Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 10: Distinct Apology


I was slowly pulled out of my resting state when an oddly delicious woodsy scent filled my scenes.

A groan having emitted from the back of my throat, I opened my eyes and my sight instantly fell on a familiar hazel-eyed man who stood beside my nightstand and stared down at me.

I wasn’t startled in the slightest, but I was taken aback by his particular presence. “What do you want, Hunter?” I asked as my eyes shifted to meet his own.

“Do you always talk in your sleep?” he questioned with an oddly friendly and amused smirk on his face.

I sighed, pushing my elbows back to sit up on my bed. My gaze fell to the fuzzy pink covers concealing my legs and I stretched out my arms as I asked, “Do you always watch me sleep?”

“Obviously not. Otherwise, I would not be asking.” Hunter scoffed away and I could almost feel him rolling his eyes at me.

I never did understand why he was so uptight and arrogant. I hardly ever spoke to him and the few times I did, he rolled his eyes at me and made it seem as if I completely annoyed him. The thing is...I never did try to annoy him. I always noticed that he was grumpy and moody, so I tried to befriend him and cheer him up.

That didn’t go so well...he muttered a string of curse words that may have been low enough for me to miss, but I somehow caught them and he walked away right after doing so. That was the last time I tried to speak to him.

With the thought in mind, I ran my hand through my silver-white, long hair as I let out another deep sigh. Unfortunately, the unpleasant memory of all the times Hunter was rude and mean to me wasn’t enough to keep the one person I desperately tried to forget, out of my mind.

I was beginning to feel a little better, I’ll admit, but I missed Silver. I missed her with every fiber inside of me, but I knew I couldn’t lay in bed forever. I wanted to believe she loved me enough--though she never said it to me--to come back. In fact, I had convinced myself she would come back. I knew she loved me. Sure, she never did admit it, but then again...she never did well on expressing her feelings.


My breath caught in my lungs when Hunter abruptly shoved a white, two-feet-tall, teddy bear into my chest. I had caught sight of it the instant he had pressed it against me and my immediate reaction was to hold it closely. I took a quick glance at the bear before reverting my attention to him.


My eyebrows furrowed at him as my gaze shot up to catch his and I asked, “What is this for?”

I was more confused than shocked, and it was clear that Hunter noticed it because in the next moment, he explained, “For the way I spoke to you earlier.”

The corners of my lips tugged into a small smile and I sincerely asked, “Is this your way of apologizing?”

It was nice to see that he was, at the very least, trying and to see that there was a good side to him. However, that welcoming feeling didn’t last very long as Hunter scoffed away and muttered, “No. I...I just... I-It would be nice if you didn’t tell your father about what I said to you.”

“Oh…” my voice trailed off and my sight fell to the teddy bear as I slightly pulled it away from me to admire it, “Well, I wasn’t going to anyway...”

A moments silence had fallen between us and a great tension came along with it. I didn’t want to make Hunter feel uncomfortable or perhaps make him think that I was ungrateful. Truth be told, I was glad that he took the time to do something for me even if it was just to bribe me into not telling my father about the way he mistreated me.

Hunter knew my father would have his head if I did tell. After all, my father is a lot stronger than him despite both being Seekers.

I forced that same small smile upon my lips and I turned back to Hunter. “Thank you.”

Though I had caught the slight and brief concerned look on his features, he pretended as if it were never there and he shrugged. “Yeah, don’t mention it.”

I wasn’t sure just how much longer he planned to stand around, so I was quick to present the question that had been lingering in my mind since he went off into the human realm, “Did you by any chance hear from or about Silver?”

A glint of uncertainty flashed in his eyes and he searched my face without being quick to respond.

“No,” he hesitated, “I didn’t. Sorry.”


I felt disappointed, but not in the slightest bit was I surprised.

“Is this all you’re here for?” I asked as I lifted the teddy bear and waved it in front of him.

He took a deep breath before moving to the edge of the bed and sitting on the fuzzy, pink comforter. “We are running low on blood bags, and your father demanded I ask you to accompany me to the blood bank.”

Of course… He’d never ask without being demanded to.

I never did quite understand why it is that they chose to drink from blood bags. They are supposed to be these all-powerful, merciless beings. It wouldn’t make them seem so scary if others knew they fed from blood bags. And besides the fact that blood bags are not very satisfying, every vampire in this world owns blood slaves. Why couldn’t we?

“Well?” he urged.

I have to do something. I can’t stay locked in here forever...

I gave him a sideways glance and shot him one last small smile as I slightly nodded. With that, I pulled the bed sheets away from my body. Hunter had but merely scooted away, allowing me to slip out of my comfortable bed and move to the closed closet door at the far end of the room. The sunlight that beamed through the glass doors leading to the balcony illuminated the room and gave it’s way in through my closet as I slid the door open.

Before proceeding in, I turned to look at Hunter to find him narrowing his eyes on me. His sight slowly lingered down, starting at the side of my bare shoulders and stopping after having caught my bare leg. His eyes instantly widened and he snapped his gaze elsewhere.

Has he never seen a woman in a tank top and lace panties before?

I was quick to walk inside and draw a pair of black yoga pants from one of the hangers. My hand then reached for a loose, white shirt and white, slip-on, flat shoes. After slipping into the pair of clothing and shoes, I stepped out of the closet and reverted my attention to Hunter who sat and waited for me while holding his own attention elsewhere.

