Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 6: Pained Lover



This house is full of idiots.

My movements ceased at the top of the staircase after my ascent and my gaze shifted from the carpet floor beneath to the direction in which light footsteps echoed from. I caught sight of a woman approaching from the right wing with her arms crossed just beneath her chest and her own blue-gray eyes lifting from the attention of the floor to meet my hazel ones.

She asked as she came to a stop but a couple of feet beside me, “Where are you going?”

I eyed her momentarily, my own curiosity surfacing as...no one ever bothers to ask nor care about my whereabouts unless I am needed. I muttered, “None of your business.”

“It is my business,” she argues, her eyes narrowing on me.

“Oh?” I mused.

My gaze shifted away from her and I turned on my heels, giving her my back. When I began my movements away from her, the sound of her footsteps met my ears again. She hurried behind me, moving past me to stand before me and quickly turning on her heels to face me.

A sigh surpassed my lips as I was forced to come to a halt. My eyes narrowed on her small form, the sense of annoyance and irritation that quickly built inside me forcing my features into a glower.

“If you’re in trouble, I need to know where to find you,” she insisted.

I scoffed, “If I’m in trouble then I hope it’s not you the one looking for me.” I paused momentarily, looking her once-over as a look of confusion surfaced on her own features. I bluntly added, “I’ll be dead by the time you find me.”

“What is your problem?” she snapped, “Are you for--”

“Forgetting what?” I cut her off and sarcastically queried, “That you’re my queen?”

A chuckle emitted from the back of my throat as I caught the glare of annoyance in her eyes. I stated, “No, Miss Angela, I am not.”

“Anyway...” my voice trailed off, “do you need something?”

“No,” Angela shook her head. She shifted uncomfortably before hesitantly presenting what it was that was on her mind, “just...will you take Celic with you?”

The devil’s daughter? Do you want him to kill me?

I didn’t know Celic as anyone other than the daughter of the eldest and strongest male seeker, Tarlac. Unlike him or her former necromancer, now vampire, mother, Celic is a vampire of Royalty--or in other classifications, a Pureblood. However, alike her mother, Katherine, Celic wields the gift of a Traveler.

“Why..?” I questioned with uncertainty.

Angela sighed, “She’s been cooped up in her room since Silver left.”

“Okay?” I mused as I furrowed my eyebrows. I shrugged, “How’s that my problem?”

“It isn’t, I was just hoping --”

“I’m just asking you to not be a dick for one day and ask her to go with you out of the good of your heart.”

The good of my heart, eh?

I sighed, “If you’re telling me to do it then I wouldn’t be doing it out of the good of my heart, would I?”

She visibly rolled her eyes at me as an exasperated groan emitted from the back of her throat. I was never the seeker to go to in a case like this: I’m selfish and, by frankly, I’m an asshole.

She knows that.

“Just this once, Hunter,” she persisted, “You could use a little light in that dark heart of yours.”

Of course...and I would turn to Celic for that because the couple of times I’ve come across her in her forty-two years of existence, though we live in the same house, she’s annoyingly chirpy and ‘full of life’.

With that, my dearest queen walked in the direction in which she originally came from only to turn at the top of the staircase and descent.

I knew I wasn’t truly given a choice. Though I’ll admit, at times, I show little obedience toward Angela, the only female seeker and also the strongest among our kind, she is what she is and I cannot fight authority. All know the others would kill me if I did.

Another sigh surpassed my lips and as I forced myself to push aside my own self-protest, I began my movements to Celic’s bedroom. When I came to stand before the entrance to her room, I stood still for a moment in contemplating how I should approach her.

I was, for the most part, used to the lighthearted girl that woke up at six o’clock in the morning and skipped down the hall with an awfully broad smile plastered on her face. Many may disagree, but I rather enjoyed this silence echoing through the halls. We hadn’t had this much silence since before Angela, Silver’s grandmother, was brought here soon after birth.

