Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 3: Unbreakable


It’d been days since I last saw “King Erebus” or anyone in the matter. It wasn’t hard for me to come into realization of what he was doing exactly: he was starving me. I may be immune to Devil’s Blood, but I am not immune to the lack of blood. Now, whatever he plans on doing with me, he can surely succeed without me putting up any sort of fight.

Not that whether I was weak or not took much importance at this point. Truly, compared to him, I am weak regardless of the state I am physically in.

A sigh surpassed my lips, mentally slapping myself for my idiocy.

Maybe I shouldn’t have lied about who I am...

In all honesty, I panicked. I didn’t know what to say and the first name that came to mind beside my own, Silver Synn, was “Hope Smith”. However, although a part of me began to regret my actions, at the very least...I felt proud of myself for not having slipped up the way I always thought I would have. Not that it mattered if I did in fact slip up now; if I try to tell him who I really am, he probably won’t believe me.

Try anyway?

Surely, he’s heard of me. I mean, we’d never actually met before our little encounter about four nights ago, but I mean, look at me. I could be my parent’s twin; triplets.

That brings me around to mention...my parents are twins.

Yes, brother and sister.

No, it is not uncommon for siblings to “mate” in our world.

An audible groan erupted from the back of my throat, the thought me having to expose myself to get out of this position irritating me. I remembered how I had promised myself that night that I wouldn’t go back, that I wouldn’t allow the fact that I’d been spoiled all my life to get in the way of me doing things independently.

You best get myself out of this situation just as anyone else would.

...that’s if anyone has been able to without getting killed in the process...

Another fairly audible sigh escaped my lips, using every bit of strength I had in me to sit up. I felt stupid, ignorant, for not having sensed who that man was the moment I laid eyes on him. There is no way just anyone holds so much strength and gives off such a strong wave of it just as he does without holding some sort of title of the superiors. It made perfect sense. He holds the strength I have only ever seen in thirteen particular individuals. All twelve Seekers and my mother, Isabelle.

That can only mean one thing, he hold both, king and prince, crowns.

Royalty? That, he is.

There are four crowns and four titles with them: Vampire Prince, Princess, King, and Queen, all of which magnifies the physical strength of the individual who holds them. In order to become “royalty” you must challenge whomever holds the crown on a fight to the death, whomever wins earns the crown. However, if one wishes to willingly hand it over, they may do so, no challenge required.

With that being said, if you are lucky enough to hold both crowns, your physical strength and speed magnifies to match that of a Seekers’. Now, seeing as I am...female, I cannot challenge the king for his crown. I could, however, challenge the Queen, whom by the way, happens to be my mother.

My movements came hard as I tried to stand on my feet only to fail miserably.

You need blood.

After a long while of sitting on the cold concrete floor, the sound of the cellar door being opened had my attention drawn to a fairly calm Erebus.

I wasn’t sure if I should be afraid or not, watching him as he held those familiar expressionless features of his that made it very difficult for me to read him. He moved closer to me, his presence nearing till he came to stop but a foot from the cell door. I studied him carefully as he unlocked the door and took short steps toward me, his familiar intoxicating scent of vanilla filling my senses.

Shall I make a run for it?

I sighed again, mentally scolded at myself.

Are you fucking crazy? You’re weak, but hey! Go for it, sweetheart. He has the strength and speed of a Seeker. Do it. I fucking dare you.

Another very audible groan emitted from the back of my throat, I rolling my eyes at myself as I whispered, “Fuck you.”

Having already opened the door and emerged into the cell with me, I’d been so lost in thought that I had not realize he was standing but a foot before me. He glared down at me, his eyes boring into me as if he were staring right through me.

It was sudden, my head harshly whipping to the side as the very familiar stinging sensation followed.

“I am your King. You will speak to me with respect!” he snarled.

I flinched at the aggression in his voice, my body physically shuddering beneath his glower.

“That wasn’t meant for you,” I spoke through my teeth as I clenched my jaw. It was no secret that I was afraid of him, but the simple fact that he demanded respect and expected it by using the element of fear simply pissed me off.

His sinister chuckle filled the air as he mused, “Oh really? Who for then?” He’d crouched down to my eye level, that annoyingly cocky smirk of his remaining on his lips as my deep blue eyes shifted to lock with his compelling hazel ones.

My gaze narrowed on him, my own smirk growing on my lips as I sarcastically spat, “On second thought, fuck you.”

He growled, his jaw clenching as he backhanded me for the millionth time now. The taste of blood filled my mouth, a sense of disgust building inside me. Because I hadn’t fed in days, my blood did not hold a particularly pleasing taste; my blood was bitter.

My hand rose to my mouth, hesitantly wiping the blood off of my lip before pulling away for my eyes to glance at the dark liquid staining my thumb.

Isn’t that nice? My blood is starting to turn black...

I felt him grasp onto my upper arm before forcing my on my feet and practically dragging me out of the cell. I could feel the bruises begin to form as he tightened his grip even more so and continued to drag me out. Once we’d step foot out of the cell, he slammed the door behind us and shoved me to the end of the dungeon where shackles attached to chains that were bolted to the ceiling hung freely.

The instant my back made an impact with the wall, he grabbed my hands and carelessly secured my wrists with the shackles before taking his shirt off, tossing it to the ground, and reaching for a whip. He took a second to rip the shirt and pants off my body, leaving me in only my black lace underwear and bra.

Well, what do you know..? He does like to get kinky.

In my own nature, I couldn’t stop my eyes from lingering on his well made tattoos that were first to have caught my attention. They suited his god-like muscular body perfectly.

Damn, daddy...

