Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 57: Beloved


Blood trickled down the side of my head as I gasped for air, my arms pushing me off of my chest as I struggled to get back on my feet. The two broken ribs and punctured lung that healed just seconds after I recomposed myself was a reminder that though Enos was a fairly strong opponent, the strength that I had through my crowns outmatched his more times over.

Though it wasn’t long before I stood without a scar left to be seen, it was only the beginning.

I knew what he was here for the second that he walked through the front door, and between those moments, I decided that I wouldn’t be putting up a fight. Ultimately, the only reason that I fought back when he delivered the first punch was to accept his challenge for the throne.

My throne.

My ribs broke against his foot again, my body thrown across the room. I found myself laying on my chest again, bruising forming on my side as the fraction of rib rubbed against my insides.

I turned onto my back, shifting my head to the side as a deep sigh emitted from the back of Enos’ throat. He stood but a few feet from myself, beside Cam who clung onto a smirk. “I told you…” Enos’ voice trailed off. “You aren’t fit for the throne.”

But you and that bitch are?

A humorless chuckle passed my lips as the pair of broken ribs slowly healed, the bruising disappearing soon after. “And your brother was?” I taunted, slowly sitting up and straightening on my feet again.

He was predictable

I knew that if I wanted to make this quick, I had to anger him till he truly lost control and wouldn’t hold back. Then and only then would I truly lose to his hand.

I forced a smirk on my lips, spitting, “Karic was pathetic. He couldn’t even get rid of the hunters, much less rule over the vampire race.”

He moved swiftly, my eyes barely catching his steps before my back had been forced against the wall. Enos’ hand found it’s grip on my neck whilst the other had been tightly clenched and balled into a fist. Before I could so much as attempt to block the impact of his next move, the sound of my jaw cracking pierced my ears and a sharp pain shot through my head.

“What’s wrong, King?” He spat. “Where’s that big, tough vampire? Or do you simply enjoy picking on innocent women to make yourself seem powerful?” He mocked as he pulled me away from the wall only to slam me back onto it.


The warm liquid trickling down the back of my head made a string of chills shoot up my spine. My mouth remained ajar, my broken jaw struggling to heal as I began to lack the strength needed to mend my wounds. The bitter liquid lingering within my mouth was a reminder of just how much blood my body was in need of now. I hadn’t realized it until I was given a moment to look around. There was blood everywhere—my blood.

“Don’t have any fight in you?” Enos glowered as he pulled me away from the wall once more then slamming me back onto it once over. He growled, “What does it feel like to be defenseless?”

I made her defenseless...

Again, he repeated his actions, the back of my skull cracking against the wall. My vision instantly went hazy and the sounds in the atmosphere became inaudible, his hold on my neck tightening until my airway had been blocked.

I knew each and every one of the vampires residing within my home watched. They watched their king being beaten to nothing. And in all honesty, I didn’t care.

I deserve this.

I killed my sister. I failed my daughter. I broke my…

...my Hope.

Tears had gathered at the brim of my eyes, the memories and pain all flooding back into my mind as if I was reliving the moments all over again, all at the same time. I felt Enos’ knuckles crash against the side of my face, his hold on me relinquishing.

Without a fight, I was brought crumbling to my knees.

I felt Enos’ grip on my arm, turning me onto my back. My eyes locked with his chocolate-brown orbs as he drove his hand through my chest and took hold of my heart.

Suddenly, my body became numb. Even the pain that lingered within my chest, the burden of the guilt that I carried so deeply had vanished.

My baby girl.


My little Hope.


There were thoughts of her that flooded my mind about all of the things that I liked about her and never appreciated.

It was everything…

...every little thing.

Her attitude, the smile I had the privilege to see perhaps once, her intoxicating sweet scent of strawberries, the taste of her lips, her body, the unique color of her hair, and…

...those eyes of hers. Those damn eyes of hers.

I should’ve taken care of her.

I should’ve done the things a man does when he wants and loves someone.

I felt my still-heart move within my rib cage, my bitter blood filling my mouth and lungs until I found myself drowning in a pool of it.

But, it was going to be okay—I knew it.

She was on my mind.

I only wished that I could’ve seen her face once more.

I’m sorry.

Finally, Enos hand pulled out of my chest.

It all stopped. Everything around me just seemed to vanish and I stood alone, gazing up and into a pair of hazel orbs, much like my own.

They belonged to a woman, standing before me. Her beautiful blonde hair hung just beneath her shoulders. She appeared just like Kevin. But this...person. She was no little girl anymore.

“Big brother?” Her voice echoed.

My eyes shifted briefly, turning to the figure standing to her left. My gaze locked with a man’s eyes, one who looked just like my father.

“Son,” he nodded.

I furrowed my eyebrows, my eyes wandered to the figure standing to the right of the woman. A woman stood beside her, one identical to my mother. She smiled, saying to me, “My boy.”

“Mom?” I called back to her.


A woman’s scream met my ears, but wasn’t my mother’s voice and it wasn’t my sister’s voice. No, this voice…

...it was...her’s. Again, my attempt to gasp for air was denied by the thick and bitter liquid at the edge of my throat.

