Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 2: An Unpleasant Welcoming


A deep sigh escaped my lips as I attempted to open my eyes only to find that I’d been blindfolded. I sat in a chair, god knows where, my wrists and ankles were held captive by what I can only assume were shackles.

Come on...Is the blindfold really necessary..?

I attempted to free myself but failed miserably. It was then that I remembered what happened before I ended up here, replaying the events in my mind.

I remember that man with those hazel eyes driving a needle into the side of my neck, injecting a stinging and burning liquid. And almost instantly, I felt my body turn numb and my fight to stay conscious was rendered useless.

I recognized the toxic drug, the only thing that can truly weaken a vampire such as myself made from a combination of very rare herbs, Devil’s Blood.

Pulling away from my thoughts, I took a deep breath, attempting to maintain myself in a calm state. Truthfully, there wasn’t anything I had to panic about. Despite me having been weakened, it wouldn’t be long before the effects wore off.


Another one of my...“gifts”. The gift of Tolerance allows my body to grow a resistance to the things that weaken me or could potentially kill me until I am immune to them.

Unfortunately, I have no practice with it.

I had continued to try to free myself from the shackles, I knowing I wasn’t going to get anywhere while the effects of the devil’s blood were still active. And after what seemed like hours, I decided to put my body to rest. All the while, I knew I had been sitting in this room alone; my senses not picking up another’s presence.

A few minutes ticked on the clock and the sound of footsteps followed by a door creaking open met my ears. I felt a sense of uneasiness come over me as I could feel the existence of not only a single individual but three of them emerge into the room. The strengths that came from what I knew all too well were demons of the same race as my own came familiar to me and, individually, one overpowered the other two by a lot. It’d only been a few seconds till the sound of their footsteps ceased and the scent of vanilla filled my senses.

I felt a sense of amusement come over me and I couldn’t help but giggle, “Is this a Febreze commercial?”

I regretted my actions the instant those words left my mouth; my head harshly whipped to the side, a stinging sensation spreading across my cheek that followed by the taste of blood on my tongue.

Did this douche-bag seriously just back-hand me?


I flinched at the anger-filled voice that echoed through the room, my head slowly turning straight ahead.

Mardel, that guy from the alley.

That voice...Zeus?

“Hand me the whip,” the familiar anger-filled voice demanded.

A smirk of amusement rose upon my features, my tongue running against my bottom lip to cleanse the blood from my wound. “Ooh...Kinky...” I chuckled lightly, “I like it.”

Again, the familiar stinging sensation spread across the side of my face, my head once again whipping to a side.

“You know, you’re a little aggressive,” I mocked, earning me another backhand.

Why can’t I just keep my mouth shut..?

“Watch your mouth!”

The frustration in this man’s voice was only making it harder for me to keep quiet and I sighed, “I can’t, I’m blindfolded.”

The sound of the low growls that followed my smart remark sent chills up my spine.

“Zeus,” a different and unfamiliar voice echoed through the room. It was strong and calm, and all at a time contained a tone of arrogance.

“Remove the blindfold.”

His wish was immediately fulfilled, the blindfold being removed from my eyes. I didn’t hesitate to look up at the three men standing before me, my gaze instantly locking with a pair of familiar hazel ones.

I felt a blocking knot in my throat, my breathing ceasing. The power radiating from this man, alone, was insane. It was frightening in a sense that I knew my strength wouldn’t come close to his, ever. He stood tall with a expressionless face, his jaw structure was that of a god, his beard was neatly trimmed and his muscular figure I found quite... attractive. His eyes, however, were by far the most compelling I’d met.

Who the hell is he..?

I took a moment to scan the room. It appeared to me as a dungeon: chains hanging from the ceiling, a small cell in the far end of the room, and a medium sized metallic table with whips and other unpleasant torturing devices lying upon it. The lighting had been dimmed and thankfully, I found no windows.

At least I won’t be burned to death...

I cleared my throat, returning my attention to the expressionless mystery man that had not bothered on taking his attention away from me. I could feel the glaring gaze from each of the men standing before me; they made me physically shudder.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intimidated by them. But in all honesty, I wouldn’t be afraid if the mysterious man wasn’t here. Besides the obvious aura of power, the ambience of his demeanor lead me to conclude that he was a pureblood whereas the others were aristocratic.

“What the hell are you doing here?” the mysterious man spoke, his voice sending chills up my spine. Again, I caught myself shuddering before him, fear being the primary factor.

And as excited as I was to answer his question, I couldn’t find my voice to do so. I felt beyond intimidated by him and it was beginning to dawn a sense of apprehension upon me.

“Answer me!” he snarled. His voice held so much anger yet his face kept it’s stoical features. There was a darkness in those compelling eyes of his as he glowered down at me and waited my response.

