The Monster Below

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Part 9

Best party ever!

Sort of. . .

No, no it was. The music was blaring, the drink flowing, and I was in the arms of the hottest, sexiest guy there. Though he was being very quiet, his eyes constantly scanning the room as if looking for someone, or something. But even with his attention elsewhere I was having a brilliant time. The best.

"There are so many hot guys here," Anita whispered in my ear. Well not quite a whisper as the music was kind of deafening, but quiet enough that the guys didn't hear. "I know I'm here with Adam but I must say. . . Yummy!"

I couldn't agree more. I had noticed a few guys myself, all of who I was guessing were friends of someone at the party as I knew they didn't go to our school. One of said guys had spent the past hour watching us, or at least watching me. Every time I looked over the crowd he was there, though never in the same place.

He was pretty cute. Ok, so maybe he was more than cute. He was tall with a muscular, toned body, as far as I could tell from the other side of the room, anyway. His hair I wasn't sure the colour of, the lights in here playing havoc on my eyes. One thing I did know was that I had the strangest feeling that I knew him.

"I don't think my feet can take much more," I yelled over the heavy dance music the dj was playing. We had been dancing for the past hour, me and Anita doing most of the work. Both Finn and Adam were dancing with us but it was more of a slight shuffle of feet that they were doing. You know, the usual thing guys did when it came to the dance floor.

"Me too. Let's grab another drink and find somewhere to rest our feet," Anita said as she grabbed Adam's hand and started off towards the kitchen.

I was about to follow her when Finn froze, his eyes upon the ceiling and what I could only describe as an evil smile spreading upon his face. "We'll catch you up in a minute." Turning his gaze upon me.

We would? Why?

Anita and Adam waved us off and continued on their way, leaving me alone with Finn for the first time all night. Well if you could call being stood in the middle of a crowded house party alone.

He lead me through the room, heading towards the stairs.

Hold on, this was never in the plan. No way was I...

We were heading upstairs. To a bedroom. OMG!! This was it. This was the moment I had been dreaming about for years...

Wasn't it?

I remember a dream with dancing, me wearing the very dress I was wearing now, and the impression that things were heading towards more with the partner I was with... but was it Finn?

Of course it was.

What was wrong with me? I couldn't seem to get anything straight in my head. Everything seemed jumbled.

Entering the room the door clicked shut behind me, Finn turning the latch to lock it. "Finally," he sighed taking a step towards me.

"Finally?" Looking deep into his icy stare. I loved his eyes...

"I've waited a long time for this, Phoenix. A very long time to get you alone."

His eyes were so beautiful, so mesmerising... Wait, what was he saying?

"Years of waiting, and finally it has all paid off. I don't how you did it, how you avoided us for all theses years, but finally I have you."

"I... I don't know what... you're... you're talking... about." Why was it so hard to get words out?

His fingers dug into my arm, getting tighter as he pushed me back towards the wall. "You're hurting... me."

Hell was he strong, his grip like a vice. And cold. There was no way I could forget the cold. It was as if liquid nitrogen had been poured onto my skin, so cold that it almost burned.

"I know," he smiled looking behind me.

Actually since we had entered the room he hadn't once looked at me, his eyes always upon the wall behind. The wall he was pushing me towards, backing me up against.

What was on that wall?

My heart was pounding, racing a mile a minute. What was I doing here? Why had I agreed to go to the dance with somebody I didn't know?

I didn't know? That was right, I didn't know him. So why had I thought differently?

Eyes closed I chanted, 'this is all in my imagination,' over and over again under my breath. It didn't help.

"I'm afraid not." Finn's evil laugh sent a shiver of dread down my spine.

There was no point in yelling, in screaming, the music downstairs was too loud for anyone to hear me.

I couldn't fight his grip, he was too strong, but I needed to do something. And I needed to see what was upon that wall behind me, because I was getting a really bad feeling about all this.

I cranked my neck as far as possible to get a look and... No!

It was the symbol, the one Reidar had warned me about all those years ago. I was going to die. Killed by my date, the handsome guy with glowing eyes.

Glowing eyes?

I should have listened to Reidar. I should have just been happy with spending my birthday at home alone with him, with the friend my imagination had given me my whole life. No I didn't even have him. I was alone, no one to save me, to help me.

My back pressed against the wall, against the symbol I had been told nearly all my life to run from. I could feel it behind me, a strange tingling sensation spreading across my back where it touched my flesh. "It's time you returned to where you belong."



Splinters of woods flew throughout the room, the large ones embedding themselves in the walls. Some scratched and stuck in my skin but Finn took the brunt of them. Thank god!

Screaming in rage he released my arm, spinning round to face where the locked door had once been.

Springing to the side I moved as far away from the symbol as I could. I needed to get out of here. But first I would need to get past the person in the doorway. The handsome, super hot guy from downstairs.

"You should have stayed in the hole in which we left you," Finn growled before attacking.

Growled? He actually growled, like some kind of animal. He didn't fight like an animal though. No he was fighting like a trained warrior... with a sword!

Where the hell had he gotten that from? And where had the other guy gotten his from? He hadn't had it downstairs. I think I would have remembered seeing that before.

Finn's eyes were now more blazing than before, a strange cold fire within them. The air was frigid too, colder than it should have been when the heating was on and the place was overflowing with horny teenagers.

And why hadn't anyone else come running in here yet to see what was going off. That crash had been loud, very loud - as in my ears were still ringing. Surely people would want to check something like that out?

With Finn preoccupied with. . . whoever, I skirted around the room towards what used to be the door. There was no way I was staying here, even if I did want to stand and stare at the new guys fine, fine ass while he fought Finn.

Ok, I really need my brain checked if I wanted to stay here a moment longer after Finn had tried to kill me, or whatever he had been trying to do. I mean so what if he was the finest specimen of the male race I had ever seen? What with his pale complexion, strange onyx hair that had a kind of green tinge to it in certain light, and blazing emerald green eyes the same shade as my dress...

The same shade I had dreamed about...

The same shade I had always pictured Reidar having when I dreamed about him...

I don't know how I knew it was him, but I knew it. The stranger that had come to my rescue was Reidar.

My Reidar. My friend... Imaginary friend. The monster under my bed.

He was real... And he was here.

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