This time, when my eyes snapped open, I found myself lying on my side. When my lips parted, the blood that once filled my mouth spilled and I was able to gasp for air. A groan emitted from the back of my throat as my senses slowly returned to me. The hole in my chest had been sealed, and, somehow, my wounds were healing.

Tilting my head up, my eyes shifted to the man standing just a couple of feet away from me. My gaze wandered to his blood concealed hand to find it empty. Although his back had not been completely turned to me, his attention remained strictly on the far end of the room.

Pushing my chest off of the ground, my eyes followed to the direction in which Enos had been forced to give attention to. It was when my gaze landed on Cam that I realized what had caused his distraction.

A hand held firmly onto her neck. Her head had been tilted back, forced against someone’s chest while she whimpered in pain.

I stood on my feet, my gaze shifting to Cam’s captor.


I furrowed my eyebrows, eyeing the men standing beside him: Kenneth, Andrew, Tarlac.

“Erebus...” the familiar voice trailed off.


My heart dropped as I turned my head to the side, my eyes fixating on the woman that I thought I’d never see again. Her eyes held tears, the look of helplessness took over any other emotion she could’ve been feeling.

“Please...” she whispered in a shaky breath.

Find something to fight for.

Doraime’s words rung in my ears as I stared into Silver’s compelling eyes. And, as I stared into them, I found my reason. I found every reason.

I had a baby girl to raise.

I had a chance to make up for the things I that had done.

Cam hurt my sister.

Cam hurt my baby girl.

Cam hurt my…


It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, anger instantly overtaking me as my attention turned to the blonde that had taken part in taking so much from me. Rage made what was left of the blood within me boil, my fangs lengthening, my eyes altering to their pitch-black color.

There was one thing I had to do before I even thought about coming in contact with another: I had to finish the fight. In the moment that I may decide to even touch another, the challenge would be void and Enos would take the throne by default.

There were so many pesky rules to fighting for the crowns.

None of that mattered though, because in the next second, when I turned to Enos, I felt myself beginning to lose the control I had over my mind. For a second, everything went dark. I wish I could say that I remembered what I did, but I didn’t. All I had were holes in my memories that I was left to fill as I found myself standing over a lifeless body—Enos’ lifeless body.

The taste of fresh blood lingered in my mouth, my eyes gazing down at the headless corpse. Surely, I knew what I had done in just a matter of seconds as my gaze wandered to my occupied hands. I clenched onto Enos’ heart with one hand, while the other held onto Enos’s head.

A shaky breath passed my lips, my fists loosening as my gaze shifted to meet Cam. Although I was in control of myself, the anger coursing within me had not lessened.

I moved to her and in less than a second, I stood merely a few feet away from her. My attention reverted to Max and to that cocky smirk he held on his face. He eyed me for a moment, a light chuckle escaping his mouth as he shoved Cam towards me.

She stumbled for a few steps before she stepped within my reach, and I didn’t hesitate to take hold of her neck, tightly grasping onto it and blocking her airway.

She had something to say; I saw it in her eyes. She wanted to speak, but I wasn’t going to hear it. I didn’t want to.

I had one tough decision to make.

As much as I wanted to kill her on the spot, I wanted her to suffer for hurting my sister; I wanted her to suffer for hurting my daughter and framing my beloved.

“What should I do with you..?” I growled.

There was a moment in which I knew that if I held onto her for any longer, she’d lose consciousness, so I loosened my hold just enough to allow her to gasp for air before tightening it once more.

I wasn’t finished with her—I was far from finished. But, suddenly, I felt a gentle touch on my arm. The familiar warmth forced my attention to the woman standing beside me.


Her eyes captured mine and before I could speak, she placed her unoccupied hand on the arm lifting Cam off of the ground.

“Let her go,” she breathed out.

At her command, I did as she wanted. My hold on Cam’s neck loosened till she was freed from my capture and collapsed onto the marble floor.

With my breath caught in my lungs, I hesitantly reverted my attention to Cam. Once having caught her breath, she scrambled onto her feet. She wasted no time on standing around and immediately rushed to the exit.

Not to my surprise though, her attempt to escape was denied. Kenneth having moved to the doors swiftly, her body impacted his before he harshly gripped onto her upper arms, the smirk playing on his face only growing.

“You know...I’ve always had a thing for blondes,” he chuckled, his gaze shifting to meet Tarlac’s. “There are no children running around the house…” his voice trailed off. “You wouldn’t mind if I...kept a slave. Would you?”

Tarlac slipped his hands into his pockets, shrugging his shoulders with a smug look on his face. “Keep your...new pet well trained,” he said to Kenneth.

A smirk crept onto my face but quickly faded once my attention returned to Silver. My only thoughts were how much I hurt her and how much I needed to apologize to her.

Ultimately, as much as I wanted to apologize, I couldn’t find my words. They all seemed to be lost in the thought that no matter how sorry I truly was, there was no way in hell any simple apology would fix what I had done.

So, I did the only thing I could do: I dropped to my knees before her, bowing to her. I bowed to the woman I owed everything to. Yes, even as king, and her seen as no more than another pureblood, I kneeled before her.

She was my beloved.

Kneeling to her, bowing to her, was something I should’ve done since the day I met her.

I’ll die before I hurt her again.

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