Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 4: Genesee



The distant yell made me flinch, my eyes slowly flickering open as a groan emitted from the back of my throat. My vision was hazy, my eyes catching sight of a figure I could not distinguish standing over me.


The taste of blood filled my sense at the distant voices command. I didn’t hesitate to do as I was told, drinking every last drop offered to me.

When the blood stopped pouring into my mouth, some of my senses returned to me, not fully functional, but there. My sight slowly began to recover, my icy-blue eyes instantly catching a pair of light brown ones.

As my sight slowly continued to adjust, I studied the brunette standing over me, staring down at me. Her hair hung just below her shoulders, her pale complexion suiting her light brown orbs as well as her beautiful soft features.

She studied me carefully, eyeing me as I made an effort to shift into a sitting position. My wounds had healed, but my body remained extremely sore and covered in dry blood.

When I gazed up to stared at the yet to be named woman, I caught her gaze still glued to me, her eyes narrowing on me before she muttered, “You really pissed him off, huh?” Her strong accent made the hair on the back of my neck stand, my mind lost for words as I did nothing but continue to eye her cautiously.

Moments later, a sigh surpassed her lips. She crouched down to my eye level, waving her hand out in front of her that signaled for my own.

“Genesee,” she introduced herself with a small smile, I hesitantly reaching out to take hers and lightly shaking

“Hope,” I returned, my voice being just above a whisper, “Hope Smith.”

Again, she gave me a small smile before clapping her hands together and straightening on her feet.

“Well,” she breathed out, “looks like you could use a shower.”

Nah, for real?

Her gaze fell on me again, urging me to stand, “Let’s get you cleaned up, yes?”

She was being awfully nice, awfully nice to someone she didn’t know; someone her king enslaved.

With much hesitation, I slowly pushed off of the floor, my hands pressing against the concrete wall behind me for support. It seemed that the more I moved, the more the strong smell of dry blood filled the atmosphere and created a sickening feeling in my stomach.

I’d taken but a single glance at my body, my eyes landing on the greatly stained undergarments concealing my body. Only then did I realize it was the small pair of clothing that reeked the atmosphere of my dry blood. And just moments later, a sudden thought came to mind, my eyebrows furrowing as the memories of the events from my last conscious state surfaced.

“How long have I been out?” I asked, my voice being edgy as I struggled to stand on my feet.

The woman I came to know as Genesee shrugged, replaying in an uncertain tone, “Not sure. Thirty-six hours...maybe more?”


“Well,” she urged, “lets get going.”

She began her steps out of the cell, expecting me to follow behind her. Unfortunately, when I attempted to do so, my knees buckled and I involuntarily collapsed forward.

I shut my eyes tightly, expecting to hit the floor only to be completely taken aback by this oddly nice Genesee persona who cautiously caught me in her arms.

“You alright?” she asked, her voice holding a mix of concern and relief.

I eyed her momentarily, shooting her a questioning look. The more this Genesse woman acted toward me, the more I silently questioned her approach. But being in no position to do so, I didn’t question her but instead accepted her gratitude with a small smile that followed by a low sigh.

I shook my head as a response, attempting to recompose myself as I mumbled, “My body is weak...”

“Yeah...” her voice trailed off, her movements continuing as she slowly guided me out of the cell. She clicked her tongue, closing the door from the cell behind me and redirected her attention to me.

“Ereb--” she paused and cleared her throat, quickly correcting herself, ”King Erebus gave me specific orders to only give you enough blood till you regained consciousness and were able to walk yourself out of here.”

A frown grew upon my lips, my eyes shifting to the chains where this King Erebus had tortured me. He’d already degraded me when he beat me half to death and locked me in a cell, now he’s making sure I’m truly down to nothing.

My gaze fell away from the chains, briefly eyeing the concrete floor before reverting to meet Genesee’s gaze. I didn’t say another word to her but merely chose to continue my steps, slowly making my way to the dungeon door that Genesee was quick to push open and followed behind me in caution.

