Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 46: More Than I


I shifted my weight to my shoulder as I leaned against the wall, peeking out beside the curtain that nearly concealed the entire window.

The sun had just set and I wanted to give Celic just a few more minutes of sleep before I’d wake her. I didn’t want to bring her conscience back into this world of worry and running. I didn’t want to wake her back into this world of wondering when her father would appear and somehow, inevitably rip me apart in front of her for loving her, despite the mark I bear on the crook of my neck.

She doesn’t need this...she doesn’t need any of this.

It didn’t matter how many times I went over it in my head, I couldn’t find or figure out the correct way to do all of this. Well, there was no right way to do this that I could be okay with, and there was no right way to do this that she could be okay with. But, ultimately, there was one right way.

My still heart dropped to the pit of my stomach as I watched Andrew, Kenneth, and Tarlac appear and walk across the parking lot, nearing the front doors of the hotel.

This is the one right way to do this.

A soft sigh passed my parted lips as I turned away from the window and shifted my gaze to the beautiful woman laying sound asleep on the bed. I neared her, edging toward the bed and ceasing my footsteps when I stood just beside her, looking over her.

I never felt that I had done anything selfless in my life. Sure, I looked over my siblings and did what Angela, Andrew, Kenneth, and Tarlac asked of me, but I never truly felt that I had done anything for anyone other than myself. Ultimately, in some way, there was always something in it for me.

Maybe….just maybe...just this once...I would do something that didn’t benefit me in any way, because I loved her in every way a person could be loved.

My parents didn’t live long enough to raise me, and even if they had, I would’ve never been given the choice or the chance to stay with them and talk to them or see them all my life. I never got to really know what it was like to live with a family that loved you unconditionally and would go as far as destroying everything for me.

I wanted that. I’d wanted that so bad that I’d been fighting for my family all my life and hoping that they’d do the same for me, but...the fact of the matter was that my siblings—they’d never do for me as much as I’d do for them. And, the Seekers...even less.

As the back of my hand caressed the side of Celic’s face, I sighed with a heavy burden weighing down on my chest.

“I love you so much…” my voice trailed off in a whisper.

I loved her so much that I couldn’t bear to take away all of the things that she had that I so desperately wanted: the love from a family.

I bent down to her, leaning into her and planting a gentle kiss on her forehead. My eyelids fell shut, and I took in every second of the little moment that I had with her.

She had become everything and she didn’t even know it.

When I finally pulled away from her, I had somehow found it in me to gather the courage to face the things that I wanted so much to run away from before they could walk through the door. So, when the bedroom door finally did creak open, my still heart didn’t drop to my stomach and my blood didn’t run cold.

Instead, I remained calm. I accepted that certain things would always be a certain way and I stepped away, quietly. I took one last moment to look at her before I turned to face her father and I couldn’t help but look at him with what I knew was a pitiful look in my eyes.

Mercy—it’s all I could hope for. Not for me, but for her. I’d had my fair share of pain in my lifetime. There was nothing that any of them could do to me that could hurt me in worse ways than I’d already experienced.

The same didn’t apply to my little dove.

I expected her father to break the little bit of peace left in the room after his and the other two’s appearance—if any—but he didn’t. Whether it was because he had decided to spare his daughter pain for a few more minutes or because he realized just how much she and I meant to each other, when his eyes caught a glimpse of the mark on my neck and none on her’s, he didn’t move a muscle.

He stood there, merely watching me as I surrendered over to him and walked away from her. When Kenneth and Andrew finally did near me to take hold of me as policemen would a criminal, it was at a safe distance from my little dove.

Just as I hoped, she never woke. Not as I was escorted further away from her and not as I was taken out of the room and had the door shut behind me, leaving just her and her father on the other side.

Please, forgive me my little dove.


I didn’t know what happened in Erebus’ office or what Tarlac, Kenneth, and my grandfather had said and done to him. Whatever it was, it was enough to have put Erebus in a bad mood for the rest of the day—more than usual, I mean.

Whatever it was, it had also involved Kevin for long after they had left, I saw Erebus and Kevin exit his office. While Erebus looked completely irritated, Kevin seemed worried for her brother. Though a part of me wanted to worry for the little girl, I also knew that I’d have worried for no reason.

