Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 7: An Unexpected Guest


Hours went by and I had done nothing but cleaned countless bedrooms. Genesee had shown me around the mansion and I had counted a total of fifty-two rooms, thirty-seven of which are bedrooms.

This house is bigger than the one I used to live in.

I didn’t know that was possible.

I found that the vampires that take residence in this house are all part of an empire. An empire lead by him: Erebus. I once heard about vampires in this realm running their own rings, some of them fighting for territory while others fight to defend what belongs to them. And the reason was obvious: the more populated the area, the bigger variety of a meal available.

To my understanding, Purebloods are the only ones that are strong enough to lead an empire or qualify for the position while the rest fall into their respective position to serve their emperor.

Up until last night, I was utterly ignorant to the subject for the mere reason that empires, clans, coven, whatever you want to call them, they are not common in the other world; Seekers have strict rules against it.

I also learned that there are places in this world that are not claimed by vampires, but the ones that are, do not anyone not associated with them to step foot in it. When and if a vampire does choose to trespass the territory of these “emperors”, the watchers that lead patrol groups within those grounds are given specific instructions to kill those trespassers on sight. Learning this, I realized just how lucky I was that night.

However, the question still lingered: why enslave me?

Slaves? He has plenty of.

Why did he spare me?

A sigh escaped my mouth as the sound of the air-conditioner turning on pulled me out of my thoughts. I’d just finished cleaning the top of Erebus’ dresser, and seeing as I was carefully selected for this honorable job, I took it upon myself to snoop around.

It’s not everyday you get the pleasure of cleaning after your king’s mess.

Well, truth be told, there was nothing to clean. In fact, it almost seemed as if the room had been cleaned before I stepped foot inside. My only efforts came when I had to fix the bed sheets and move the couple of books and chair back to their original place.

Then, of course, there was a shirt. It had been thrown onto the center of the already made bed and when I picked it up, I noticed it had already been perfectly ironed. I was careful in taking it into the walk-in closet, placing it on a hanger and hanging it in it’s place.

That wasn’t too bad...

I quickly stepped back into the bedroom, silently closing the closet door soon after. I had taken but a mere two steps back when I came to an abrupt halt at the sound of a throat being cleared. My body jolted, my head instantly snapping to the direction of the bedroom door where my eyes caught the familiar pair of hazel ones.


“Are you almost done, slave?”

It was the way that word rolled off of his tongue that made my blood boil and my body involuntarily cringe. I hated being spoken to with such disrespect and being degraded while he expected nothing but obedience and respect in return.

He was unfair, cruel, and unreasonable.

Little by little, I came to understand that the reason he did anything that benefited him in not the slightest and irritated me to no end was because he could. Just because he could and no one could do anything about it.

I could do nothing about it.

If he knew who I really was, he’d be kissing my ass and begging me I not to tell my family about this.

“Well?” he arched an eyebrow as he waited for a response.

When I finally broke the lock in our eyes, shifting my gaze to the beige carpet beneath, I muttered, “Yeah, I’m done.”

With that, I bowed my head and asked to be excused.

Though I had plenty to say, I learned to keep my thoughts to myself. Naturally, I’d respect him for the mere fact that he holds both crowns: he is my King and Prince. But the way we met, the way he treated me, that “natural instinct” was quickly fading.

I had to force myself to show him the slightest bit of respect, even if I wanted otherwise for the mere reason that I wanted to live to see another day--or perhaps he wouldn’t kill me, but he damn well won’t hesitate to starve me or beat me to unconsciousness again.

Besides...if I wanted out of here, I needed to behave to, at the very least, earn his trust.

First chance I get...I’m gone.

I had begun my movements to the exit, meeting the door behind him as I had brushed past him. All the while, I reached to grasp the doorknob and I could feel him glaring daggers into me. A string of chills shot up my spine, my hand quickly turning the knob under my touch and pulling the door toward me. It’d hardly creaked opened when Erebus’ hand suddenly pressed against it, slamming it shut.

