Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 8: Not My Problem


My eyes had nearly jumped out of my skull, staring blankly at the woman sitting on my brother’s lap who I knew all too well.

I did not see that coming…

The moment she stepped foot into the room, I knew exactly who she was, and what threw me off was not that she came across my brother, but that she sat on his lap like some kind of...pet.

Does he have a fucking death wish?!

My gaze snapped to Erebus, my eyes locking with his as he placed his hand atop of Silver’s lap and firmly squeezed.

“Brother,” he introduced as my eyes narrowed on Silver, “this is my new pet, Hope.”


Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me....

The gears in my head had quickly turned, everything clicking into place as I came into realization that my brother had not the slightest clue of who Hope really was.

Of course, she had lied to him about who she was: she wasn’t kidding when she said she didn’t want to be found.

I bit my tongue, watching the scene play out in front of me as I debated whether I should spit the truth or not; if I did, it wouldn’t be for the sake of Silver as...I didn’t give a damn about her being his slave. Surely, she must have been enjoying it otherwise she’d have said something, that is unless, of course, she’d like her identity to remain a secret.

I didn’t have a problem with her being out and alone, she isn’t my child, but even if she was, if the girl is ready to experience what life really is like outside of the walls of momma’s and dadda’s home, then I applaud her. The problem was, if anyone recognized her it wouldn’t be long before the word spread and made it’s way into the other world. Then, there is no doubt in my mind her entire family or anyone bearing the last name Synn, apart from me, would be knocking down Erebus’ door.

Then, I don’t think even Silver’s word could save him. Or perhaps, his life may be pardoned, but he’ll be punished.

Hell, I’ll be put along side him for not speaking up.

Dammit! Silver, what the hell were you thinking?!

My ability to remain calm in such an uneasy situation was being put to the test, and luckily, I was doing just fine. Although the mere fact that she’s in his home puts my entire family at risk...this is her choice and if anyone is to be punished, it should be her.

I forced a smirk to find it’s way on my lips and I turned my attention to my brother to say, “You’re one crazy son of a bitch, you know that?”

He had given Silver a sideway glance, a chuckle erupting from the back of his throat as he redirected his gaze to me. I had been utterly amazed by Silver’s ability to control her demeanor by pretending she didn’t know me.

She is a pretty good damn liar.

“How do you control her?” I asked to keep any kind of suspicion from arising. Silver’s eyed had snapped up to meet my own, almost as if she was surprised I had gone along with whatever little game she was trying to play.

Thought I was going to snitch? I’m far from done with you yet.

Setting what I knew aside, truthfully, I was curious. Devil’s Blood won’t work on her, and I know she isn’t one to just follow orders. God knows her mother isn’t either.

There was a smug look on my brother’s face as he explained, “She is gifted with Tolerance, but starving her does just the trick.”

I nodded my gaze back to Silver, further interrogating my brother, “Where’d you find her?”

“Downtown after she fed on a meal that was not hers.”


“Trespassing and stealing, huh?” I tsked, catching Silver’s sight as she narrowed her eyes on me. There was something at the tip of her tongue, waiting to be barked at me. Nonetheless, she bit back while I struggled to suppress my own amusement.

“What made you decide to spare her?” I asked with as much sincerity I could muster. I knew keeping a woman like her would only serve to boost his ego.

As expected, he responded, “Do you have any idea what kind of respect I’ll receive when word gets out that I have a Pureblood vampire pet?”

A fool my brother is.

“So, I guess this means you’re keeping her?”

“Well,” he spoke of her as if she wasn’t sitting right on top of him, “I’m sure as hell not letting her go anytime soon. At least not until she gives me a reason to.”

There was a possessiveness that took over him that I had never seen before and I could tell it greatly bothered and annoyed Silver, yet she said nothing.

Slowly, Erebus’ eyes shifted to her, but Silver’s attention remained strictly on me.

“Tell you what,” he proposed, “if she doesn’t learn how to behave, I’ll give her to you. Maybe you could teach her a lesson.”

The instant those words left his mouth, Silver’s eyes widened. I knew my brother wasn’t serious about his proposition, it isn’t like him to simply give his toys away. However, I knew his reason for saying he would otherwise was to spark some fear in that little heart of hers.

Regardless of whether she knew me as Hunter Synn or the man who lives in the same home she grew up in, a Seeker is what keeps every being in all worlds running scared.

We are the devil in the flesh.

The sound of a throat being cleared forced me out of my thoughts and my attention directed to a familiar beautiful tall brunette.


As soon as her own eyes landed on me, her cheeks gathered a bright pink color and she smiled with a hint of relief in her voice, “Hunter.”

