Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 28: Something Like It


Finally, I was done reviewing and signing the stack of papers piled on my desk. I had pushed them to a side, leaning back in my chair as I patiently waited for the request I made to be fulfilled.

Within the past sixteen hours since I woke from my slumber, I had thought of nothing else.

When the knock I had been waiting for echoed through the door, I wasn’t sure whether to feel excited or nervous about it. In truth, I wasn’t entirely sure as to why I wanted this so desperately to begin with. I wanted it so desperately that I had caught myself thinking of a reason I’d have to give for making this request as an explanation to myself.

I’d gone so far that I brought myself to making excuses and explanation for my own damn peace of mind.

“Come in,” I breathed out as I pushed back from the desk, leaving an empty space of about a couple of feet between.

With this, the door opened smoothly. I refrained from completely turning my head to look at the only person whom I knew would be coming in: Hope. At the feeling of her presence filling the room, Genesee—the person whom I had asked to bring Hope here—gently shut the door, leaving Hope and I alone.

Despite her standing at a distance from me, I could feel her weakened body from where I sat and I could hear her steady breath fight to remain so. Whether she was nervous or not, that I could not tell as easily as I could tell that she was uncomfortable with being left alone with me—more than she originally was.

“Come here,” I demanded, never so much as giving her a complete glance. I didn’t want to intimidate her into attempting to run away from me, because if she did, then...then I’d be forced to do what I had been trying to avoid since I spoke with Tatianna.

In a matter of seconds, Hope stood before me. Black heels wrapped her feet, more than likely straining her as she had been standing in them for about as long as I had been in my office. I admired how still and steady she managed to stand and walk in them for so long. Even as she stood before me—in a very short maid uniform—she kept her composure and waited for my next command with her head bowed.

If I didn’t know better, I would think that the scare that I gave her in her bedroom had tamed her.

Gently, I reached out to grab her, placing my strong hand on her waist. I pulled her to me, sitting her on my lap. Between the relief I had given her feet and the tension I brought from touching her, the uneasiness she drowned herself in remained.

Even after a while, she wouldn’t look at me. She had kept her head bowed as if I had never touched her, and her hands locked with each other on her lap as she let out a shaky breath.

I stared at her for a while, admiring her beauty. Though she was still quite far from fully restoring her strength, her cheeks had regained their pink color and her hair appeared much healthier. Her full, beautifully shaped lips held a very nice natural pink color that teased me every time she ran her tongue between them.

My hand resting on her waist tightened its hold, the other coming up to touch her chin and drawing her eyes to meet mine. The color of her orbs had brightened, slowly reverting to their ocean blue hue.

She looked so beautiful and that only made me want her to come closer to me. I wanted her to lean into me and relax on me, but I knew that called for far too much, so I let her remain in her proper posture.

For a while longer, I allowed the peaceful silence and easy stare in our eyes to remain. I could tell that her mind had gone blank—just as mine did—for the while that we looked at each other. So, when I was ready to speak, she didn’t seem so tense or uncomfortable.

“What more do you know about that witch?” I asked softly.

That was enough to ruin the warmth she had embraced with me. Her muscles had hardly tensed again, but she did shift uneasily on my lap, her gaze wandering away from my own. Whether this was a result of the urges she build up or not, I had to assume that they were because the moment she noticed the blood bags resting on my desk, her eyes shot up to meet my own again.

She and every single person who had ever met me knew that I didn’t drink from blood bags and those resting on my desk were no coincidence either.

She knew that.

I reached for one of them, placing it on her lap. In some way, I had to encourage her to speak to me and this was the easiest way.

“Her name is Doraime,” she whispered as she took the blood bag into her hand. Soon enough, she ripped the cap off. She moved the small tube up to her lips, setting it between her teeth before she delightfully sucked the blood out of the bag and into her mouth.

“You’ve said that,” I stated as I watched her take the last drop out of the bag.

When she was done, she hesitantly drew it away from her mouth, resting her hands on top of her thighs as she continued to tightly clench onto the bag. “That is all I know,” she replied.

Again, she wouldn’t look at me. I took the empty bag from her hands and threw it onto the top of my desk, a sigh emitting from the back of my throat.

“It didn’t seem like it,” I breathed out, remembering what she whimpered when she begged me to allow her to leave. “Witches and vampires are not the greatest of friends, in both worlds. What convinced her to bring you here?” I asked as I handed another blood bag to her.

She replayed her action, never looking at me; not even after she devoured the second bag and stared at the remaining pair resting on my desk.

“I was very wealthy,” she responded.