“Enjoying the view?”

My eyes shot straight up at to catch his features only to find that cocky smirk of his plastered on face. I felt my cheeks heat up, embarrassment being the strongest and most obvious feeling in the mix of my others.

In attempt to play it off, I shrugged as I scoffed, “I’ve seen better.”

Just as those words surpassed my lips, that once “great” cocky smirk of his instantly faded and his glared returned to me.

I watched him swing the whip a couple of times and lashing at the ground. The sound

of the leather hitting the concrete floor made me cringe and attempt to quiver away.

He’s taunting me...

After what seemed to be not nearly long enough, he put the whip at rest and he studied me carefully. His eyes held this darkness that was enough to make me want to beg him not to do what I knew damn well he was going to.

This is going to hurt like a bitch...

A smirk played on his lips as he rose the hand that firmly held the whip before mercilessly lashing at me. The sound and the feeling of the whip cracking against my skin brought tears to my eyes and made a horrifying stinging sensation spread across my bare legs and belly. I bit back the screams as he continued lashing, one after another, but as much as I tried, I could not stop the tears from rolling down my face.

After what seemed like a thousand lashes, he stopped. I gulped down the knot in my throat, my sights falling to my body. Blood trickled down my legs, staining the concrete floor. I hadn’t realized I’d been holding my breath until I inhaled deeply and the once dull stinging sensation magnified immensely, making the pain almost unbearable.

A whimper emitted from the back of my throat, more tears running down my face and staining my pale cheeks. I hesitantly rose my head to glimpse at Erebus to find that he was already looking at me with amusement. Then...then, I was truly afraid.

I gasped as he rose the whip and lashed at me once more, I being unable to contain the scream that so desperately wanted to escape my mouth. Receiving the reaction he hoped for, he smirked in satisfaction before tossing the whip onto the concrete floor and taking but a couple of steps closer to me.

He stood but a matter of inches away from my bleeding body, demanding, “Look at me.”

The uneasiness was clear, I hesitating as I obeyed.

“Are you going to show me some respect now?”

I scoffed, my lip still quivering and tears still falling from my eyes. I spat, “Go fuck yourself.”

He shook his head, a chuckle erupting from the back of his throat as he sarcastically stated, “I figured you’d say something like that.”

My eyelids immediately fell shut, waiting for him to backhand me. But, to my surprise, the impact never came. Instead, what he did next completely shocked me: he freed my wrists from the shackles.

My lips parted, my eyelids instantly snapping open and before I could say anything, he did as I previously anticipated, backhanding me and knocking me off my feet. The bitter taste of my blood filled my senses once all over, and taking advantage that I was down, he kicked my stomach, knocking the breath out of my lungs and forcing my back against the wall. My head whipped back, colliding against the concrete I was held against. I felt a dull and numbing pain on the back of my head before a throbbing sensation settled and my blood trickled down the back of my neck.

I began coughing up blood, feeling it not only fill my mouth but also forcing up my throat.

He growled, “I wasn’t going to force you to submit to me, but seeing as you’re one stubborn bitch, I will not hesitate to do so. Even if it means i’ll have to break you.”

Break me?

With that, he kicked me. After that, followed another, and another until my ribs had broken and I was at the point of losing consciousness.

I gasped for air, fighting to stay awake for I had a deep fear of what would happen if I passed out and died, knowing that once I’d awake, my body being resorted, a much more natural and painful punishment would follow.

“Y-You can’t b-break me...” I managed to spit out as I attempted to push off of the ground.

At that point, I was too weak to stand. I had coughed up minor amounts of blood several times throughout the beating. And somehow, sadly, I’m still conscious.

He grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling me up on my feet and harshly gripping onto my bare neck. Slowly, he lifted me off of the cold concrete floor and tossed me to the other side of the room as if I were but a mere toy. When my back impacted the wall, my body instantly collapsed to the ground. It was then that I felt my bones had broken and I found myself unable to move.

Asshole broke my spine...

My body isn’t healing...

I haven’t fed in days...

After seconds of silence, the sound of faint footsteps made me flinch. My eyelids grew heavier by the second and I attempted to take deep breaths.

“Had enough yet?”

Although my vision was hazy, I could see his figure standing over me and that cocky smirk of his plastered on his face. And in my own sick amusement, I chuckled. I knew part of me was only trying to hide the fact that my wounds were quite severe.

“H-Hardly...” my voice shook, “I have p-plenty of f-fight left in m-me.”

He found some sick amusement in my pain, and he chuckled as he crouched down to me, “We’ll see.”

Again, he grabbed a handful of my hair and dragged me to the far end of the dungeon. The deep pain in my scalp had very much settled and it was not that it didn’t bother me the reason that I did not fight back, it was that I truly couldn’t even if I wanted to. I had been paralyzed from the neck down, unable to do anything apart from fighting to stay awake.

Just moments later, I heard the cell door unlock, he forcefully opening it before tossing me in as the toy he turned me into. He slammed the door shut, locking it in it’s place before reverting his attention to me for the last time.

He stated confidently, “You’ll give in soon enough.”

He shot me one last smirk before turning on his heels and taking his leave, but not before being sure to pick up his shirt and slamming the exit door behind him.

The tears wouldn’t stop falling from my eyes as my body decelerated it’s healing process due to the blood in my system--or the lack-thereof.

I tired with everything inside me to keep myself together, knowing that the beating I had just taken was nothing compared to the years of immense beatings I took from training alongside Seekers.

I am unbreakable...

My eyelids grew heavy, the corners of my lips curling up to a small smile as I settled into a resting state and accepted the darkness that consumed me.

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