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Cleopatra's Promise (first draft)

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“CLEO” her dad shouted happily up the stairs. Cleo ran down the stairs throwing her blonde hair up into a ponytail as she reached the mirror at the bottom. Her ocean blue eyes sparkled with the excite Cleopatra belives that when you make a promise you stick to it, so when her dad was dieing she thought nothing of promising not to surf again until he was back on the waves. it was a promise she broke, when she got home her dad was dead. She moved to newyork to live with her mom after that. thats when her life changed, where history is your friend and enermy and your promises could mean life and death. Cleopatra is only just starting to understand the power of her promises.

Fantasy / Adventure
Katy Rayne
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“CLEO” her dad shouted happily up the stairs. Cleo ran down the stairs throwing her blonde hair up into a ponytail as she reached the mirror at the bottom. Her ocean blue eyes sparkled with the excitement. “Hurry up Cleo” her dad shouted with pure excitement. “Has it arrived?” she practically shouted running into the living room. Her dad stood there holding it. “Open it” he said handing her the big present. Cleo pulled the paper of too excited to breath. 15 years old today, she knew what she was getting she had begged for it for months. “Yes!” she said with a huge smile on her face. “Most teenagers would ask for a phone for their birthday not another surfboard” her Nan said laughing. “This isn’t just another surfboard Nan.” Cleo said her face alight. “This is thee board apparently” her dad said to his mom with a huge smile on his face. “But it’s broken.” Her grandmother said with a smile only joking she knew why this board was special to Cleo. Cleo smiled at the broken board. “Of course it took part in the open the year I was born. Signed by everyone who took part.” Cleo pointed at a name in particular. “There’s your name dad!” she said. he laughed one day you’ll be spending hundreds on buying your own kids a board with your name signed on” he said with a huge smile. “I wish!” she said hugest smile on her face. “Wait for me wait for me.” Dakota yelled running into the house. Of course they never locked the door why would they need to here. “Late as always” her dad laughed. “Of course her hair took hours.” Cleo said bear hugging her best friend Dakota the moment she ran in the room. “My hair I’ll have you know is perfect. If you would only let me fix yours.” Dakota said with a huge smile. Cleo looked at her best friend with a huge smile, “what with a hairbrush that would hurt way too much.” everyone laughed. Dakota’s parents and twin brother arrived Cleo gave them all hugs. “Happy birthday surf diva.” Said Dakota’s mom. “Thanks mom” she said hugging her. Dakota’s mom wasn’t her mom but she was like one. And since Cleo’s mom had left, Cleo was like one of the kids. The triplets they were called though the twins were 5 months older. Cleo opened swimming costumes, wetsuits, bikinis, clothes that she would actually wear. She had to laugh at her joke present from Dakota. “Really Dee, a hair brush and straighteners set?” “It’s a present for myself here” Dakota laughed. “Well you practically live here.” her mother joked. “Hey we spend just as much time round ours” Dakota said with a huge smile. “Can we catch the waves?” Cleo asked a huge smile. “You have school” Dakota’s mom said. “But mom” Dakota, Cleo, Trey and their dads said with matching pleading expressions. Cleo’s grandmother and Dakotas’s mom laughed. “It’s a good thing you’re all sick today” Cleo’s Nan said with a laugh. “Yes” Cleo and Trey said highfiving each other. Dakota pulled out her sunglasses and towel from a bag. “Surfing for you. Tan time for me.” everyone laughed. They hit the beach. When the adults went to get dinner while the kids messed about on the beach Dakota’s dad said “have you told her?” Cleo’s dad replied with a sad smile, “today needed to be a good day. I’ll tell her when it’s time.” “Nick you should of told her months ago.” Dakota’s dad said. “I couldn’t spoil today. If this is the last birthday I get to spend with her I will make it her best one.” Nick said watching the kids from the Que. “You okay taking on being her coach and getting the sponsors?” Nick asked worriedly. “The sponsors will love her. She will be great.” “I know Tom. She belongs on the waves.” Nick said with a huge smile. “She belongs to the ocean.” Tom agreed with a smile. “They both do.” “No matter what happens she needs to be happy.” Nick said watching his daughter on the waves. “She’s like another daughter to both me and Justine. We will make sure she’s always okay.” When they returned to the beach chips in hand everyone ate and built sandcastles, if only life could stay like this forever.

