Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 49: a Liar's Revenge, a Liar's Betrayal


I felt so guilty for everything.

Genesee returned last night with four blood bags and a look of despair on her face. By the mere way that she walked into my room, I knew something had gone wrong. Once she handed me the blood bags she explained that she would be leaving.

Erebus caught her.

She said he would be sending her away to Enos’ empire, and to my understanding, Zeus was leaving with her. Everything just seemed to be going wrong. I knew that once she became part of Enos’ empire, she wouldn’t last long. She’d get herself killed. Erebus meant so much to her and once she finds that Enos is planning on taking Erebus’ throne, she will fight for him.

I knew that the only way I’d be able to fix this, all of this, was by telling Erebus the truth. I would have to tell him who I am. I would have to tell him that I seduced Mardel and that I talked Genesee into keeping secrets from him. Once I told him the truth, Genesee would be oKevin. So would Mardel and Zeus. He’ll remove the mark and I’d go home. I’d go home and I would not say a word against him.

Even after everything he had done to me, I could not bring myself to get him and his family hurt. This was all my fault. If I hadn’t lied, I wouldn’t be here. None of this would have happened. I would not blame Doraime for my actions, I would not blame anyone because there was really no one to blame but myself.

As much as I hated to admit, I still felt for Erebus. However he chose to see me after this, I deserved it.

I lied.

I shifted my gaze from the marble floors, my eyes studying the cedar green walls. The only thing that kept the silence in the air at bay were the sound of my small heels clicking beneath me. The door to Erebus’ bedroom came into view as I reverted my attention to the hall before me.

Anxiety. Worry. Fear.

These feelings were overwhelming. I didn’t know how I was going to tell him. Was I just to barge in and say, ‘Hey, Erebus. My name is Silver. I’ve been lying to you since the day I got here. I seduced Mardel and practically forced Genesee to keep my identity a secret along with Hunter. Enos is plotting against you, by the way.’

I scoffed.


The sound of the doorknob turning forced me to come to a quick halt. My attention remained on the doorway as the door was slowly pulled open. A couple of seconds after, Kevin walked out and closed the door behind her.

She clung onto her teddy bear, her gaze slowly shifting to meet mine. She smiled, “Hi, Hope!” The sound of her small, sweet voice instantly brought a smile to my face.

She is one I’d definitely miss.

“Hello, Kevin.” I returned as I approached her. Her hair appeared to be slightly messy as her nightgown was a bit wrinkled. I figured she had a nightmare and slept in Erebus’ room.

That was one thing I would never understand. How could the man that had such a big heart and so much love towards this little girl be the same man that mercilessly abused me?

I came to a halt merely a foot away from her, I kneeled down to her eye level.

“Is your brother still asleep?” I questioned as I pushed the stray hair strands away from her face and placed them behind her ear.

Yawning, she nodded as she rubbed her eyes with her unoccupied hand.


In the next moment, she took one of my hands in her’s, looking at me with a small smile on her face. “Will you walk me back to my bedroom?”

I returned the small smile, nodding as a small chuckle escaped my lips. “OKevin.”

I straightened on my feet, holding onto her hand before leading her to the throne room.

For the exception of the day guards and the other slaves, the halls seemed to be semi-empty. The throne room, however, was empty. That is until Kevin and I stepped in.

We’d only taken a few steps into the room when I spotted a blonde coming from the opposite side of the room.


The simple sight of her disgusted me. I couldn’t contain the anger that quickly arose within me. I expected her to say a few smart remarks or insult me. Surprisingly, her attention wasn’t on me. No, it was on Kevin. She had this look of disgust and anger on her face as she approached us.

“You little slut!” Cam spat as she came to a halt merely a couple of feet away from us, I being forced to stop along with Kevin.

What the hell is her problem?

“You shouldn’t curse…” Kevin’s voice trailed off as she slipped her hand away from mine and brought it to her teddy bear, clinging onto it tighter.

Cam scoffed, “Right.”

It wasn’t I she was talking to. Her full attention was on Kevin.

“You disgusting little whore. Sleeping with your own brother? He’s mine.” She growled, her hands falling to the side as she clenched her fists.

