Daywalker, A Tale of the Symviridia

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My name is Mona. I am thirteen years of age and I live in a desert—a desert called the Symviridia.

Like many other Symviridians, I am a nomad; my home is always moving. My clan is the Clan of Talons, and I truly love the people I live with. There are many clans in the Symviridia, and I am lucky to be a Talon.

You may ask why we are nomads. Depending on whom you ask, the answers may vary. The sly merchants of the Coyote Clan say that "they follow the water." The warriors of the Rattler Clan will no doubt sneer, and say they enjoy the walk. But if you ask a Talon why we are constantly on the move, we'll look you in the eye and tell you the truth—the reason why all clans are nomadic: the Lumeer.

For all my life and the innumerable years before it, we Noctians have lived in fear of the Lumeer. They are creatures of a devilish nature, inhuman and without morals. Yet they walk like us, on two long and bone-thin legs. Some say they talk like us too, but many things are said about things we never see.

It isn't enough just to be nomads. The Lumeer only appear when the sun shines in the sky. So we sleep during the day, and wake at night.

We live under the moon's light, and hide from the sun…for fear of the creatures that walk the day.

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