Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 5: Innocent Sin


“Come here, slave.”

The corners of my lips curled up to a smirk, watching the anger roll off of the beautiful silver-white haired woman I was prized to call my slave. It was quite amusing to see the obvious effect I had on her, and it was even more amusing to see her try to fight it.

I leaned back on my throne, motioning for Hope to sit on my lap. She eyed me for a moment, her jaw clenching as she bit back whatever it was that was at the tip of her tongue. For a moment, she hesitated, but nonetheless, she proceeded to do as I pleased her to and moved to stand between my legs before sitting.

I had taken a moment to admire her when she stood from afar, eyeing her as she had walked in wearing that little uniform of hers that suited her small body perfectly. The mere sight of her tempted me to do what I hadn’t so much as considered yet.

However, before anything...she has to submit, and I had a strong feeling that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon.

This princess has been pampered...

Plenty of slaves have been gifted to me, most already having undergone training. Some of them may have been difficult, but they always submit. And after the beating I took upon this one two nights prior, I’d expect her to be a little more...obedient. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have to inflict physical pain if she didn’t have such a mouth. When I walked into that dungeon to see her, I wasn’t there to punish her; I was there to give her a chance to explain herself, hoping that once she had felt the torments of being starved she’d come to realize that this wasn’t a game.

For her strong will, I applaud her; for her stupidity, she has received absolute punishment. I’ll give her credit...she surprised me. I expected her to attempt to make a run for it, but Genesee’s response of Hope’s behavior was quite satisfying.

I had placed my hand on waist, her muscles instantly tensing under my touch. When I moved my unoccupied hand to pull her hair away from her shoulder, gently running my thumb across the vein on the side of her neck, she flinched away, turning her head away.

“You know,” I paused, taking her chin into my grasp and gently forcing her to turn her attention to me. Her unique icy-blue orbs locking with my hazel ones, a shaky breath surpassing her lips as I softly stated, “if you were a little more respectful, there would be no need for me to starve you.”

My eyes gazed away from hers, slowly trailing the side of her neck as all I could think of was sinking my fangs into her. I felt drawn to her; compelled. It was nothing more than physical attraction, I understand, or perhaps it was that I was fascinated by her.

Never, in my five-hundred-years of existence, had I come across a pureblood with the gift of tolerance and sight of a traveler.

It is with no doubt that her gift, traveler, makes her the greatest beauty. The unique silver-white color of her hair and the different shade of blue in her eyes compliments her pale skin and soft features.

With caution, my eyes rose to meet hers once more. I searched through that tough wall she hid behind as I questioned her, “Who sent you?”

She narrowed her eyes on me and her voice shook as she sincerely asked, “W-What do you mean?”

“You were lurking in my territory.”

“I-I just...” she sighed, “I was just passing by. I wasn’t going to stay here. I...” her eyes shifted away from mine, turning to her hands as she clenched them tightly on her lap.

“I-I wanted a new start, elsewhere...”

My hand moved to her face, once again, taking her chin and forcing her to revert her sight to me. She shot me a look of plead for pity that only amused me further. The smirk once visible on my face returned, and I spat, “Where’d that get you?”

A chuckle erupted from the back of my throat, watching her clench her jaw and turn that pitiful look into a glare.

At first, I couldn’t distinguish whether she was being dishonest or not. There are many that want my head for the throne, and it wouldn’t be the first time a woman takes part in the little scam by portraying themselves as a slave.

Then, I figured...someone attempting to fool me would do best coming off as a submissive rather than giving me a hard time. For that, it came clear to me that she was, in fact, telling the truth and she truly had not the slightest clue of who I was when she first laid eyes on me.

She was intimidated, yes, but only because I do not hide my strength by powering off the radiance of my presence. But of the fact of the matter wasn’t of importance nor did it have any effect on my decision: I’m keeping her, regardless of the reasons she may have had for being here.

“Where are you from?” I interrogated. I was interested in learning more about this...captivating being and how she managed to keep herself well-hidden from the world. Purebloods are well-known, regardless of where we are from. And roughly, a handful of us take residence in this world.

“The other realm,” she responded, as expected.

I urged, “How did you get here?”

“A witch...”

“I see.”

My eyes shifted briefly, stopping at the sight of her exposed cleavage by the low-cut garment she wore and quickly reverting to meet her own gaze. When my hand fell away from her chin, coming to a stop on her thigh, I lightly squeezed her waist and pulled her closer into me.

“From now on you will address me as Master,” I began, “you are my slave and you will respect me.”

“I hope you understand that, the punishment you received in the dungeon was nothing compared to what I can do to you...” my voice trailed off.

She shifted uncomfortably under my words as she gulped the nervous knot that formed in her throat. There was something about the way her body reacted to me that sparked an inexplicable lust for her inside me, and as she continued to force herself to stare into my own eyes, I felt her shudder.

Are you afraid now, love?

“Now, the rules are simple,” I kept my amusement hidden, explaining loud and clear for her to understand, “do as I say and you’ll be rewarded, hesitate and you’ll be starved, disobey and...” my voice trailed off. I’d taken a moment’s pause, eyeing her as she glared into my eyes with no intention in stepping down.

“Well,” I added, “I think you have an idea of what will happen if you choose to disobey me.”

“Why..?” she muttered.

I scoffed, “You really aren’t from this realm, are you?”

She wasn’t fazed by me in the slightest and sat still even as I slowly shifted my touch higher up her thigh. I growled, “This world belongs to me, doll-face. There are rules and you broke them.”

“But I didn’t know...” she argued.

I shrugged, “Ignorance is a sin.”

With that, she drew her lower lip between her teeth and lowered her gaze to her fists. She continued to clench them tightly, her knuckles turning white and the smell of her blood filling the atmosphere as she broke through the thin layer of skin in her palm.

“W-When will I be able to leave?”

I was even more amused by her question, but nonetheless restrained myself from laughing at her and making her feel lesser than she already did. My politeness had nothing to do with me having any concern for her feelings but came from the inner-instinct of her being a pureblood by nature.

And...a part of me enjoyed watching her squirm beneath me.

“You belong to me now, sweetheart,” I lowered to her ear, whispering to her, “You are not going anywhere, ever.”

“That’s not fair...” she growled.

“Life isn’t fair. Deal with it.”

Her eyes snapped up to meet mine and she spat through her clenched teeth, “You’re an a--”

“I’m a what?” I interrupted, my eyes narrowing on her. Another growl had emitted from the back of her throat but quickly died as she forfeit her challenge.

“Good girl.”

I waited for another smart remark or lash-out, but again...she surprised me by saying nothing and instead bowing her head.

What’s going on in that head of yours, my little Hope?

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