Just for a second, I thought about making a run for it, but seeing as I could barely walk running wasn’t an option. And, by frankly, in this state, I am too afraid to even attempt to take this so called “Genesee”’s blood to strengthen myself. Although, naturally, I am stronger than her: she is no pureblood, I don’t sense it in her. Even a human could stand a fighting chance against me.

As we emerged out of the dungeon, Genesee closing the door behind us, I took a moment to scan the room. I was in awe with the luxury presented before me. The beautiful marble floor coordinated with the walls that were painted a white color with golden figures drawn over it. A glass chandelier hung from the center of the room and small luxurious couches were positioned beneath it. At the far end there a small stair platform with a very luxurious chair stationed in the center of it and above hung majestic golden red drapes.

A throne room...

“This way,” Genesee’s voice forced my attention back to her as she motioned for the staircase.

With as much strength as I could muster, I followed her as we began our ascent up the lengthy stairs. Other vampires that I assumed took residence in the mansion stood nearby, leaning against the rails of the staircase as they shot me glaring looks and others looks of astonishment.

The glaring looks were confusing, but the astonished ones were not. Between the snow-white hair that hung just above my waist and the icy-blue eyes of mine that exposed my gift to the naked eye, it is not everyday you come across a pureblood with the gift of a traveler. In fact, it’s not everyday you come across anyone of the matter that bears the gift of a traveler.

Hisses erupted here and there, low growls mixing with the tension established in the air. When we met the top of the staircase, Genesee was sure to turn back and return the glares and growls shot at me before continuing her guide through the long halls and corridors.

We walked past multiple rooms until Genesee abruptly turned to take my arm, forcing me to stop on my tracks. “We’re here,” she said, taking the knob of the door and turning it in her hand before pushing it open.

“After you,” she presented, motioning for me to walk into the room.

I had but merely glanced inside, finding the very neat room somewhat homey. I’d taken a moment to look back at Genesee, her catching my confused look, but nonetheless urging me to step inside.

I hardly know this woman...how am I supposed to trust her?

I didn’t audibly question her, but instead considered she’d done nothing wrong to me and chose to give her the benefit of the doubt. Only then did I hesitantly begin my steps into the room as she pleased me to. The room was small, a queen size bed was centered in the middle and above it was a medium sized window with a certain over it. As I walked further in, I noticed a pair of doors positioned to the right end of the room.

“This is your room,” Genesee explained. “Get yourself cleaned up and get dressed. The bathroom is over there,” she pointed to one of the doors.

She briefly paused, stepping back to stand between the doorframe before stating, “This door locks from the outside, so Zeus and Mardel will be here in about half an hour to take you to Ereb--”

There it is again...

She sighed and cleared her throat before correcting herself again, ”King Erebus. The closet is right beside the bathroom and there are plenty of maid uniforms to pick from.”

At the sound of the word ‘maid’ I arched an eyebrow, questioning, “Maid uniforms?”

A heavy sigh surpassed her own lips, her hand coming up to her head where she ran her fingers through her brown hair. “Yeah...” her voice trailed off, “guess he didn’t tell you...You’re his new slave.”

My lips parted in disbelief, my eyebrows furrowing at her. I mused, “His what?”

Another sigh surpassed her lips and crossed her arms just beneath her chest, “It’s either that or death. Well, not that he gave you much of a choice in the matter.”

She paused for a moment, her eyebrows furrowing as she dropped her hands to her sides. She explained, “Look, I don’t know why he spared your life and I honestly do not care. If I were you, I’d take advantage of the fact that he showed mercy towards you.”

Again, she paused, shrugging before continuing, “No one’s ever been this lucky. At least not a vampire such as yourself,” she took her door knob into her hand, “so please, just listen to him. Things will be a lot easier and less painful if you do. He’s actually a pretty nice guy when you aren’t on his bad side. And...do yourself a favor, do not try to knock the door down or open the window.”

Why is she telling me this?