I scoffed.

“That only adds to the million dollar question of why it is that I had never heard of you prior to you being captured,” I commented. At this, her muscles tensed. She shifted on my lap once more, her efforts to move farther away from me failing as I continued to tighten my grip on her waist.

“Moreover, witches don’t sell magic tricks for something as common and basic as money,” I added as I reluctantly took another blood bag and placed it on her lap.

This time, she was hesitant when she drank it. It wasn’t like me to feed her this way, especially when she danced false claims to me, and she was well aware of it.

When she was done, I, again, tossed the blood bag onto my desk. However, this time, instead of giving her another bag, I took her into my arms and lifted her onto the empty space in front of me, setting her down on top of the desk.

I positioned myself between her legs, sinking my hands down on either sides of her as I edged inches closer to her until nothing but a light push was left between us.

“With every lie that you spit at my face, I will continue feeding you,” I whispered, taking another blood bag into my hand and placing it on her lap. “This way, when your strength is fully restored, it’ll be that much easier for me to beat the truth out of you.”

I wasn’t angry, but rather, I was irritated with the way she went about insulting my intelligence. She had done just about everything she could to make my patience run thin, and after so much, it seemed that she was far from being done.

After drawing a shaky breath, she murmured, “There is an easier way.”

Her response and the way she set the blood bad aside took me aback. And, what threw me off even more was the fact that she wasn’t yet done poking the beehive.

“You could tell me that you’ll let me go if I give you what you want—even if you don’t mean it,” she breathed out. Her eyes boring into my own, taunting me, she added, “You’ve done your best to break me and that didn’t work. Is lying not a part of your game plan?”


“You can beat me all you want; I won’t tell you anything. I’m not afraid of you, Erebus.”

A light, humorless chuckle emitted from the back of my throat. I took a step back, briefly distancing myself from her as I stated, “That’s not what it seemed like yesterday.”

With that, I rose my hand, back-handing her across her cheek. Somehow, just seconds before and seconds after, I was able to control my temper, not wanting to punish her any more than I had to.

This time, I won’t break my word.

“That mouth of yours…” I muttered, taking hold of her jaw and closing the distance between us to keep her from scouring away from me. Whimpers had broke from her lips, her hands come up to clench the front of my shirt in her defense.

“You’ll want to release me from your hold,” I warned. “As your King, it is my right to slap you if I see fit. You do understand that, don’t you?”

At first, she glared at me with resentment. However, the moment she heard me speak, noticing that I wasn’t speaking to her the way I did before the ball, the look in her eyes softened. Then, she gently nodded and hesitantly, she lowered her fists.

“I can’t hear nods, Hope.”

Things had changed, and I wasn’t sure what she thought of it. But, I hoped that she would see it and appreciate it. Yes, I’d keep her. For the time being, it was safe to say that I’d always keep her for myself. However, I was no longer keeping her and treating her as I would any other slave for entertainment.

She was an equal to many of my friends of the same race and class of superiority. She’d always pay for her innocent crime and for any other crimes she’d commit before me, but she shouldn’t be deprived of dignity.

“Yes, Mast—” she cut herself off, hesitating to correct herself, “K-King Erebus.”

She was tense, unsure of whether she was right to assume that she could and should call me as it should have been since the beginning.

I didn’t give her reassurance, because even as I took a step back from her to distance myself from everything it took for me to lower my pride, I wasn’t going to let her off the hook that easy.

“Get out of here,” I said, nodding to the door. “It’s passed your curfew.”

She didn’t say a word, but she gave me a long and unsure look before she hopped off of my desk. The instant she did, she left without so much as taking a second glance back, disregarding the fact that she left behind the blood bag that could have meant her restoring her strength to what it once was.

For a while, I thought about it. As I silently walked my way back to my bedroom, I thought about how she left the blood bag and whether it was done on purpose or not. I also wondered what she thought of my actions.

It turned out that it was I who was left to wonder so much about her actions, because in just a matter of hours, I suddenly began to care about what she thought of me.

Did she think that I was a monster and that I’d never be anything more?

Did she think that, at this point, I deserved some respect for being her King—for being her superior?

Did she leave that blood bad behind because she knew she didn’t deserve it after disrespecting me?

Or, did she leave that blood bag behind thinking that if she drank it, I’d actually follow through with the false threat I made to beat her?

As I met my destination, I came to an abrupt stop. An eerie feeling lingered in my chest, finding that the door to my bedroom had been opened. My senses averted to high-alert and with a mere step forward, the presence of another came clear to me.


