Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 12: Blue


As my steady footsteps echoed down the hall, my mind wrapped itself around the sole thought of my dear little sister and her innocently reckless actions.

What the hell was she doing in there?

The instant I had walked into the dungeon, a million thoughts came into mind. However, only three truly bothered me.

One: What if it wasn’t Hope the one that was in there but someone much more dangerous?

Two: How the hell did she get in there to being with?

Three: I should be more careful. What if something were to happen to her and I am unable to protect her merely because I was asleep?

Shaking my head, I emerged into Kevin’s bedroom as I had quickly came to meet the door. Mardel was leaning his back against the wall with his arms crossed while Kevin sat at the foot of her bed, looking down at the teddy bear in her hands.

“Mardel, go check if the lock on the door to the dungeon is broken,” I stated as I gave him a sideways glance.

With a nod, he cleared his throat and moved out of the room as he silently closed the door behind him. Although I hadn’t said anything to her yet, when my gaze reverted to Kevin’s small form, she had continued to stare down at the stuffed animal in her hands with a shameful look on her soft features.

When I walked to her, crouching down to her eye level, I spoke softly, “Kay?”

My approach was always calm and gentle with her. I loved her to death, and for the most part, that had everything to do with the way I managed things with her. She was truly like a little girl, despite her age. And I treated her as if she was my own.

Kevin nodded and slowly lifted her head to catch my gaze.

“What were you doing in there?” I questioned. “You know better than to wander off alone.”

She shrugged and muttered under her breath, “I wanted to talk to her. She seems really nice...I just wanted to be her friend...” Again, she bowed her head.

I pushed the hair strands away from her face and locked them behind her ear before taking her chin and forcing her to look at me. “Everyone in this house is your friend, Kay. You don’t need any more friends.”

She pouted. “I know...I just...I don’t know...I feel safe with her.”

How could she possibly feel safe with her? She doesn’t even know her. Then again, when they first met, it was as if there a connection created between them-- a connection I couldn’t understand. I know I felt some kind of connection with Hope when I first met her.

Could she be..?

I shook my head as I pushed the thought away.

No way in hell.

I chuckled, “Kay, you don’t even know her. She’s dangerous. That is why she was in there. I don’t want you getting near her again, okay?”

A heavy sigh passed her lips and she understandably nodded as she mumbled, “Okay...” Her voice cracked and I could see tears forming at the brim of her eyes.

I arched an eyebrow, proceeding to ask her what I was most curious about, “How’d you get in there?”

I heard her gulp and she apprehensively reached into the side pocket of her nightgown and drew a small key.

“I...I took this from big sister’s room.”

My eyes briefly narrowed on the key and slowly lifted to lock with hers as I took it from her small hand. “Breaking all the rules today, huh? You know better than to go snooping in Jordan’s room.”

A whimper emitted from the back of her throat and she sniffled as the tears in her eyes threatened to roll down her face.

She knows what’s next.

“Hand him over.” I motioned for the stuffed animal clenched in her hands.

She shook her head and the tears finally fell, staining her cheeks as she cried, “But, Blue is my best friend...”

“You know the rules, Kevin. Hand him over.”

She was in no position to protest and she was well aware of it as in the next moment, she planted a kiss on the bear’s forehead and hesitantly placed it on my hand. The sorrow in her eyes made my heart ache, but I knew I had to punish her otherwise she’d go back into the dungeon.

“You can have him before you go to bed, okay?” I stated softly as I straightened on my feet, holding the teddy bear in my hand.

With a small nod, she spoke through her soft sobs, “Okay...”

Ignoring the burden in my chest, I turned on my heels and moved out of her room, silently closing the door behind me.

“Nathan,” I called on the dark-skinned guard standing near by.

“Yes, sir?” he responded respectfully as he came to a stop before me.

“Keep an eye on her.”

“Of course, sir.” He nodded, moving to stand beside the door and holding his hands together before him. Giving him a pat on the back, I excused myself and began my way for my bedroom.

My footsteps echoed through the empty halls, my eyes ever-so-often glancing down at the bear in my hand and the deep maroon painted walls. When I finally came to meet my destination, a heavy sigh passed my lips as I came to notice the opened doors.

I shifted my eyes up, searching the room as the feeling of a familiar presence lingered. After having entered my bedroom, my eyes landed on a pair of hazel ones, staring directly at me.

Hesitantly, I shut the door, my eyes narrowing on the blonde woman sitting on the foot of my bed with her legs crossed, a smile on her face, and her finger seductively intertwining with her blonde hair.

“Hey babe.”


