir to my title, but you had to deystroy it."

"What? This is all about keeping your name? I love her Victor, something you don't know nothing about." I hissed.

His eyes turned red, uh oh, not a good thing. "You think I have a heart of ice? You don't think I know anything about love? I loved you once, and your mother!"

"Loved? You do have a heart of ice Victor. Ovbiously you don't realize that, you killed your best friend, killed mom, and now you are trying to kill your own granddaughter. Where is the love in that?" I screamed, tears threatening to come.

For once in his life, the great Victor Anderson had no words. His voice dry, tears brimming his eyes. Then he disappeared. "I love you." The sounding of his voice echoed through my ears over and over. Exhausted, and knowing he wasn't coming back, and walked slowly to the bed and there colapsed into a deep dreamless sleep.

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