Tarlac would never hurt a child. Even if that child was a fifty-year-old vampire, he’d never lay a finger on her or allow anyone to do so in front of him.

Children were the only thing that I had ever seen thaw that man’s cold heart.

It had been merely a few hours before Erebus had gone back to being his usual asshole-self. At his request, I was back to dressing like an expensive hooker with a baby blue maid uniform and six-inch heels. He had made me braid my hair into two pigtails with ribbons tied into bows at their ends.

As I walked into the throne room, the sound of my heels clicking behind me broke the silence in the air as it echoed through the room, leaving me to nothing but a tension in the air and drowning myself in my own thoughts.

I should’ve left when I had the chance...

At the moment that my grandfather, Kenneth, and Tarlac held Erebus in that room with no way to leave until they said so, I had the opportunity to walk out the door. And, I thought about it. I thought about it long and hard, but I ended up reading myself the same excuse over and over again until the opportunity to leave vanished.

Then, I had decided. I would be going to Erebus tomorrow and telling him the truth. I would tell him that I am not who I have been pretending to me and that I would be going back home. Because after everything that I had said and done, I also knew that if I ran up and left, he’d run to the ends of the earth until he found me. And, he would find me. Eventually, he’d see me again, and I didn’t want him to realize who I really was when he inevitably saw me standing along-side my parents.

No more excuses.

I shouldn’t have lied…

I knew that I would not have been in this situation if I had just been honest since the start. I would not have been in this situation if I had done things the correct way. In a way, I was glad that despite all the things that Erebus said to me and promised me that he would be and do, he’d taken it back the moment that woman showed up pregnant with his child. This way, I didn’t have to feel guilty for leaving him behind.

He deserves it.

Coming to a halt, my gaze slowly shifted to meet Erebus’. Cam sat on his lap while he sat on his throne. The same smirk she shot at me when Celic confirmed the baby was Erebus’ was plastered on that stupid barbie-bitch face of hers.

“Yes, master?” The words left a foul taste in my mouth, my eyes scanning his face.

He eyed me before speaking, “Delaney will be bringing in the stuff for the nursery tomorrow night. You are to set it up and notify Cam when it is ready.”

I had to resist the urge to roll my eyes at him.

You’ll be letting me leave by that time, I promise.

When I didn’t respond, Cam snapped her fingers at me. “Hope? Hello?” She mocked.

I glared at her, hissing through my teeth, “What?”

She pouted, crossing her arms before her as she whined, “Erebus, baby, she’s being rude.”

Erebus, asshole, she’s being a bitch.

Erebus brought his hand up to his face, a sigh parting his lips as he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

For a moment, I actually felt sorry for him. I couldn’t imagine having to deal with someone like her for the rest of eternity simply because she was the mother of my child.

Though, really, how much of a mother could she really be?

For the lies I’d told and for the bomb I was going to drop on him in a few hours, I holded and said, “Fine. I’m sorry.”

That’d been enough for her to think that she’d won and she smirked. “That’s better.” She asserted. Shifting her attention back to Erebus, she pulled his hand away from his face and begged, “Baby...I’m hungry.”


Again, he sighed, but without saying a word, he tilted his head to the side, exposing his neck to her. I felt my heart clench as she shot another smirk at me and sunk her fangs into him.

Although, for a moment, I was surprised to see that she hadn’t been marked yet, I knew it wouldn’t be long until he did claim her his and she’d do the same to him.

Anger raged within me as he brought his hands up to her waist and forced her to straddle him. Meanwhile, he looked at me dead in the eye without any sign of shame.

“You’re dismissed, slave.” He shooed me away before placing his hand back on her waist and slowly sliding them down to her ass.

I felt sorry for you...I really did.

I turned on my heels and did my best not to merely storm off. I couldn’t do anything to hit him back. Though I’d have the last laugh when I’d get to see the look on his face once I told him that he’d been the idiot that took a Seeker’s daughter a slave, I wanted to hit him where it really hurt.

I stepped out of the throne room. Crossing the main entrance hall, I paused for just a moment before I began my way up the staircase. As I glanced up to look at what I thought would be an empty hall, my eyes met Mardel.

Then, I knew exactly what to do, a smirk breaking my lips.

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