In The Hands Of Time

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Race against time with Eve, Edward and a crew of pirates on a journey of a different lifetime. Evangeline Kidd. When you hear this name you'll know three things. Cute, funny and unemployed. At the age of twenty-one, a girl would think to have a job, but not Eve. Even though she was very willy and talented, she never saw it that way and...luck was never on her side. She lived in a small cozy house with her single mom who tried to make money by working part-time jobs for a living . Never did she even imagine that the silly idea of walking into a tent with a sign 'fortune telling', would change her future. And...present! Now, Edward Kenway had it all. He had the looks, he had an adventurous life and he had power. The sea was his life. His ship was his love. And women were his plaything. He had broken the heart of almost every lady and prostitute in England. With his loyal, hard working crew, that were all his friends and his legendary ship, he had no worries in the world. Until a peculiar clothed and accented crazy boy falling from the sky changed all his plans, his course, his life and his destiny. Literally.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: Careful What You Wish For


" Ow!” Eve muttered under her breath. As careful as she was, she couldn’t go out for a walk and not trip or slip at least once. The ground just wasn’t on good terms with her. She looked to her side, at a couple laughing at her, sitting at a table outside a coffee shop. It was normal for her to be laughed at.

She figured it was her clumsiness and small figure that cracked up everyone around her. But she didn’t mind. She was, in fact, the school clown during her high school days. She loved how she could make her friends and teachers laugh at any possible time with her silly talking and energetic personality. Even though her clumsiness was very frustrating for herself. Everybody knew her, and all of them loved her. Especially boys. They loved how she was so relaxed and down to earth unlike other girls.

She wasn’t bullied. No one dared to bully her, actually. She knew exactly how to defend herself. She was witty and strong. If someone ever tried to bug her she would put them in their place.

Just like right now. She was anything but happy. She liked making her friends laugh, not any random person on the street.

Why are those bitches laughing? Haven’t they ever tripped in their life? She thought.

Well, possibly not as much as her, but they don’t know that. So she glared at them. It was an effective one, for their sniggers fell and they weirdly looked away. With a smile of triumph, she proudly continued to walk, only to be greeted by a tree. In the face.

“Ahh!” She groaned, as pain shot through her face, clutching her nose. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. No, it wasn’t the ground that hated her. It was the earth itself. She didn’t even bother to look back at the couple, who burst into fits of laughter.

With her head down and red as a tomato, she stomped away to the supermarket across the street, avoiding any eye contact. Her mother had insisted her to buy groceries only, but she ended up buying band-aids as well. After buying everything that was on her list, she headed to the toilet, stopping at the mirror so she could place the band-aid. She looked at herself.

Her light brown hair was messed up and the color matched her full eyebrows and long curly eyelashes above typical brown eyes.

The only thing she loved about her face were her eyelashes. They were the only thing that she could name pretty. Of course, she was super, super insecure.

And then, there was her nose. The feature she hated the most. It wasn’t a big, fat, bulky nose, but it wasn’t very dainty and feminine one either. She thought it was a little too masculine.

And there it was. Bleeding in all it’s glory. The bridge of her nose was cut and there was a purple bruise on her right cheek.

The cherry on top, she thought.

She never thought of herself as pretty. Who could blame her? Seeing as how all her friends were gorgeous, with interesting colored eyes and beautiful long, full hair. Non masculine noses. Specifically her best friend Anna. Oh, she was beautiful. She was tall, curvy, funny, had blue eyes and beautiful silky champagne red hair. The exact opposite of her. She even felt her guy friends were prettier than her sometimes!

But now... she felt disgusted to even look at herself!

She looked up at her hair, tugging a strand that reached just above her eyebrows. She had gone to cut her hair at a very cheap hair salon a month ago. With her amazing luck and a very talented hairdresser, a small part of hair at the front of her head, was cut to about the size of peach fuzz! Although her hair has grown a lot from then, she still cursed that hairdresser for making her feel uglier everyday as it grew back.

Placing a band-aid on the cut, she ruffled her hair into place and left, waving at Sam, the shopkeeper.

While she was waiting for the light, she suddenly made a wish. Something she never thought of doing because she thought it was a useless act. She couldn’t wish for money to rain down from the sky so there was no point in wishing for anything.

She wished her life would change, she wished she could find a stable job and a loving boyfriend. She knew she had to go to a university to land a good job but they barely had any money for food, let alone her study expenses.

Her single mother has been working sweat and tears for years after her father left them for another woman. She helped too. She was twenty-one years old, she couldn’t just sit and watch. She had worked many, many part time jobs but, lucky her, they had either closed down or gone broke. And for a loving boyfriend, well, those guys were just in movies.

As she crossed the street, tears filled her eyes. She felt so sorry for her poor mother. All she wanted was for her to live a better life. She didn’t deserve this painful, cruel life. She didn’t deserve such a useless daughter.

After her dad left them when she was only ten, Eve never thought life would get harder than that. But it did.

This wish she made, was from the very bottom of her heart. To somehow find a way out of the hardship and misery. A way to fix everything. Maybe she should marry a really rich man, but who would marry her?

She shook it off. She would find a way out of this herself, In time and by trying harder. She promised herself. She didn’t need a fairy godmother.