Oh the pureblood is angry, alright.

I shrugged my shoulders, stating sarcastically, “I don’t know. You brought me here, remember?”

He rose his hand showing no sign of hesitation as he backhanded me across my face. My head whipped to the side, my neck popping as my already wounded lip only bled more. I could feel the bruising begin to form on my cheek as it throbbed and just moments after, I began to feel the effects of the devil’s blood begin to wear off.

My wounds healed as quick as they should have from the start. Unfortunately, it did me no good seeing as the my angry pureblood captor stood before me. He furrowed his eyebrows as his attention had been directed to my no longer wounded face. Confusion was written all over his once stoic features as he carefully studied me.

Hesitantly, he turned on my heels and walked to the metallic table where he picked up a syringe. He examined it carefully, reassuring himself of the dose of toxic devil’s blood. He then began his steps toward me, positioning the syringe in his hand in preparing to vemon me. When he finally came to a halt, driving the needle into the vein in my arm, a sense of amusement came over me as he drew the liquid into my bloodstream.

He noticed my lack to show him the fear he wished to see and in effect it angered him further not understanding why I didn’t break before him. He didn’t recognize me, he couldn’t have. Though I am a pureblood and purebloods are well-known among each other despite what world they reside in, I have never made an appearance as my parents’ daughter.

I could see it in his features, he was completely thrown off as he noticed that the devil’s blood had no effect on me after the second dose. I watched as he removed the needle from her arm with the same look of utter confusion plastered on his face.

He eyed me for what seemed like a second, then realization dawned on him.

“You bare the gift of Tolerance...” he mumbled as he cautiously stepped away.

Slowly, the corners of my lips curled up into a smile, my head tilting to a side. I abruptly stated, “Bingo.”

His eyebrows furrowed, his eyes narrowing on me. He had been completely thrown aback and even more so as he watched me break out of the shackles restraining me. I charged for the exit, Zeus and Mardel moving to stand in my way only to fail miserably in their attempt to stop me.

I pitted them, but I admired their attempt to stop one of greater strength than themselves.

As sudden as it may have come to the mysterious man that I had broken out of my restraints, it wasn’t sudden enough for I felt him grab a tight hold of my arm, forcing my back against his chest. With his unoccupied hand he moved his touch down my spine, finding what would put me at the ultimate disadvantage.

I had no time to react, feeling the stinging and instantly numbing sensation hit me as the sound of the horrifying snap of my spine breaking met my ears. An ear-piercing scream surpassed my lips, the pain surging through my body as I lost all support for my legs and I collapsed onto the concrete floor.

The hazel-eyed man swiftly crouched down to me, glaring into my eyes as he growled, “Who are you?”

I said nothing, but looked at him with what I knew as complete terror in my eyes. Unfortunately, we were passed the intimidating game and when he again received no response from me he growled and backhanded for a second time.

The instant his hand impacted the side of my face I yelped in pain, flinching as he snarled, “Answer me!”

I felt my eyes begin to well in tears. The state of being petrified caused me to act irrationally and I spat the only name that came to mind, “H-Hope...M-My n-name is Hope Smith...”

As expected, it seemed the name didn’t ring a bell and he sighed. He straightened himself on his feet, recomposing himself. A look of arrogance rose upon his face and his thoughts more than likely lingering on my...unknown presence while attaining such an extraordinary gift.

However, it didn’t matter to him. Something told me...he wasn’t going to allow himself to be threatened by me.

And with a strength alike his own...who wouldn’t..?

A sinister smirk broke on his lips and with all intention to hurt me as I had been put down, he grabbed a handful of my hair and mercilessly dragged me across the room. My inability to do anything but lay still as I screamed in pain frustrated me to an extent that created an even deeper sense of fear. I knew my spine would mend and I would be able to move the instant it did so, but what terrified me was the feeling of being stuck in a body I had absolutely no control of.

I could feel the sickening delight it brought him to have me squirm under his grip and I only began to fear discovering why and how this man had so much power over me.

He is no Seeker...how is he so strong..?

The air left my lungs as the man thoughtlessly tossed me into the cell I once sat across from, and just seconds later I heard the cell door slam shut and it’s lock clicking it’s enslaving effect.

“Welcome to your new home, slave.”

My head tilted to a side, watching as he turned on his heels and headed for the exit where he was followed by Zeus and Mardel.


“W-Who are you..?” my voice shook.

I can’t believe he broke my spine...

It’ll heal, but still...who the fuck does that?

My question had him stopping on his tracks, his attention snapping back to me. His eyes still holding that darkness in them, he chuckled as he smirked with response, “Erebus.”

My eyes widened in disbelief, feeling my heart drop to my stomach.

“K-King Erebus..?”

What the hell have I gotten myself into..?

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