“What are you doing here?” I asked as I suspiciously eyed her. Having already stepped into the room, I closed the doors behind me, placing Kevin’s teddy bear on the dresser. My gaze never left hers, watching her as she lifted from the bed, licking her rosy-pink lips.

“I missed you, silly.” She giggled then pouted before beginning her steps toward me, stopping at but mere inches away from me. With a smirk, I grasped onto her waist and pulled her body closer to mine, catching her lips with my own.

Her hands trailed up my muscular arms and to the back of my neck where she lightly tugging on my hair as she groaned. Our lips moved in sync and our tongues danced in a fight for dominance, her quickly forfeiting.

“Cam...” I mumbled as she began trailing kisses down my neck.


Her actions weren’t pleasing or pleasuring me in the slightest bit. In all honesty, I wasn’t in the mood for her service at that moment.

“Didn’t you have enough last week?” I sarcastically questioned.

The instant the question passed my lips, she stopped and looked up at me with a glint annoyance in her eyes.

“Are you jealous?” she muttered.

A sense of amusement came over me and I scoffed as I pulled away from her. “Not really. If you enjoy being shared among the leading emperors, have fun.”

I heard her gasp, and out of the corner of my eye I saw that she had furrowed her eyebrows at me, narrowed her eyes on me, and clenched her jaw.

A chuckle emitted from the back of my throat and I moved around her to sit on the foot of my bed. When I reverted my sight to her, catching the angered look on her face, I breathed out in my own annoyance, “It’s a joke, love. Lighten up.”

She rolled her eyes and walked to me to stand between my legs. “Anyway, that isn’t why I’m here.” She slightly tilted her head to a side and with her hands touching my shoulders, she lowered to me and whispered, “I want to be your date to the ball.”

I arched my eyebrows, realizing that even I hadn’t so much as given a thought to the event. “Oh?” I mused.

Every year I host a ball in which every Emperor around the world attends. Purebloods get an automatic pass into my home, and unless an aristocrat is being brought as a date or guarding their leader, they are not allowed in. Of course, seeing as Cam is so pureblood, she needs to be someone’s date in order to come in.

No, she isn’t a part of my empire or of any other empire; therefore, the whole ‘guarding my leader’ excuse won’t cut it.

Why do I allow her access into my territory? Well, she’s my little play thing.

“You know, darling,” gently, I grasped onto her jaw and I leaned closer until our lips gently brushing against each other, “a lot of people want a lot of things...”

For a moment, a hopeful look sparked in her eyes. That was until she heard the sarcasm in my final words and the chuckle that followed. She frowned and growled as I stood from the bed and moved to enter the bathroom across the room.

“You’re such an asshole, you know that?” she snarled.

I instantly ceased my movements, an animalistic growl emitting from the back of my throat. I turned on my heels until my glower landed on her, and I moved to her in my inhumane speed, firmly gripping onto her neck and dragged her to slam her back against the wall.

“I also happen to be your king. Have you forgotten?” I snarled as I tightened my grasp on her neck, smirking in satisfaction as she gasped for air while attempting to push me away.

“I-I’m s-so-r-ry.”

I clenched my hand a bit harder, watching squirm and hearing her whimper under my hold for a while longer before I finally released her and demanded her, “Get out.”

She gasped, bringing her hands up to touch her fragile neck and coughing. She turned her body to a side, her shoulder brushing my chest as she hunched her back and leaned against the wall. Watching the effect I had on her, I smirked and with that, I walked back into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind me, but not before hearing her whisper, “Okay...I love you.”

Through the closed door of the bathroom, I heard her sigh and walk out of my bedroom, closing her door as she took her leave.

Power: that is what the girl is in love with. She’s, by far, the most successful manipulator I have ever come across. She had the previous Vampire King, Karic, wrapped around her little finger. After I beat him for the throne, she practically threw herself at me.

Did I deny her? No.

Why? She comes to me, and she isn’t that bad either. Not that I don’t have women throwing themselves at me on a daily basis, but it’s actually quite amusing watching her run in circles thinking she’s got me under her hooks as well.


It was women like her that made me certain that I’d never mate with anyone. I found them all boring and the same. I suppose...that is why I was so intrigued by my little slave, Hope.


Even after learning who and what I was, she wasn’t submissive--though lately, she pretends to be or her...pureblood nature forces her to. She’s stupid, but clever all at the same time. She’s resistant to even her own mind, and it is very much attractive.

Then, I knowing she wouldn’t misbehave--at least not in front of a crowd, I was prepared to show her off to the world. I knew she wouldn’t risk being humiliated more than she already has been to lesser beings. So...I wondered...

How would my little Hope look in royal blue?

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