3 days later Cleo’s nerves where eating her up. “You’ll do great you always do.” Dakota said from Cleo’s bed. She had slept over like normal. “It’s just a swim meet, last one of the year” Dakota said with a smile. “It’s not the open.” Cleo took a few deep breaths. “Why the heck did I ever say yes to being captain next year?” Cleo asked. “Because you’re the best swimmer the teams got.” Dakota said with a laugh. “Thanks I think” “what’s this?” Dakota said lifting up the big heavy book that was on the side of Cleo’s bed. “The librarian gave it to me. Told me as my name was Cleopatra, I would find it an interesting summer read.” Cleo said with a shrug. She had no clue why the school librarian had given her a big book on hieroglyphics and forgotten languages but Cleo was finding it interesting and strangely some of the languages she felt like she could read even though it was impossible. The girls went to the swim meet with their dads and of course Trey who went off to sit with friends the moment they arrived. “You’ll do great surf diva.” They both said cuddling her before she went over to join the team. “Okay octopuses we can do this.” she said to the team with a huge smile on her face her nerves forgotten. Her friend’s Tori, Becks and Aleena put their hands on top of hers. “And after this we will hit the waves.” Aleena said with a smile they all laughed and hugged. When the race was over she was walking with her dad, one second he was telling her how proud he was of her and how well she was going to do next month getting sponsors. The next he was on the floor unconscious. “Dad” Cleo screamed.

Cleo sat on the beach looking at the waves. For the first time she felt like the ocean didn’t have the answers. The doctor’s words rung in her head. “Cancer.” The doctor had hopes that her dad would respond to chemo. Cleo hadn’t cried much in her life. Yet today all she could do was cry. It was like the weather agreed with her and it was pouring. Her dad sat next to her on the beach hugging her. The rain had soaked them both but neither seemed to care. “Why didn’t you say?” she asked him. It had come out he known for a while. He just hadn’t told her. “I didn’t want you to have to worry yet.” Her dad said looking like every tear that feel hurt him. “See this shell Cleo?” he said holding it up for her. Cleo looked at it “this shell has travelled for miles just to be with us today.” He told her. “We all have our own miles to go. It may be with me it may not. But you my little seashell have your own current.” Her dad said. “Dad that makes no sense what so ever.” Cleo told him. “I know that but it stopped you crying.” Her dad told her with a weak smile. They walked along the beach her father telling her stories about the ocean that all sounded made up but relaxed both of them.

A week later Cleo walked along the beach with Aleena it was the last day of school until after summer break. “I heard there are so many surf camps going on this summer” she was telling Cleo with a huge smile on her face Cleo couldn’t help her own excitement. Her father was weak but he was getting better well so he claimed. They got home from their surf and she saw her dad. He was sat in a wheelchair looking outside like he had been crying. Dakotas mom and dad sat next to him. “I miss surfing.” Her father said to his friends. “You will surf again.” Dakotas mom said with a nudge trying to loosen her father’s spirts. “It hurts watching Cleo surf.” Her father said. Cleo didn’t want to listen so she ran upstairs, missing the rest of his words. “Knowing I will never see her win an open. Knowing I might never see her surf again. I’m getting worse they recon a few months.” That night Cleo snuck out. Well some say snuck. She technically walked downstairs walked out the front door. Grabbed her bike and peddled as hard as she could. Stopping at the beach Cleo went into the ocean. “I promise to whatever power that will listen that I will not surf again if dad cant. If surfing really is my destiny you’ll make him better.” She yelled at the ocean. The waves crashed around her. She knew it was stupid. But Cleo always believed her dads stories and when she made a promise she kept it. Her promise meant a lot to her. The next day she sat with her dad having ice tea. “Cleopatra,” her father started. She knew it wasn’t good he only ever used her name when something was up. “I’m not going to surf anymore.” Cleo said quickly. “What? You need to surf.” Her dad said looking confused. “I won’t surf again until you can dad I promise.” “Cleopatra. That” her dad said Cleo interrupted again. “I know it hurts you to watch me surf knowing you can’t be on the waves yourself so until you can surf I’m not going to.” Cleo told him. “Cleopatra don’t be stupid you have a competition and sponsors coming to watch you next week.” “That means nothing I promised the ocean I won’t go in it till your better.” Her father looked at her like this broke his heart. “Cleo.” “Dad the ocean took my word.” She told him he watched her. He had taught her to always listen to the ocean and to always keep her promises, but he wasn’t going to make it he knew that. The doctor had told him he had a month 2 at most. “Cleo, you shouldn’t of promised that.” he told her. “It’s okay I meant It.” she told him and hugged him. Nick cried, he couldn’t let Cleo give up her chance. Her whole world was surfing he couldn’t let her give it up. So then he had an idea. “Cleo lets go surfing.” “Your too tired at the moment dad” Cleo told her dad kissing him on the head. “Tomorrow we will go surfing straight after your competition I’m not letting you miss it.” Her dad said matter of fact.

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