The Monster Below

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Part 7

We made it down stairs just in time, the girls all climbing into the large pink stretch limo. What was it with girls like Bailey always going for the pink one, what was wrong with the traditional black vehicle?

Quickly jumping in behind Anita perching my ass on the edge of the corner seat by the door I realised how noisy it had suddenly gotten. Everyone was chatting, talking about who they were meeting. What they hoped the DJ would play. Whose party they were going to afterwards. All normal stuff, but it wasn't what was coming out of their mouths that was starting to freak me out. Oh no, it was what I could hear that they weren't saying.

‘Look at Jo’s dress, the way it comes all the way down like that showing almost all her tits... slut!’

‘I can't believe she thought I wouldn't notice. I knew Hannah had stolen that charm bracelet.’

‘Don’t know why she broke things off with James, he's so hot. She really is crazy.’

For once I agreed with that statement. If I was hearing people's thoughts, or at least I thought I was, I was definitely crazy. What was I going to do?

Never before had I wanted nothing more than to run home and talk to Reidar, but he wasn't there anymore, I had sent him away. Why had I done that? I still didn't understand.

I had been so angry at him but I had no idea why anymore. Was he real? Were the voices I was hearing real? Hell I had no idea.

“You ok phoenix? Your hands are shaking,” Anita asked looking worriedly at me.

“Yeah I'm fine, just a little nervous I suppose.” I suddenly didn't feel so excited about meeting Finn at the dance.

‘Nervous her imaginary boyfriend not turn up.’

I heard someone snigger, but not out loud. Looking around I tried to match the inner voice to a face but there was just so much noise it was difficult.

“So what did you get for your birthday Phoenix?” Bailey asked focusing everyone's attention onto me. Great everyone look at the freak.

“Nothing much, just the usual. Money. New bag ... Oh and a necklace,” I added suddenly remembering the gift from Reidar. Slipping my hand into my purse I momentarily wondered if it would be there. If Reidar wasn't real, the necklace wouldn't be real. Panic started to bubble up inside me as I dug around searching for it.

What if he's isn't real, then I really would be insane.

Just as my panic was starting to reach another level, my fingers brushed against something cold. Releasing a breath I hadn't realised I had been holding I pulled the beautiful piece of jewellery from my purse, holding it aloft for all to see.

“OMG! That is gorgeous. Can I borrow it? Lisa asked.

As if!

“You can't ask that!” Anita snapped. “It’s her birthday present. Do you want me to help you put it on?” she asked holding her hand out.

Looking down I contemplated not putting it on, denying the strange need I had to wear it, but I had promised Reidar that I would and after the argument and the way he had just disappeared I couldn't not wear it. I missed him. The necklace wouldn't bring him back but it was the last thing of him that I had, the only thing of him that I had.

Handing over the necklace I turned my back to her, lifting the hair off my neck for ease.

“There you go,” she smiled as I turned back around to see her. “That really finishes of the dress, matches it perfectly.”

“Thanks,” I whispered, my fingers coming up to stroke the gem, a kind of peace settling over me as the voices and the major headache attached to them began to fade.


Conversation quickly picked up again and I found myself joining in now that I didn't feel like someone was trying to kick my head in from the inside. Before I knew it we were pulling up outside school, all the guys stood upon the pavement waiting for their dates. Looking out of the window I couldn't see Finn, but I could see James standing there. His eyes collided with mine and a frown instantly formed upon his face. When would he get over my dumping him and stop hating me?

Stepping out into the chill night air I looked around, doing my best to ignore all the groping and making out happening around me. Tracy was practically doing it right there in front of everyone, her hands moving all over Jakes body as he grasped her ass and pulled her hard against him while their mouths devoured each other’s.

“He’s not here,” I whispered to Anita in panic. “Neither is Adam, but don't worry, he'll be here soon. I think we are actually a little early anyways,” she said checking the time on her phone.

Why hadn't I given Finn my number, or even better gotten his? We really should have planned things better, but every time I saw him everything seemed to drift away from me. And then once he touched me my mind would just go blank. He really had a strange effect on me.

Pulling my phone out of my purse, more out of habit than anything else, I was shocked to see Finn’s name flashing upon the screen.


But I had never added his name to my contacts, how the hell was this possible? I didn’t even know if he had a phone, though in this day and age who didn’t? I quickly checked my contacts list just to make sure, scrolling down through the list as fast as I could to the F’s but I was right, his name was not in my contacts. Then how the hell?

Shaking my head I pressed open and read the message that was apparently sent only 2 minutes previously.


“Is that him? What did he say?” Anita asked looking over my shoulder at the screen.

“Just that he will meet me on the dance floor. Guess he is running late.”

A relieved smile forming on her face, showing me just how worried she had really been that I was being stood up. “See, I told you there was no reason to worry.” A moment later Adam, Anita’s date, turned up. Standing next to your best friend, dateless, while she had her tongue deep down her date’s throat didn’t feel awkward at all… Not!

“Where’s your date Phoenix?” Adam asked politely. Like the others he thought me strange, but since asking Anita to the dance he had done his best to be nice to me.

“He’s meeting her inside,” Anita answered for me taking Adams hand and threading her arm through mine to steer us towards the doors that everyone else were quickly disappearing through. “Let’s go boogie.”

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