You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.

“Cam…” I warned, her attention snapping to me. “She’s a little girl!”

As I glanced down at Kevin, I could see the tears build at the brim of her eyes, her lip quivering.

Cam scoffed, “Right. Little girl, my ass.” She reverted her attention to Kevin, growling, “Stay the hell away from him.”

Is she serious?

When I took another glance at Kevin, a hiccup emitted from the back of her throat before the tears in her eyes began to fall. Her soft sobs were the only thing that broke through the silence. Seeing the sadness her eyes held made my blood boil.

My anger only rose when Cam mimicked Kevin’s sobs. “Aww, the baby is crying. Did he fuck you too h—”

“Cam!” I snarled, my eyes shifting to their threatening pitch-black color.

Before I could mutter another word, Cam rose her hand and slapped Kevin across her face, knocking her off of her feet. The scream that emitted from Kevin’s throat set me off entirely, losing any and all bit of restraint I had left in me. Before Cam took a single step closer to her, my hand harshly gripped her neck and slammed her back against the wall.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” I snarled, my body trembling in anger. My fangs lengthened, my only desire being to rip her head off.

I didn’t hold back, my fangs finding her neck and piercing her flesh. Again, Kevin’s screams being the only thing driving me to kill her.

The second my senses registered the taste of her blood, I was pulled away. A pair of strong arms held me back, my fight rendering useless. When I had finally regained some sense of control, I recognized Erebus as the vampire who had pulled me away from her.

Erebus’ sister, Jordan, held Kevin in her arms as Kevin held a hand over her wounded face. Blood trickled down her check and onto the floor. My concern for her being what drove me to regain control.


A pair of sobs forced my attention back to Cam. She held her hands over her neck as tears streamed down her face.

“She was going to hurt Kay…” Cam spoke through her fake sobs. “I tried to stop her, but then she tried to kill me…”


My heart dropped, my eyes instantly shifting to meet Erebus. The second they had done so, his eyes turned their horrifying pitch-black color.


I parted my lips to speak, but before I could mutter a sound, Erebus’ hand wrapped around my neck, completely sealing off my hairway.


A deep sigh passed my lips as I fiddled with the shackles keeping my wrists captive. I had grown tired of the same routine.

Everyday at noon and midnight I’d be injected with a dose of devil’s blood. I’d get two meals a day and a few wonderful glares. Luckily, my body had slowly adjusted to the devil’s blood. Maybe a week longer and it won’t affect me as much. My magic may return, not at its peak, but just enough to break out of here.

I thought about what I’d do then, and I came to terms with the fact that maybe the best thing for my coven now was to quit this fight and move us to the supernatural realm where we’d be safer.

According to Amelia and Maya, Silver had plans to leave soon and I didn’t doubt she would get out. I knew she’d keep her word and I also knew that in a way, the closer we were to the Seekers, the better protection my coven would have.

It was sudden, a horrifying scream of agony echoed through the room. The sound of the cellar door being pushed open made me flinch. I watched Erebus storm in as I shifted my attention to the dark corridor. He held a fist full of Silver’s hair, her body being dragged beneath his hold.

Her attempt to fight him off only forced him to pull harder, her screams only growing louder.

What the hell is going on?

I watched as he tossed her across the room, her body quickly meeting the wall and her bones cracking the second she impacted the floor.

Watching her scramble to her feet, my own heart began to pound in my chest as Erebus approached her. The dark look in his eyes was enough to intimidate anyone into begging him for mercy. Surely enough, as my eyes landed on Silver, I could see the horror in her face.

“Erebus…” Silver exhaled a shaky breath, her eyes pleading for him to listen, but he wouldn’t have it.

Using his inhumane speed, he moved to her, back handing her the second she was within his reach. A growl emitted from the back of his throat as he pulled her up on her feet, took her hands and secured the shackles attached to the chains bolted to the wall around her wrists. Taking hold of her shirt and pants, he ripped the fabric off of her body, leaving her only concealed with a pair of black panties and bra.

“I should’ve known better than to trust you…” Erebus glowered, his attention shifting to the metallic table in which torturing devices rested.