A shaky breath passed my lips and the familiar knot of fear formed in the edge of my throat. The feeling of his hot breath fanning the top of my earlobe made the hair on the back of my neck stand and my body visibly shudder. Being stuck in a room with insanely strong King while I underwent starvation under his hand, I felt as if I had been rendered powerless.

“Did I say you could leave?”

His husky voice only made the knot in my throat grow bigger, and before I could so much as think I felt an odd and sudden heat gather in my abdomen.

What. The. Hell.

The fear I felt towards him, I enjoyed.

The heat had quickly spread to almost the entirety of my body and when he moved closer, his lean and muscular body pressing against my smaller figure, my breath caught in my lungs. His hand brushed against my waist, moving to touch my belly and ceasing its movements there.

Though I could hardly think clearly, I knew exactly what he was doing--what he was trying to.

I swallowed the knot in my throat and stuttered the response to his question, “N-No.”

“No, what?” He questioned with a whisper in my ear.

“No, m-master...”

The taste of the word itself disgusted me, but when I heard the following words come from his mouth, the feeling that erupted contradicted every other emotion already settled inside me.

“Turn to me, love.”

It was as if I had no control anymore and I did as he wanted, releasing the doorknob from my hand and turning my body to face him. I felt frighteningly compelled to him and it only rose the question of whether the crown holders had some kind of mind control over those who did not or those inferior to them.

I strictly kept my attention on his well toned chest till he closed the gap between us and I had subconsciously forced myself to look up at him. He held that cocky smirk of his on his lips and that arrogant glint in his eyes.

I could see that he had taken a moment to study me then cautiously rose his hand to cup the side of my face while the other moved from my waist to my lower back. The atmosphere changed and it only harder for me to breathe.

“Do I make you nervous?” he asked with a lustful gaze. His eyes had not for a second shifted from my own and it was then that I realized he wasn’t purposely compelling me; he couldn’t. I had acted upon his wishes out of my own twisted desire and what sickened me even more was that I had subconsciously accepted that I enjoyed the dominance he had over me.

I fought back against my betraying body’s impulse, the heat in my body briefly lifting as I regained my composure. I let out a sigh and groan in frustration just a split second before slipping myself away from his touch. I moved to stand to his side at an arm’s length distance and growled, “I will not be seduced by you.”

Just as those words left my mouth, the air left my lungs. I found myself pinned against the wall across the room, gasping loudly as Erebus firmly pressed his body against my own. His lips lightly brushed against mine and he took the opportunity that I was completely thrown off guard to capture both of my wrists in one of his hands and pinned them above my head.

I felt the heat in my abdomen quickly lower to my core and in attempt to resist, my sex muscles clenched.

“P-Please...” my voice was breathy, my breathing becoming erratic. I didn’t know what I was begging for, my mind knew I wanted everything against what my body lusted for, but no matter how hard I tried to fight against every desire, my body continued to betray me and I instantly fell victim to him.

“What are you begging for?” I felt his smirk against my lips as his unoccupied hand trailed down the side of my body. I could feel my juices seep out of me and soak my once dry thong.

“I-I d-don’t want this...” I whimpered and just as those words left my mouth he chuckled, “Your body tells me otherwise. I can smell your arousal.”

My breath hitched in my throat as he released my wrists from his grasp and moved his hands down to the side of my thighs only to lift them and force me to wrap them around his waist. Once his actions were attained, he again, captured my wrists in a single hand and pinned them over my head. Slowly, his hand trailed to my already soaking sex and his finger pulled my thong to the side, exposing me to him.

I threw my head back, gasping loudly as his thumb began its torturous circling movements against my aching bundle of nerves.

“Please...” I begged again as a wave of pleasure struck me. I bit my lip in attempt to hold back the moans that so desperately wanted to escape my mouth and I moaned through my teeth, “Stop...”

My back arched toward him and my eyelids fell shut as I allowed myself to give in to him. All the while another chuckle emitted from the back of his throat and brought his lips to my fully exposed neck where he planted gentle kisses. Without warning, he plunged a finger into me as he continued to stimulate my swollen bud.

