Pureblood King's Hope

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He is King Erebus, and I am... My name is Silver, Silver Synn. I am daughter of the Queen of all Vampires and of an 'all powerful' Seeker. I no longer live in the supernatural realm. No, I wanted a change. I refused to stay and live as a burden. I take residence in the home of thee Pureblood King, Erebus. Well, not that I have a choice in the matter. You see, the rules in the human realm are far different from the ones in the supernatural realm. I learned that the hard way. I am enslaved to him. I do not wish to be saved. I do not wish to go back. I refuse to reveal my true identity for the simple fact that I do not wish to be found. With that being said... My name is Hope, and I belong to King Erebus. I am enslaved to him. I am Pureblood King's Hope.

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1: Rules Change


I’d been lying in bed for hours, my body still recovering from the little “trip” to the human realm.

The atmosphere in this world was very different from the one back home; it was sickening.

I had...persuaded the owner of this apartment to allow me to take temporary residence without the need of payment. From my understanding, in order to “survive” in this world, I needed money.

Money? No, I needed blood. I could impel someone to steal from a bank for me.

Before I left, my father tried to explain the differences between this realm and the supernatural realm.

Things are different here. Very different.

In this world, the supernatural that take residence have set other rules. Not that they matter to me. If I were to make my presence known, there would be no need for me to follow them.

Still, I do not want my family running after me. I do not desire “special” treatment because of the mere fact that I hold the “my father is a Seeker” title. I want to be respected because of who I am not because of who my family is.

For those who are unaware...

A Seeker is a vampire with the gift of magic, a vampire-witch/warlock; a hybrid. Seekers take responsibility of executing those that cause....concern. They are the most feared and powerful beings in all worlds and being the daughter of one I was born to be one of the strongest among the vampire race: a Royal Vampire. Well, in this system, a Pureblood.

Back home, vampires had only two different classifications. Those that are born vampires are considered royals and nobles and those that are turned are not. However, in this world, there are three classifications. The ordinary: ex-human. The aristocrat: vampires that are born with the strength of a hundred men. The purebloods: vampires that are born with the strength of a thousand men and an extraordinary gift of their own.

My gift? Traveler. I live in two places at once. If I wish to, I am able to see, hear, and feel what the living should not be able to.

Would I consider it a gift? No.

A curse? Yes.

Being pulled out of my thoughts, a sigh surpassed my lips as I directed my attention to the window. The sun was beginning to rise, and after only a matter of minutes of contemplating whether I should get up or not, I hesitantly sat up and ran my hand through my hair.

I feel weak, very weak.

I need to feed.

Because I had just arrived here no more than a few hours ago, I had not taken my time to get to know the area nor had I fed. I have a plan. A simple one, really. I take only the amount of blood I need, give the human a few drops of my blood to heal its wounds, and force it to forget. I might just...persuade it to meet me at my apartment every two days so that I don’t have to find a new meal.

Now, what I plan to do here? Of that, I am not entirely sure yet.

I stood up, taking a deep breath and walking toward the window. Hesitantly, I grabbed the curtain and slightly pulled it aside. I felt the warmth of the sun hit my pale skin and the instant it had done so, a horrible stinging sensation followed by a sizzling sound made a small scream escaped my mouth.

Instinct taking control, I pulled my hand away, stepping back and completely backing away from the window. I took but a second to examine the burning on my wounded hand carefully as it healed.

“The rules change, Silver. You cannot walk in sunlight.”

I sighed as my father’s words haunted my mind.

“Great, I am weakened by the sun, just fucking great,” I mumbled as I sat on the edge of the bed.

Maybe I should’ve listened to what he had to say before allowing that witch to bring me here. I guess the whole “vampires burn in the sunlight” myth isn’t a myth. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Back home, I would walk freely, sunlight or not.

I suppose I’ll have to wait till nightfall...

I groaned in frustration as I looked upon the clock on the wall.

7pm...just a half hour to go.

There was a sudden pull that had forced me to activate my Traveler’s ability, my eyes shifting to what was to be an empty space beside me only to find my grandmother’s dead “best friend” standing before me.

“What is it, Rebekah?” I questioned frustratingly.

She sighed, her eyes holding mine with a worry in her eyes. “Silver,” she spoke sincerely, “you should not be here. This is his territory.”

I arched an eyebrow, musing, “Oh?”

I had no idea whom she was talking about nor did I care.

She shook her head at my response, hesitantly stepping toward me. She sighed, “You will be seen as a threat. If you are spotted, crime or not, you will be killed.”

The truth of the matter is...I didn’t care for what she or anyone had to say. For all I know...my father spoke to her to convince me into going back home.

I am not going back.

Ignoring all else she felt the need to say, I forced my ability off. I redirected my attention to the window and watched the sun set through the curtains suppressing the sunlight from penetrating the room.

The instant the last ray of sunlight vanished, I ran out the door and the apartment building. And as I met the end of the stairs, I came to a halt and my attention was directed to a teenage boy who looked at me as if he’d seen a ghost.

Right...I forgot.