“I didn’t hurt her, I swear…” Silver spoke through her soft sobs.

Hurt who?

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Amelia and Maya appear. They stood but a foot away from me, only visible to me.

“La malvada parásita lastimo a la niña y convenció al idiota que fue ella.” Amelia spoke as she nodded to Silver.

(That damn parasite hurt the little girl and convinced the idiot it was her.)

Successfully suppressing the sigh that so desperately wanted to escape my mouth, my attention reverted to Erebus and Silver.

Erebus held a whip with knife-like blades attached to the end of the leather straps.

“Erebus, please...It wasn’t m—”

“Shut up!” He snarled.

I could tell Silver wanted to speak, but seeing the mark on her neck, my eyes shifted to Erebus’ only to find that he hadn’t been marked. At this point, even if she wanted to speak, she couldn’t. Not unless Erebus told her it’s okay to do so.


Another growl emitted from the back of his throat. The hand that firmly held onto the whip rose before he mercilessly lashed it at her. The sound of the whip cracking against her skin made me flinch, her horrifying screams following immediately after.

Sadly, he didn’t stop there and her screams only grew louder. Tears streamed down her face, and the only thing she could do was look at me with pleading eyes.

She wanted me to help her, she wanted to beg me to. And though I truly wanted to, I couldn’t. In that moment, I felt guilty for bringing her here. She doesn’t deserve this. She never did anything to hurt me.

Once Erebus had beat her till his arm grew tired, he allowed the whip to slip out of his hold, my eyes shifting back and forth between the ground and the walls.


There was blood everywhere.

Her blood.

Erebus’ panting and Silver’s sobs were the only thing that broke through the silence. Her eyes desperately searched his face, hoping he’d stop.

I wanted him to stop.

Just when I thought it was over, it only got worse. He dangerously eyed her, approaching her slowly as to scare her even more, if at all possible.

“You deceived me…” He sighed as he came to a halt merely inches away from her blood concealed body. “It’s those damn eyes of yours…” He muttered.

He held nothing back, bringing his hands up to her face and plunging his thumbs into her eyes.

This time, when she opened her mouth to scream, nothing came out. Her voice had gone.

My heart clenched as tears began to build in my eyes.

“Please…” I turned back to look at Amelia and Maya, begging in a whisper. “Ease her pain…”

They eyed me in uncertainty for a moment before hesitantly nodding, taking each other’s hands. They began mumbling words under their breath.

As my gaze reverted to look back at the horrifying scene before me, I watched as Erebus slowly removed his thumbs from Silver’s face. Then, Erebus walked away from her only to come to a halt before a small furnace. He turned the small valve and took a small match, the deep smell of burning coal and gasoline putting each and every nerve in my body on edge.

He stood just a couple of feet away from the flames, but within a couple of minutes he took a large copper potion-like vial from the furnace, his attention instantly snapping back to Silver.

He stared at her for a few seconds. He was hesitant and possibly unsure of whether he should continue. There was really no reason for him to. She had been beat to exhaustion. She didn’t have anything left.

Unfortunately, that didn’t stop him. He simply poured the boiling oil over her body. Again, she attempted to scream only to have a horrifying shrieking sound emit from the back of her throat.

The smell of burning flesh made my blood run cold. I knew no words could explain the pain she felt.

I watched as he sunk his teeth into her neck. The mark that once resided on her had been removed when he extracted his fangs from her flesh. He reached for the chain attached to the window shutters placed behind Silver, pulling them open. Luckily, it was still dark out and the sun wouldn’t be rising for another couple of hours.

“Enjoy the remnant of your time.” Erebus spoke lowly, his attention being solely on Silver. “When the sun comes up, you’ll be nothing.”

None of her wounds were healing. Not even those in her eyes.

He shot a glare my way as he placed his hands in his pockets and walked away without a second glance at her.

He’s going to let her die...

I allowed the tears to fall from my eyes as I listened to the painful sobs coming from Silver.

I can’t let her die...

I felt responsible for her pain, and because of that, I turned to Amelia and Maya. Exhaling a shaky breath, I demanded, “Get her father here. Now.”

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