I really was looking into getting out of the house, but I didn’t want to go to the blood bank, so I asked in the most convincing tone I could muster, “Do we have to go? Can’t we do something else?”

Hunter’s eyes shifted to meet my own and he stood up as a chuckle passed his lips. Having done so, he slid his hands into his pockets and began for the door as he bitterly stated, “I only came here to ask if you wanted to go with me. I am not interested in hanging out with you.” He stopped when he met the doorway and turned back to me to ask, “So, are you coming or not?”

“Oh…” I muttered away. Embarrassment flushed the color from my face and suddenly, I didn’t want to be around him anymore. Normally, it was hard to scare me off, but at the moment, I was still vulnerable over the broken relationship between my best friend and girlfriend, Silver, and I.

He’s so mean...

When I noticed the irritated look on his face, I lowly answered, “No...I’m okay.” I had bowed my head and uncomfortably shifted my weight foot to foot as I waited for him to sigh and storm out of my bedroom.

However...he never did.

Instead, the sound of his throat being cleared met my ears and he cautiously approached me. When he came to stand at arm’s reach, he awkwardly placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Hey, um...” my gaze lifted to meet his and I noticed the look in his eyes softened. “Forget the blood bags. I’ll go tomorrow. Let me take you s--”

“I’m not going to tell on you,” I interrupted as I shrugged his touch away. “Don’t worry about it.”

I didn’t want him to feel like he had to do things for me. I wasn’t the type blackmail others to get what I wanted and I didn’t want to get him in trouble either.

What for? He was just being...him.

Can’t change the man, right?

A sigh left his mouth and he ran his hand through his hair as he almost desperately tried to explain, “It’s not like that. I...” he self-consciously shifted, “you’re not so bad. I guess we can be friends.”

A sense of relief instantly released the burden in my chest and I excitingly chirped, “Really?”

“Yea…” Hunter gave me his back and began for the door. “So, are you coming or not?”


I sat alongside Celic at the far end of the bar in a strip club. I knew she’d enjoy being in a room full of naked women just as much as I would, although I was hardly having any fun seeing as her big head was too much of a distraction.

She’s too attractive not to stare at...

“Oh, come on...It is just one drink. One.”

I arched an eyebrow as she continued to attempt to convince me into allowing her to have a drink of alcohol. Honestly, I couldn’t care less if she decided to drink until she passed out, but her father would kill me for it.

I mean, come on, the girl is a thirty-two year old vampire; she has reached her full maturity and I’ll admit, she’s probably more responsible than I.

After she more than likely noticed I wasn’t going to budge, she pouted in frustration, crossed her arms and shifted her eyes to the surface of the bar table.

“Don’t pout; that doesn’t work on me,” I lied.

I had been lying through my teeth since I bought that stupid bear for her. I didn’t buy it so she wouldn’t tell her father--I knew she wouldn’t snitch even if I hadn’t bought it. I bought the fuzzy thing because I felt bad about telling her off.

And...I sympathized her and how much she missed that...bitch that doesn’t deserve her. I didn’t know why I was so mad when Silver said she didn’t want anything to do with her, I just was. What bothered me even more so was when Celic asked about her and I couldn’t tell her the truth.

She doesn’t need to know...

“You’re so mean...” Celic mumbled under her breath.

“I’ve been told,” I muttered with a smirk.

I had glanced at her to find that she continued to pout and it had become irresistible that I didn’t have a choice but to offer, “Here.” With irritation, I placed the half empty-glass I had in my hand between hers and eyed her as her eyes widened in surprise.

“Seriously?” her usually annoying chirp had somehow became music to my ears. Nonetheless, I refrained from smirking in satisfaction, but instead smirked in amusement.

“Go for it.”

She eyed me for a moment before hesitantly taking the glass and bringing it up to her lips.

That oughta kill the cat.

She was sure to sniff the bittersweet alcohol before tilting the glass back and sipping it into her mouth. Seconds later, a chuckle erupted from the back of my throat as she coughed and urgently handed the glass back to me.

“Oh, that is disgusting...” she gagged.

“What?” I sarcastically spoke in a chuckle, “I thought you were all for it.” I took the glass into my hand and chugged the remaining whiskey down my throat.

“That was the most repulsive thing I have tasted in my life.”

It was hard not to laugh at her as I set the glass onto the surface of the bar table and hummed, “Mhmm...”

It seemed as if she was lost for words, but she oddly continued to rant, “Like...that is the most disturbing thing I have ever put in my mouth.”


“How do you guys drink that stuff? It is na--”

“Okay, I get it,” I cut her off that only followed by a received long glare of her beautiful icy-blue eyes. When I turned my head to stare right back at her, a laugh broke passed her lips, “You’re awesome, you know that?”

Well, that is a first.

I merely shrugged at her and in the next moment, she took my hand in hers and pulled as she stood from the stool she had been sitting on.

“Let’s get out of here.”

In minutes, we were out of the club and standing outside on a dock that lead to the waters of a lake. I hadn’t realized just how long we had been out until I noticed the moonlight reflecting off of the calm pool and heard the crickets chirping in darkness.

A light breeze brushed against my skin and slightly floated Celic’s long hair to stick onto my black t-shirt. I turned to look at her and found her standing with her eyes shut and a warm smile on her lips.

If you weren’t gay...I could actually fall for you.

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