She gave me a small smile and took a couple steps back, pulling the door close but not before quickly coming to a halt and peeked her head between the cracked space of the door and the doorframe.

“Hurry please,” she stated, “King Erebus does not like to be kept waiting.”

With that, she walked out, completely closing the door behind her and the sound of her heels clicking away following soon after.

A helpless feeling began to burden my chest and before I could so much as think of anything else, I drew my lower lip between my teeth and bit gently as my gaze shifted to the “closet” door. I moved to it, cracking the door open. When my eyes landed on the new “clothing” presented before me, they involuntarily widened.

“What the hell is this..?” I whispered to myself as I picked the nearest “uniforms” from the hanger. I slowly turned the uniform to its backside, revealing to myself the little coverage I know it’d have.

You have got to be kidding me.

I knew the back was short enough so that if I were to bend over I’d be showing ass to anyone in sight, and when I walked back into the closet, picking one of the many pairs of 6-inch silver high heels, my jaw clenched.

I should’ve kept my mouth shut...

I quickly came to understand that I really was in what I’d refer to ‘deep shit’. Unexplainable thoughts crossed my mind constantly, but one that surfaced from the many was how I’d find my way out of this place.

I am in the vampire king’s layer.


I shook my head, tossing the uniform onto the bed and placing the heels on the floor. In doing so, I walked into the bathroom, pulling the little clothing I had off and stepping into the bath where I took a quick warm shower.

When I was done cleansing myself, I quickly stepped out, running the towel over my wet form. I felt a sense of urgency and swiftly moved out of the bathroom, reaching for the hairbrush stationed beside the bathroom sink and beginning to brush my snow-white hair.

After setting the hairbrush down, my hair quickly beginning to dry itself, I slipped into a pair of white lace undergarments I had pulled from the dresser and the “uniform” I’d thrown onto the bed. I hadn’t realized I was rushing myself until I found myself slipping my feet into the silver heels on the floor, my subconscious warning me of how unpredictably dangerous this King of mine was and if I were to piss him off once again...who knows if he’d go as far as killing me this time.

After assuring that the heels were secured on my feet, I hesitantly stood, noticing the difference in elevation from the floor. In the time the remaining, I eyed the room briefly, my gaze landing on a life-size mirror. It was then that I made an effort to walk in the awfully tall heels, positioning myself before the mirror to stare at my reflection.

I felt disgusted, humiliated. I was angered at how I’d landed myself in this position and, for a moment, I questioned if it was truly worth it. I questioned if my freedom was really worth the fight.

I am not free. Not here and not at home.

Where will I be?

Truthfully, I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to hold my tongue being in this position. I can take a beating and I can take insults, I’ve been exposed to all kinds of things so there are very few things that scare me, but having to lie, to act to maneuver myself out was not one of those things.

“You’re unbreakable,” I whispered to myself.

I’ll get myself out of this mess.

The door suddenly swung open, my attention drawing away from the mirror as my eyes shifted to land on the two familiar men standing in the doorway. Both of them staring at me with lustful eyes and cocky smirks spread across their faces.

If either of them put their hands on me...

Zeus chuckled in his own amusement, taking a few steps toward me, “Ready to go, Slave?”

That word, slave, I hated it. It made me feel even more worthless than I already did in this ridiculous piece of fabric they call clothing.

Without a word, I walked past him, following behind Mardel as he lead the way. I could feel Zeus’ presence behind me as we met the staircase and proceeded with our descent again, I receiving wonderful growls and hisses from the same vampires I had once before. And as we reached the end of the staircase, my eyes caught a pair of familiar hazel orbs.


He sat on the luxurious chair that was stationed on the center of the platform I had seen once before, and as we continued to near him, his eyes lit up and that familiar cocky smirk of his spread across his face.

“Come here, slave,” he demanded.

My nostrils flared, my fists balling up into fists as a low and nearly inaudible growl emitted from the back of my throat.

Watch me get thrown into that cell once again in....three...two...

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