Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 51: My Truth


My heart dropped and my breath hitched in my throat.

I had locked eyes with my father and in that instant, a great sense of fear washed over me. Every nerve in my body was set on edge.

“D-Dad…” My voice was just above a whisper.

The second I spoke, my father’s eyes shifted to their pitch-black color, his icy-blue orbs turned blood-red and veins surfaced beneath his eyes and ran down to his chin. I watched his lips part, his fangs lengthening.


I quickly stood from the bed and moved to Erebus, positioning myself in front of him. “Daddy, don’t!” I cried out, attempting to stop my father. What I wanted didn’t matter at that moment though, my grandfather pulling me to him and allowing my father to grab Erebus by his neck and slam him against the wall.

For a second, I was in shock. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

I felt my grandfather embrace me in a tight hug, pulling me closer to him. “Grandbaby...” he mumbled as he placed a gentle kiss on the top of my head. The scent of mint instantly gave me a sense of home.

I just barely inched away from him, tilting my head back to meet his gaze. “Pa-pa?..” I called out to him. Looking into the eyes of the man that showed me so much love and care made the bridge of my nose sting and brought tears to the brim of my eyes.

Is this real?

He was gentle, wiping the tears from my face as he spoke softly, “It’s okay. You’re safe.”

I’m safe?

The sound of an animalistic growl forced my attention to my father. Within the few seconds that my grandfather had taken to welcome me into his arms, my father stood above Erebus as he continuously punched him.

He’s going to kill him...

“Dad, stop!” Before he could deliver another punch, I rushed to my father and took hold of his arm. In doing so, my grandfather wrapped his arms around me and pulled me away, and the second that I was forced to release my father, he continued beating Erebus.

“No! Please, stop!” My attempt to fight against my grandfather’s hold was useless. He is a lot stronger than I.

Hell, he’s a lot stronger than Erebus.

“Stop fighting me...” My grandfather growled, his hold on me instantly tightening.

“Please, make him stop...” I begged as I continued to resist him. Sadly, he only tightened his hold till it hurt me if I moved even the slightest bit.

I didn’t want to stop fighting though, and even if I did want to, I had an obligation to fight for him. He may have deserved everything he had coming, but I gave my word that I wouldn’t let them hurt him.

Besides...there was no point in beating him when he didn’t even know what he was being beaten for.

“Grandpa...” My voice cracked as tears began to stream down my face. I could feel the bruising begin to form on my arms, but I wouldn’t forfeit. “He doesn’t even know who I am...”

The second those words let my mouth, my grandfather’s hold loosened. As much as I wanted to attempt to stop my father, I had worked the bit of strength I had regained to exhaustion. The only reason I had not collapsed was because my body was still running on adrenaline and I knew it.

“Max!” My grandfather called on my father’s attention. Sadly, it did nothing. He continued to beat Erebus and as much as Erebus tried to defend himself, he couldn’t.

There is nothing stronger than a pissed off Seeker.

My father wasn’t listening to my grandpa and my grandfather knew he had no other choice, outstretching his arm and clenching his fist as he drew on his magic. The second he had done so, my father was pulled off of Erebus and forced back on his feet.

That is what makes a Seeker so powerful. Nothing can stop you when you’re an immortal witch with ten times the strength and speed of a pure blood vampire.

My father glowered at Erebus, his eyes slowly reverting to their icy-blue color, but his fists and jaw remained clenched.

“Silver, what are you talking about?” My grandfather’s voice was low and cautious, though held a hint of anger and confusion.

I parted my lips to speak, and just as I was to explain, Erebus stood on his feet and punched my father square in the jaw, knocking him off of his feet.

Do you have a death wish?!

A growl emitted from the back of my grandfather’s throat as Erebus approached my father. Just as he was to deliver another punch, I flinched, a gust of wind hitting my face. The second I lifted my eyelids, I found Hunter holding Erebus back as Tarlac held my father from continuing what my grandfather had attempted to stop. Celic and my grandmother stood on the doorway.

What have I done..?

“Silver?” My grandfather growled as he awaited for a response. I turned to look at Celic and I could see the fear in her eyes. Nonetheless, she nodded in reassurance, letting me know that regardless of what may or may not happen in that moment, she’d always be by my side.

Oh, Celic… I never deserved you.

I had no choice but to tell the truth and knew I had to choose my words carefully, otherwise I would get Erebus and Doraime killed. My grandfather would also try to hurt Hunter, and Celic would stand up for him. Then, in the process of that, if Celic got hurt, Tarlac would step in. A war between the Seekers is the last thing I wanted.

I released a shaky breath, my eyes searching the room till they landed on Erebus. He was staring straight at me with anger and confusion that I knew would soon turn to a look of utter betrayal.

“Hope?” he called cautiously.

At the sound of him calling my name, guilt washed over me, and I felt sick to my stomach.