I’ll admit, I was careless and the only reason I saw to ensuring I wouldn’t be exposed was not because I care for what the humans claimed they saw, no one believed their stories anyway. The reason I cared for what the humans claimed they saw was because another of my kind is bound to hear and therefore I’ll be bound to exposure.

Acknowledging this to myself, I took but a quick observation of my surrounding, and just my luck, no one was around.

I inhaled a deep breath, turning my direction to the boy. My hand moved to the back of his head, gently holding him as I moved my lips to near his ear. He hadn’t moved a muscle, my own enchantments as a demon taking effect the instant he laid eyes on me.

“Forget everything you just saw,” I whispered, “go home.”

My compulsion was completed and just as I had relinquished my hold on him, he took but a single step back. His eyes looked into my own with confusion before he apologized and took his leave.

Another sigh surpassed my lips, and I silently scolded at myself.

I’m not used to acting “human”. How the hell am I supposed to keep a “low profile”?

My back was leaned against the wall, my head resting against it. I stood in a dark alley that was situated a block away from a club. It’s two in the morning, I figured the club would be closing by then and “solo-drinkers” would be walking home.

First chance I get...

I was right. The doors opened and out came one followed by another.

Within half an hour, the area had cleared and there he was: my target. A man holding an empty bottle of alcohol stumbled down the street and towards me.

I couldn’t help but smirk, thinking of how perfect the scene played out.

I began coughing, holding a hand over my heart. His attention was then immediately snapped to me, his eyebrow furrowed as he, in what I can assume, tried to make out who he was looking at. He took a swift glance behind him before redirecting his attention to me.

“Hey, are you alright?” he slurred his words, his voice holding a bit of concern.

I shook my head, continuing to play my role as I felt the means to.

“D-Do you need help?” he questioned. He’d hesitantly placed the empty bottle on the ground and continued his uncertain steps toward me.

Just a little closer...


He placed a hand on my shoulder and in an instant I paused my performance. As I looked upon his features, my eyes turned into their lusting pitch-black and my fangs elongated.

“Are you a--“, before he could finish, I grabbed his arm and pinned him up against the wall.

My hiss had his eyes widening and just as they did so, he screamed for help. I kept my arm against his chest to keep him in place, bringing my unoccupied hand up to his mouth and muffling his screams before forcing his head to the side.

My eyes had snapped to the vein pulsating on his neck. I could hear his heartbeat growing erratic. A small smile came across my face and without hesitation, I sunk my fangs into his neck, the taste of his blood instantly numbing my senses. A moan had emitted from the back of my throat, my urges pushing me to satisfy my hunger.

For the exception of Seekers blood, there is nothing better than human blood from the vein.

After what seemed like merely a second, my thirst had been just mildly tamed. And seeing as I hadn’t fed in a while, I found it difficult to extract my fangs from his neck. However, once I had done so, I noticed he tried to scream but his voice had drained. He stared at me in utter horror as he continued to attempt to scream.

“Sorry,” I whispered sincerely before bringing my wrist up to my lips and piercing it, drawing a small amount of blood. I then swiftly pressed my wrist upon his lips, forcing him to drink the small amount of blood I had withdrawn.

Once I saw that his wound had healed, I gently pressed my hand on the back of his head, my lips nearing his ear. I whispered, “Forget everything that just happened. Run home.”

I watched him take off with less of a stumble as I had nearly drained the alcohol in his blood and healed him with my own.

There was an effect to the alcohol in his system that I now found in mine and for a moment, it was satisfying. I smiled in contentment, wiping the excess blood from the side of my mouth and as I came to turn on my heels, I found two men glaring at me in disgust.

“What are we going to do with her?” my attention was directed to the man standing on the left who had spoken. His tall figure was slim, yet built. His eyes held a unique blue-gray color, he had a perfect jaw structure and his beard was neatly trimmed.

“You know what we have to do, Mardel,” the man standing next to him stated in a tone of arrogance. I had hesitantly reverted my attention to him, my eyes eyeing his tall figure. He was quite intimidating. He was slim as well, but unlike the other, he stood a bit more...muscular. His skin color appeared to be darker than the other and his eyes held a dark brown color.

“I know, but look at her, Zeus,” the man that was referred to as Mardel spoke, “she’s beautiful.”

Zeus shook his head and cleared his throat as he began his steps toward me, “What a shame.”

I just got here...you’ve got to be kidding me.

I took a deep breath, clenching my fists as I backed away. Unfortunately, distance was not in my favor and when my back had met the wall after but a couple of steps a sense of panic quickly came over me.


My eyes widened, catching Mardel as he sprung at me. Without hesitation, I pushed myself from the wall, using my inhumane strength and speed to jump over his body and kicking Zeus, knocking him off his feet.

The second I landed on my feet, I ran out of the alley only to come to a halt as my body had collided against that of a tall, muscular one. My body involuntarily shook with fear as I sensed the strength that came from this individual alone.

Hesitantly, looked up at him, my eyes instantly locking with his mesmerizing hazel ones.

I’m screwed...

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