Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 13: Obedience


I can’t stay here anymore...

I was taken back to my room only to be locked in again with only a single blood bag given, all of which had been gone in less than a minute. The entire day had gone by and because of exhaustion, I took multiple naps. Not all by choice, sometimes I’d lose consciousness.

I had come to the conclusion that there was only one way I’d be able to get out of here and I had to do it as soon as possible. Aside from the obvious fact that there was still a risk that I may be recognized, I didn’t know how long it would be until Hunter decided to spill--that is if he decided not to tell to begin with.

I could not leave his family in that big of a risk, and not just his family, but everyone that lives in this house. The truth of the matter is that their lives were on me. Aside from this, I didn’t want to be found. I’ll be forced to go back, especially because of what happened here--I being taken a slave. My parents will think that I’m not ready to be on my own. They’ll never let me be on my own.

With a sigh passing my lips, I pushed myself off of the edge of the bed as I straightened on my feet. The sun had just rose and I knew everyone, apart from the day guards, was asleep.

There was one solution to my problem: Vampires can’t walk out in sunlight. If I had a chance of getting out, I would have to leave during the day.


If I could get my body to build immunity or, at the very least, tolerate it without burning to death, I could break the window and jump out. Yes, the alarm would go off, but they’d have to wait till sun down in order to chase me. By that time, I would be long gone.

I reluctantly walked to the window concealed by a thick and dark curtain, and I stopped to stare at it for a moment as I second guessed my decision. The possibility of my gift not working did cross my mind more often than I’d like to acknowledge, and it was for the correct reasons: abilities do not function if we don’t feed properly.

Nonetheless, it was all I had.

Slowly, I pulled the curtain to a side, not leaving the window completely exposed, but just enough to allow a ray of sunlight in. A sigh passed my lips as I stared at the light that illuminated the room and I could already feel the knot forming at the edge of my throat.

Hesitantly, I placed my hand over the exposed fraction of the window, allowing the sunlight to beam over my exposed hand. The instant I had done so, a horrible stinging sensation that was followed by the familiar sizzling sound emitted from my hand and forced me to bite down on my lip in attempt to hold back my screams and whimpers.

I focused on trying to resist the effects, but for the little while that I was permitted to keep my hand in place, it didn’t work. With a frustration already settling inside me, I pulled my hand away before it would cremate entirely.

Tears had broken at the brim of my eyes and a low whimper escaped my mouth as I observed my wounded hand. I knew that I’d have to repeat the process over and over again--at least until I could no longer handle it.

Whereas normally, it would only take a few seconds, after a few minutes, my wound healed. A part of me knew there was no way I could grow immunity in this state, but I didn’t want to accept it and it also did not stop me from trying.

I wanted to believe it would work, and it would only take a couple of hours. However, after hours of torturing myself by constantly repeating my actions, I still had not grown even the slightest bit of tolerance to the sunlight, and I completely drew myself away from the window.

I was frustrated beyond breaking point that I had shed a couple of tears, and even if I had wanted to continue trying, the sun was just minutes from completely setting and that would truly be of no use to me.

With the tears still rolling down my cheeks, I walked into the bathroom as my hands trembled in pain. I had swapped turns with each attempt and both of them were still healing from the burning I had brought upon myself.

Maybe I have lost my gift...

Once having emerged into the bathroom, I silently closed the door behind me and moved to open the small cabinet that was positioned beneath the sink. I drew a razor blade and glanced at the back of my hands to reassure that my wounds had slowly but surely healed.

Recognizing so, I firmly held onto the razor blade and placed it over my wrist before slightly slitting it. Instantly, my blood seeped out of my flesh--black blood.

Of course...

My gift would never work once my body had reached the point past mere hunger. I was desiccating completely.



I was on edge, and I leaned back on my chair as my mind wrapped itself around the message I had received no more than a couple of hours ago, threatening me.

Someone wanted the throne.


Whomever it was, I knew he didn’t stand a chance, therefore I was not worried for my life but for the life of those I held dear. I never hid that truth from anyone, and it was unfortunate because those I loved would easily become my enemy’s leverage--a hostage. And whom better than Kevin?

She is weak, easy to kill, easy to carry, easy to manipulate, and she is the person I love most.

I’d lay my life down for her in a heartbeat.

“What is it, Erebus?” Genesee’s voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

My eyes averted to her and I acknowledged, “Get me my slave. Now.”

She hesitantly nodded and muttered, “As you wish.”

The sound of her heels clicking away came oddly satisfying and I sat silently as I waited for her to come back with my Hope. I admired Genesee: she was respectful and obedient, regardless of the situation.