I shook my head, and as hard as I tried, the tears in my eyes wouldn’t stop falling. “I lied to you...My name is Silver, Silver Synn.”

The instant my gaze locked with his, his face flushed. For a second, it almost seemed as if he stopped breathing.

“When I came into this r-realm, I stepped into your territory…” I spoke softly between sobs, “I-I didn’t know it was yours until you caught me. I-I thought you were an o-ordinary pure blood, until I tried to escape. When you gave me your name...I...I knew that if I exposed myself to you, you’d be forced to report to the Seekers that you had seen me even though no one had filed a missing Silver report.”

A humorless chuckle emitted from the back of my throat as I shifted my attention to my father. I could see the anger and disappointment on his face. “I-I didn’t want to be found. I was tired of living among superiors and feeling like a burden...” my voice trailed off.

Hesitantly, I reverted my gaze to meet Erebus’. “So, I figured I could play the role of a slave until the opportunity to leave presented itself… I didn’t know Hunter was your brother until you called me into the throne room that day and I saw him.”

I knew that I had to be careful with what I said after that, not wanting to stir up any trouble between Hunter and Erebus, though really...I already had. “I-I convinced him not to say anything. He knew that if he did otherwise, you and your family would be killed for enslaving me.”

I paused just briefly, a shaky breath passing my lips, “When I found out about Cam carrying your child, I decided it was time I take my leave. That was until they came looking for Celic and I had ran out of options.... So, I talked Doraime into convincing her dead friends to hide me. A-And, after they left, I seduced Mardel to get back at you for the way that you made me feel around Cam…”

At that point, he looked infuriated. I contemplated whether I should continue, but I knew he deserved to know the truth. Not only him, but everyone else.

“Gen-Genesee knew my secret. The only reason she kept it from you was because I made a deal with her not to. If she said nothing, once I found my way home, I wouldn’t say a word against anyone and you would never hear from me again… So, when you fed off of me, she tried to help me regain my strength so that I could escape. That is why she betrayed you…” my voice lowered, “...she was trying to save you and your family.”

He looked as if he was about to lose it, so I tried to hurry and finish saying what I had to say before that happened, “I was on my way to tell you the truth when I ran into Kay. I couldn’t let Genesee take the fall for something that was my fault. Then, the whole thing with Cam happened and I —”

“The witch had your family contacted.” Erebus interrupted as he gritted through his teeth. He scoffed, “Talk about trust, huh?”

“It’s different…” My attempt to make an excuse only made things worse. My grandfather had completely released me from his hold and eyed me with so much disappointment along with my father and grandmother.

Erebus chuckled, “You’re right. It is different.” Erebus freed himself from Hunter, pushing himself away from him. He glared daggers into me and I could feel the anger and hatred that he had quickly grown to feel toward me. “I fooled you into trusting me?” He scoffed, “I never lied to you. But you…”

A humorless chuckle escaped his lips, “I don’t even know who the hell you are. You’ve been living a lie. I’m the bad guy? You threatened and risked having so many people killed just so you could keep up with your little game. What? Did you think you’d never get caught?”

I shook my head, parting my lips though I really had nothing else to say but, “I’m sorry...”

Everything had just blown up in my face. I created this one great lie followed by many more, and for what? What did I gain?


What did I lose?

Everyone’s trust.

I heard another chuckle emit from the back of Erebus’ throat, his voice sounding unlike his own, “You know what’s funny? I was keeping you from your freedom?” He nodded at my father, “as long as you’re his daughter, you will never be free.”

Everything he said was true. I was so blinded by the idea of being on my own that I never realized just how wrong I was.

I had taken just a step away from my grandfather when Tarlac took hold of Celic I felt my grandmother grab hold of my arm, pulling me to her.


I knew then that the truth wasn’t going to stop my father from killing him. He wanted him dead for doing what he did to me regardless of the fact that he had no idea who I was.

His blood is on my hands.

Hunter immediately stepped in front of Erebus only to be pushed away and held back by my grandfather.

My heart sank when I watched my father clench his fists, his eyes slowly shifting to their horrifying pitch-black color.

“Dad, no! Please! Don’t do this... He didn’t know!” I tried to resist my grandmother’s hold.

The thing was, yes, my grandfather is the strongest among the Seekers. Male Seekers that is... My grandmother? She is the Queen Seeker.

Tears fell from my eyes as my father took a step toward Erebus. The second he had done so, the sound of a small, sweet voice forced our attention to the doorway.

Kay walked in. Her skin very pale and the color of her orbs had almost completely faded, making them look almost entirely transparent.

“Big brother…” She cradled her stomach, slightly hunching forward.

“Kay?” Hunter and Erebus spoke in unison. Both appeared just as concerned as I felt.

She groaned, “I don’t feel too good...”

“Kay?” I called to her and she merely glanced at me. The second her eyes met mine, they rolled to her back of her head and she collapsed.

Before her body could impact the floor, Erebus rushed to her and caught her in his arms.


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