She took a left. When she raised her head she saw a big blue tent that had a beautiful sign above it.

‘Fortune Telling’

by Mademoiselle Jacqueline
Let the stars guide you
3 dollars only.

Three dollars!!? That place was meant for her! She had 7 dollars left.

“Idiot. These things aren’t real. You want to waste your money to be guided by the stars? You want to test your luck? You don’t have any!” She mumbled. But there was something in the back of her mind tugging at her to just, check it out. There won’t be any harm in getting her fortune read just once. Plus, her curiosity was killing her!

If it’s so good than why isn’t anyone going in there? Huh? She thought when she saw that no one was paying any attention to it at all. Like it wasn’t even there.

Well... Maybe they have good lives and know where they’re headed. They don’t want to pay three dollars to know about a future that they already know of.

No one knows anything about their future! It’s impossible, bozo. You see! That’s why you can’t get a job!

Scowling, she walked towards the tent, nervously. When she entered she was welcomed by a middle-aged lady smiling at her.

“Welcome child. I’m Mademoiselle Jacqueline. What do you wish for stars to tell you?” she said kindly with a French accent as Eve took a seat. She cleared her throat.

“Um... Hi... Uh...” Eve stuttered. Why was she even here? She didn’t even know what she was going to ask?!

“You want to know about your future and how to have a successful one, where you and your mother can live without worry. And if someone can ever love you. Am I right, Evangeline?”

Eve’s head snapped up, she stared at the lady in disbelief. How did she know her name?! And how did she know what she wanted to ask? Okay, woah.

She nodded frantically.

“Look inside this crystal ball...” Jacqueline waved her hands around it and small glowing dots started to appear. The lights looked like dozens of tiny fireflies, dancing around in the rhythm of the Mademoiselle’s fragile fingers.

Beautiful, Eve thought, mesmerized by them. The woman started humming, which sounded like a choir to Eve’s ears.

"A future awaits you, sure and bright.
The stars have aligned, doubt out of sight."

The lady chanted as the lights started to move faster. Eve could hear the sounds of water around her, but was too mesmerized to care.

"Fear not dear child, a journey awaits,
Of love and sea and rum and crates.
Believe in your strength and in your heart,
For no sea monster can tear it apart.
And what you find at final peak,
Will have the answers, all that you seek. "

She didn’t understand a single word the old woman was saying, her voice was fading while the roaring of water was getting louder. The tent around her seemed to lighten up. Her feet felt wet, there was a light breeze passing through her hair and the lights inside the ball were going crazy now.

"The wheels of time are turning fast. Find yourself with the man of the past. Once you do, yourself find, time will free you from it’s bind. But beware and be warned, there’s a trick to this clue. If time catches up... no good will come you."

The lights had all joined each other to create a single and even brighter light inside the crystal ball, expanding, then shattering it to pieces. And that’s when she snapped out of her trance with a gasp.

Sensing a wet feeling on her hands, she quickly looked down at them and jumped up from her seat.

The tent was filled with water, reaching till her hips, and it was lit up!

“Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness! Oh my god!” She looked around frantically, trying to move in the pool of water, that was rising fast.

“Mademoiselle!? Mademoiselle Jacqueline?!” She called for the lady that was no where in sight. She made her way to the entrance of the lit up tent as fast as she could, the water at her breasts now, but she could never seem to reach it! It looked like it was stretching farther and farther away with every stroke she took, like the ending of a black hole!

wheels of time are turning fast.′

What was happening? Was there a flood outside?! She looked around in horror. The last chants of the old lady was still echoing throughout the tent, which had become as big as a mansion and it was almost as bright as the sun! She squinted her eyes and shielded them with her hand.

Find yourself with the man of the past.′

“HELLO? ANYONE?“, She yelled out with in a panicky tone. The water level had reached her chin by now and the wind was blowing heavily. She stood on her tiptoes when the water reached under her nose.

‘Once you do, yourself find’

Oh god! This was not happening! She can’t die like this! That stupid, stupid old lady!

She took a deep breath.

Time will free you from it’s bind.... Bind... Bind...′

And she dove under the water. Her eyes squeezed shut and lungs filled with air. She told herself that it was a nightmare and it will all go away when she opened her eyes. And she did.

But the nightmare didn’t go away. She looked around, floating in the pool of clear water, the tent was gone! It was just endless of blue. She looked up to see the surface far away. Almost out of breath she quickly swam up towards it. But again she couldn’t reach it. She kicked and struggled to swim further up, her lungs burning. But a powerful force, more powerful than gravity, pulled her down. She reached up, her lungs about to give in when suddenly, she felt the water underneath her get sucked away.

Her eyes widened as she saw the surface of the water plunge down towards her with incredible speed. It passed her with a splash and she gasped for breath. Now she was being pulled down by gravity. She was falling down in midair.

The roof of the tent was now a stormy night sky. And she was falling down like a raindrop.

A horrified scream escaped her throat, one that echoed through out her surroundings. Her falling body passing drops of rain. Before she plummet into the roaring stormy ocean she heard screams of, what could have been men, yelling something, rumbles of thunder and lighting...

and finally...


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