Zeus and Mardel ought to learn a bit from her.

After a short while, the sound of heels clicking emitted and I gazed in the direction in which Genesee had walked out to find her walking toward me with my little slave following behind her.

When they came to a halt a few feet from myself, I nodded in approval.

“Thank you, Genesee. You may go now.”

She shot me a small smile and nodded in respect before she walked away, leaving Hope standing alone before me. Hesitantly, she turned on her heels and walked out, leaving Hope and myself alone.

“Come here, slave.” I motioned for her to sit on my lap, eyeing her as she unexpectedly did so without a hint of hesitation.

My grip on her waist tightened, and with my unoccupied hand, I grabbed her chin to force her sight to me. Her beautiful icy-blue eyes locked with my hazel ones and I sincerely asked, “Are you going to obey now?”

“Yes, master,” her voice was barely above a whisper.

Has my little Hope finally had enough?

I had not forgotten nor forgave her little outburst with my brother, and I had decided I’d let her go a couple more days without blood to teach her a good lesson--it had merely been a day and it was already working.

“Good,” I noted.

I moved my touch away from her chin to pull the stray hair strands away from her face and cautiously placed them behind her ear. Her gaze hadn’t strayed away from my own and for a moment, it seemed as if time had suddenly stopped. She was truly a prize; I adored everything about her. Even her acts of resistance and the fire that burned in her were captivating.

Why do I find your eyes so compelling, my little Hope?


I gave one long look at Hope before I flickered my eyes to the tall brunette standing alongside the doorway.

“What is it, Jordan?” I asked.

She arched an eyebrow and began her approach to me, her attention remaining strictly on Hope.

“Is this your new slave?” she questioned as she came to a halt. Her hazel eyes slowly shifted to mine meet my own and I acknowledged, “She is.”

Jordan crossed her arms beneath her chest and reverted her sight to Hope to study her. Jordan had furrowed her eyebrows on the woman sitting on my lap and the look on her face was almost similar to the way our dear brother, Hunter, looked at her.

With a suspicion having rose on Jordan’s face, she returned her gaze to me and almost instantly, Hope’s body tensed under my touch.

“A pureblood?” Jordan finally asked.

“With the gift of Tolerance,” I added.

“You’re insane...” she mumbled in disbelief.

I knew it bothered her to be spoken over as if she wasn’t in the room, and truly, my intentions were never to make her feel uncomfortable--at least at the moment they weren’t.

“Anyway,” I mutter off to change the subject, “did you need something?”

Jordan hummed for a second then breathed out, “I need to borrow Delaney. I need a dress for the ball and I desire her company, so can I borrow her?”

Is it really a question?

I knew I was in no position to protest, she’d throw a fit if I did otherwise. “Have at it,” I consented, “just be careful.”

“Thank you.” She gave me a small smile and shot Hope one last look before turning on her heels and heading back in the same direction she came in.

My fingers again found themselves tracing up to Hope’s chin and I gently had her attention reverted to me--her eyes met my own.

She will make the perfect...escort, for lack of a better word.

“I am hosting a ball in about a week from now and you will be my...date. I expect you to be on your best behavior,” I explained. “Now, understand that if you choose to disobey me I will be obligated to make an example of you upfront a crowd.”

With a hesitation and to my surprise, she nodded.

No smart remarks? No back-talking? Hmm… Something isn’t right.

“All right,” I lightly patted the small of her back, “go make use of yourself.”

I had shooed her away and eyed her as she stood from my lap. She had already begun her way out of the throne room when she came to an abrupt halt and turned back to look at me.

“M-Master...” her shaky voice had trailed off and she bit down on her lip with a shameful look on her soft features.

I had furrowed my eyebrows at her, apprehensively humming in acknowledgement, “Hmm?”

“I-I need blood...”

Do you now?

She hadn’t dared look at me and instead kept her eyes on the marble floor as she shifted uncomfortably. I knew it took a lot from her to finally put that pride of hers down and confront me with a truth I was already well aware of.

And like the asshole that I am, I smirked and purposely allowed a chuckle to pass my lips. I ran my hand through my hair and stood to move to her--her muscles had instantly tensed. When I came to stand but inches before her, she flickered her eyes up at me and looked at me in a way that almost made me sympathize her.


“And I needed you to keep your mouth shut,” I scoffed.

Her face flushed, a face of embarrassment instantly washing over her. Another chuckle had emitted from the back of my throat, and I again urged, “Well, off you go. The house isn’t going to clean itself.”

This, I will most definitely enjoy.

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