A sigh passed my lips, relief falling over me like a curtain as I stepped foot into the room. My eyes landed on the blonde sitting at the foot of my bed with her legs crossed and a smirk plastered on her face.

“What are you doing here, Cam?” I asked in irritation, shutting the door behind me as I completely emerged into the room. My arms lifted, reaching behind my neck to grasp my shirt and pull it over me. With this, I tossed the piece of clothing onto the bed.

“I wanted to see you,” she claimed.

When my sight reverted to her, I growled, “I did not request for your presence. I ask you again, what are you doing here, Cam?”

She gave me a long look, not saying anything until she lifted from the bed and began her steps toward me. “Is it wrong that I wanted to surprise my king?” she asked innocently.

“I am not in the mood to see you right now. That little stunt you pulled at the ball the other night was unacceptable.”

She pouted, coming to a stop before me to wrap her arms around me. “Really?” she asked in sarcasm. “I thought you were all for it.”

I could tolerate Hope’s persistence and I could tolerate her idiocy. However, Cam was not Hope.

From behind her, I took a hand-full of her hair, harshly pulling her face away from my own. “Maybe I should’ve let my her proceed with whatever it is that she had planned for you,” I spat. “Perhaps rip that bitter heart of yours out of your chest? Or even better: sever that pretty little head of yours clean off your shoulders.”

A scream ripped from her lungs, her hands moving away from me to reach for my arm in her desperate attempt to make me release her.

I, however, was far from done with her.

“I’ve had a very long day, Cam,” I said. “And, if you remember correctly, you understand very well what it is that I want after a long day. Now, seeing as you’re here, I might as well make some use of you.”

I released her from my hold; however, she knew that it meant nothing. And, as expected, she was happy about it.

Effortlessly, I pushed her onto my bed. The distance between her and I didn’t exist for more than a second, I quickly moving to position myself on top of her. I would’ve kissed her, but I couldn’t. The simple thought of it disgusted me so much so that I began trailing kisses down her neck as I ripped her clothes off with the thought of another woman.

The moans that ripped from her mouth sprung my arousal the instant her voice caught in my head as the voice of my Hope.

My Hope.

Her legs wrapped around me, embracing me into her as my hard member strained against the tightness of my pants.

“Don’t move,” I demanded.

I pushed myself onto my feet and took the opportunity to remove the remainder of my clothing as I watched her chest unevenly rise and heavily fall. For that quick moment, I left her alone and sexually frustrated. So, when she pushed her elbows back, lifting herself up to look at me, it didn’t surprise me in the slightest.

My little Hope always incapable of following even the simplest of rules…

An animalistic growl erupted from my chest, my arms reaching for her. My hands grabbed her ankles, pulling her feet off of the bed. With this, I took hold of her arm, lifting her onto her feet.

“Didn’t I tell you not to move?”

The way I glared and growled at her only aroused her even more. I could smell her, feel her getting hotter by the second. The way that the fear that she held toward me turned her on even more made my hard member throb with desire, wanting to sink myself inside of her.

A smirk broke on my lips, I harshly turning her back to me and bending her over my bed. \

“I want to hear you scream,” I whispered into her ear.

As I straightened on my feet, I took a fist-full of her hair and slapped that pretty little ass of hers. A yelp broke from her lips, a loud moan following as I pulled her hair and positioned my hard cock at her entrance.

“Beg,” I demanded.

”Please fuck me, master,” she cried.

The way that that word rolled off her tongue only made it easier for me to hallucinate her in Cam’s place. I could see my little Hope being the one begging me to fuck her.

I groaned, plunging myself into her, roughly thrusting in and out of her. Unfortunately, between the pleasure I felt and my efforts to think of her, nothing was enough to ignore the screams of Cam and her voice being the one to ultimately register in my mind.

I didn’t want her.

As best as I could, I avoided paying any attention to the sound of her until I finished and I removed myself from her.

I can’t say that I was very satisfied and neither could she because the moment I released her, she growled in frustration.

“I’m not done,” she gritted through her teeth, straightening on her feet.

“Oh?” I mused. “Why don’t you get Enos to finish? I’m sure he’d pleased to finish what I started.”

I had no intentions of giving her another damn minute of my time. I hated to degrade a woman the way that I shamed her, but she was utterly worthless to me.

A heavy sigh passed my lips, gathering myself as I moved to the bathroom.

“Oh and,” I paused, turning to look at Cam who continued to glare at me in utter anger. “Don’t ever show up without me requesting to be entertained by you again. Or, I give you my word, I’ll have her deal with you.”

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