Now, since Silver took her leave, Celic refuses to leave her bedroom.

It’s pathetic, really.

Silver is living her life while Celic spends her days moping and wishing she’ll come back. I understand that Celic mourns her because she may have fallen in love with her, but if I were her, I’d say ‘fuck it’. Silver doesn’t give a damn about her, otherwise she’d have stayed or at least attempted to take Celic with her.

But of course, Celic doesn’t believe that--or maybe she does, but she refuses to accept it.

Pulling out of my thoughts, I brought my hand up to the door and rapped my knuckles against the wood. Seconds later, I was received by a nearly inaudible voice, muttering, “Come in...”

Hesitantly, I moved my hand to grasp the doorknob and gently turned it under my touch. I pushed the door inward, revealing the clean and neat bedroom. When my eyes landed on the fuzzy pink sheets concealing the bed, I caught sight of the small figure buried beneath. She had completely concealed her body and left nothing but a couple of locks of her silver-white hair visible along the edge of her bed.

“Umm...” I hummed.

I walked in and cautiously closed the door behind me. In doing so, neared her till I met the nearest side in which she laid and I sat beside her form. After she, more than likely, felt my exact presence, she hesitantly peeked her head out of the covers.

Her eyebrows had furrowed at me, the exact surprised and confused look I expected instantly surfacing on her soft features.

Seeing as I had caught her attention, I took a moment to observe her as I had never been at such a short distance from her. Her hair had been thrown in a messy and I noticed her icy-blue orbs held a unique darkening color around them--unlike the other traveler gifted individuals I’ve come across.

Somehow, however, she came off somewhat...attractive.

I audibly sighed, inward shaking my head.

Okay, she looks...adorable.

Her eyes bored into my own, waiting for me to speak as she silently questioned me.

I explained, “I’m going to visit my siblings in the human realm. W--”

“Siblings?” she interrupted. It seems that the mere mention had caught her complete and utter attention and she stated in uncertainty, “I thought your parents were killed soon after you were born.”

They were...

I arched an eyebrow, slightly nodding my head away from her to eye the nightstand where a white teddy bear was stationed upon.

“Well, there is such a thing as older siblings, Celic...” my voice trailed off as my sight returned to her.

A beautiful smile broke upon her lips, a sly giggle emitting from the back of her throat as she awkwardly commented, “Right...”

“How many siblings do you have?” she asked.


“Oh...” her voice trailed off as she nodded away. When her gaze fell away from my own, unfortunately, as quick as that beautiful smile of hers rose it faded.

The atmosphere grew tense, and before I could allow the silence to create and even bigger tension, I muttered, “So...” her gaze reverted to me, “you want to go?”

There was a pause of silence and all the while, a saddened look surfaced on her features.

“Can we look for Silver?” she asked with a quiver in her thin voice.

I hate you, Angela...

I sighed and in an instant, the sense of annoyance and irritation I felt prior to coming in returned.

“Silver doesn’t want to be found, Celic,” I snarled.

“But what if she’s hurt?” she was quick to protest. There was something about the compassion held in her voice that made me almost sympathize her.


“That is her problem,” I muttered as I pushed off of the bed, straightening on my feet. When I turned back to glance at her, I could see the tears begin to form at the brim of her eyes. And before as those tears could so much as fall, she clenched onto the bed-sheets and threw them over her face.

“If we aren’t going to look for Silver, I don’t want to go anywhere...” she cried.

I clenched my jaw, my eyes involuntarily rolling to the back of my head in exasperation as I began my movements for the exit. I was more annoyed than anything for having my time wasted and for that, when I met the door, I swiftly pulled it open and returned with a scoff, “You’re so pathetic.”

I spat, “Sliver’s probably having the time of her life while you lay here waiting on her like a lost little puppy.”

Without another word, I was sure to slam the door behind me as I took my leave.

Oh, Silver...If I ever see you again, pray that you do not catch me in a bad mood...

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