“M-Master...” I moaned. My moans and groans only grew louder as he added another finger and fiercely pumped his curled fingers in and out of me, hitting my spot every single time.

“You are so wet...” he mumbled into my neck, his actions never ceasing or decelerating.

I was quickly coming to meet my euphoric state and just as my body needed that final push, he did the cruelest thing he’d done yet: he stopped.

He completely pushed himself off of me, mercilessly allowing me to collapse onto the carpet floor beneath. My body quivered from the unexpected turn of events and before I could so much as react further, the door swung open.

“Big brother!”

The sound of a little girl’s voice had my eyes snapping up only to catch Erebus licking my juices off of his fingers. My eyes widened at the sight, my lips parting in a mix of embarrassment and confusion.

A part of me was angry that he had stopped and another was angry at myself for giving in so willingly and easily.

I’d never been seduced before...ever.

Refusing to keep my eyes on him any longer, I turned my sights to the doorway where a blonde little girl who appeared around the age of six stared directly and solely at me. Beside her, on either sides, stood an amused Mardel and a smirking Zeus.

When I heard a sigh erupt from Erebus, I briefly shifted my gaze to him and caught a smug look on his features. He then cleared his throat and turned to acknowledge the little girl standing behind him.

“What is it, Kay?”

I reverted my sight to her only to find that she hadn’t bothered on so much as acknowledging him, but instead kept her own sight on me.

“Are you alright?” Erebus’ voice had changed to hold more of a concerned tone. He stepped toward her, approaching her. Only then, with hesitation, did the little girl that had referred to him as ‘big brother’ turned her head to him and nodded.

She whispered, “Yeah.”

Though she was quick to return her prior acknowledgement to me, she didn’t have Erebus’ own attention for much longer as when chuckles erupted from beside her, he turned to the two men standing on both sides. Seeing as he had given me his back, I hadn’t caught his reaction to them, but something told me it wasn’t very nice because in the next moment their faces embraced a serious and almost blank expression.

“Big brother...” it was the little girl’s small and sweet voice that had forced both, Erebus’ and my own, attention solely to her. She tugged on the side of his pants, signalling for him to crouch down to her, and just as she wanted, Erebus lowered himself to her small form and questioned, “What is it?”

“Who is she?” I heard her whisper to him.

Erebus hadn’t expected such a question and when it was time he responded, he faltered, “She’s my uh...” He paused for a moment, glancing back at me before swiftly finishing, “She’s our new maid.”

“Oh...” her voice trailed off as she nodded very slowly. She didn’t question him any further, but instead muttered, “She’s so pretty...”

When my eyes shifted to catch her hazel ones, I felt a pull in my heart that only tugged harder the longer I kept my gaze on her. And just moments later, she turned to Erebus and asked, “Can I touch her?”

“Uh...” he hesitated, turning to shoot Mardel and Zeus a look and nodding toward me. Soon after, I caught both of them moving to me and only when they stopped on either of my sides did Erebus give the little girl a nod and softly replied, “Sure...”

Erebus shifted uneasily as he watched the little girl that he had some obvious care for near me. A regretful glint flashed in his eyes and his muscles tensed once she came to a stop at arms length and reached to touch my hair. I felt a sudden sense of offense and I narrowed my eyes on him.

Okay...I am a lot of things but I would never hurt an innocent.

“I like your hair,” she kindly complimented in a low whisper, and just like that, she had regained my full attention.

“Thank you,” I replied with a friendly smile spread across my lips.

Noticing my amiable approach, she gathered an even greater confidence and shot another compliment at me, “You’re so pretty.”

I was entirely moved by her, feeling her welcoming presence as she moved closer to me. She rose her hands to cup the sides of my face, her warm and gentle touch embracing me as she stared directly into my eyes. It almost felt as if she was...fond of me and somehow, I felt the same for her.

“Beautiful,” I responded, lifting my hand to touch the side of her face. However, after having all but laid a finger on her, Zeus growled, “Do not touch her.”

With that, I sighed and completely withdrew my hand away from her. In doing so, the little girl did the same and introduced, “I’m Kevin, but you can call me Kay.”


“My name is Hope,” my voice was but a mere whisper. It was an odd feeling, presenting myself as someone I was not; as something I was not.

Without another word, Kevin turned to give me her back and ran to jump into Erebus’. He was quick to pick her up and hold her closely as he held an utterly perplexed look in his features. He had kept his attention on me, a question more than likely hanging on the tip of his tongue.

Nonetheless, he kept it to himself and acknowledged Kevin when she called, “Big brother?”

“What is it sweetheart?” There was a sincerity in his voice that I never so much as imaged hearing from him.

“Big sister has gone to run some errands.”

So there’s three of them.

A sigh passed Erebus’ lips and he took one final glance at me before turning completely to the direction of the door, his eyes more than likely landing on Genesee as she abruptly came to stand in the doorway.

I had learned that that woman is one of Erebus’ most entrusted guards, along with the two monsters standing beside me.

“Ere--” Genesee’s voice was cut off, noticing my presence before clearing her throat and correcting, “Sir, your brother is here.”

Why does she always do that?

“Alright,” Erebus nodded, turning back to acknowledge me with another one of his demands, “Get back to work, slave.”

I was infuriated by him, glaring my own daggers into his back as he took off while Mardel and Zeus backed off and walked to stand outside, leaning their backs against the wall across the hall once having stood there. I had quickly grown irritated and annoyed and when I lifted to stand on my feet, I realized I was more frustrated than anything. However, I hadn’t noticed any of this while that little girl, Kevin, stood before me.

There was something about her that made me sympathize her and lifted every bit of the mix of negative feelings swirling inside me. Perhaps it was her approach, or perhaps it was the fact that I felt her weaknesses from such a far distance. I don’t know how I know, but something told me that that little girl was only going to grow weaker and weaker.

It made sense even more so as I thought back to the events taking place no more than a few minutes ago and I directed my thoughts to the way Erebus stood by her in such a protective and possessive stance.

A part of me felt jealousy towards Erebus. I always wanted a little sister.

The way he showed concern for her almost had me believing that he isn’t the monster he may be pretending to be for mere show. And now that I think back to it, he really isn’t an asshole to anyone other than the other slaves and myself.

I sigh passed my lips, putting my thoughts to rest as I exited his bedroom. I walked past Zeus and Mardel, careful to keep enough distance so that Mardel couldn’t claim I shoved past him. The last time I accidentally bumped into him, he backhanded me because apparently that’s all these vampires know how to do: backhand people. And of course, there’s the question: what did Erebus do? He watched. Just watched.

Shortly after having stepped out of Erebus’ bedroom, I hurried to my own where I changed my undergarment. I felt oh-so-lucky that Erebus only ordered Genesee to lock the door during the daytime while he, and most of the vampires here, slept.

Afraid I’ll set you on fire in your sleep?

I just might when I get the chance to.


Erebus’ voice boomed through the halls, matching me nearly jump out of my skin.

What do you want now..?

I groaned as I threw my head back and released a deep sigh in exasperation. Being in no position to protest, I bowed my head and proceeded my way to the throne room. When I came to meet the corner sharply turning to step into the luxurious room, Erebus yelled for a second time, “Slave!”

I’m coming, dammit!

The instant I came to stop before the black platform in which his maroon chair resided on, he order me to kneel beside him. And as he wished, I did as I was told and kept my head bowed.

Although I had not bothered to look up, I knew we weren’t alone. I could feel an unnerving presence of another standing not far from where I kneeled. I kept to myself for as long as I could till I suddenly couldn’t think clearly, a horrible sense of fear course through me and toying with my mind. I could not help but wonder if my senses were off due to the minor feeding I was allowed to partake, and the more I thought about it, the quicker I met a state of anxiety and paranoia.

The strength radiating from this individual, alone, matched Erebus’, and as I said before, his kind of strength I have ever only seen in thirteen individuals, including Erebus.

I bit back on my lip, taking a deep breath before hesitantly raising my head. My eyes instantly locking with a pair of familiar chocolate brown ones and my heart dropped just as fast.


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