I shot a smirk right back at her, acknowledging her, “Genesee.”

There was always something about the way her name rolled off of my tongue that made it seem she was near crawling and begging me for what I’d always be delighted to give her.

Yes, we fucked a couple of times.

“What is it, Genesee?” Erebus asked as Genesee’s attention averted to him.

“Sir, you’re needed in the conference room. Enos is here.”

At the mere mention of the only Pureblood vampire by the name of Enos who had the power to summon his king, Erebus sighed and mumbled a string of incoherent curse words under his breath before standing.

He took a moment to turn to Silver and harshly grasped her jaw to force her to look up at him. She whimpered under his hold and I immediately realized why he was so possessive over her: he enjoys making her squirm and does it merely because he has the power to do so.

This man is, without doubt, my older brother.

“Behave,” he demanded.

Silver had shot a glare at him, again clearly biting back the smart remark she so desperately wanted to say. With that, Erebus thrashed her head back, releasing her from his grasp and slid his hands into his pocket before turning on his heels. He was quick to take his leave, Genesee following closely behind him.

I waited till Erebus’ presence had completely faded, my attention never leaving Silver and her’s never left mine.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I growled, narrowing my eyes at her.

“I should be asking you the same,” Silver sassed back, crossing her arms as she flipped her hair over her shoulders.

You are in no position to have an attitude right now...

“I have every right to be here,” I returned, “my family lives here. You on the other hand...out of all territories...why the hell would you trespass his?! Idiot...”

She rolled her eyes and scoffed, “How was I supposed to know this happened to belongs to him? Besides, even if I had known, I had no idea I could be killed or enslaved for it.”

You’ve got to be kidding me...

I shook my head in frustration, “It’s common sense, you dumb-ass!”

I had almost immediately stood from the seat in which I had been sitting on. The apprehension I felt striking my heart was too much to allow me to remain still, and in my state of anxiety I began to pace back and forth.

I felt overwhelmed and I had not the slightest clue of what actions to take. I didn’t give a damn about what she wanted, but I knew exposing her would force me to take her home where she’d have to tell about what went on here that would screw me over, regardless.

At least, I knew I didn’t have to worry about one thing: he’d never force himself onto her, that isn’t his style.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Silver watched me in her own mix of uncertainty and anxiety. She knew I was angry, very angry. I had every right to be. She needed to understand that her actions could get me and my family killed.

But also...I knew that, though we’ve never been fond of each other, she’s not one to do things with malicious intentions.

“Please, don’t tell.”

Silver’s small voice having met my ears, I stopped abruptly. I had snapped my gaze to her, narrowing my eyes on her as I questioned, “Why shouldn’t I?”

She sighed, “I don’t want to go back there and live as a burden. Living in a house filled with nothing but superiors makes me feel...worthless. I don’t want to be there.”

Though I understood where she was coming from, it angered me that she’d even considered asking me to keep myself, as a witness to this crime, silent. I had subconsciously clenched my jaw, my demeanor being easy for her to read as she continued to cautiously study me.

“Please,” she pleaded, “I promise that when I get out of here I will not say a word against you or your family.”

I wasn’t entirely taken aback by her request, but I was surprised by what she had offered in return. With another sigh passing my lips, I breathed out, “You know that he’s never going to let you go, right?”

If I was to strike this bargain with her...I wanted to her fully understand what it meant. I’m not one to take kindly to another that doesn’t keep their word.

“I don’t need his consent to leave,” she explained, “I’ll get out on my own.”

She seemed so sure it all but made me believe her. Things don’t work as easy as when you have the set of thirteen strongest beings standing behind you at all times.

Here...she’s on her own.

I moved to stand closer to her, leaning down to merely inches apart from her face, “Then you’ll do what? Wonder off into someone else’s territory? You were lucky my brother didn’t kill you.”

A frown had made it’s way onto her soft features.

“Why do you care? Last time I checked, you didn’t give a damn about anyone but yourself,” she took a moment’s pause, eyeing me before sarcastically asking, “Have you gone soft?”

My blood boiled, her having clearly struck a nerve.

“This puts me and my family in a really bad position, Silver. If they find out, w--”

She interrupted, stating with great certainty in her voice, “They aren’t going to find out because I am not going to say anything and neither are you.”

I exhaled a deep breath I hadn’t realized I was holding in my lungs, and noticing her stubbornness, my thoughts then shifted to another individual that reminded me of her.

“What about Celic?” I asked.

Silver’s voice had changed, her demeanor doing so as well as she asked, “What about her?”

“She hasn’t stepped out of her room since the day you left.”

A glint of sadness flashed in her eyes. It was clear that learning about Celic mourning her had bothered her. I never believed in it, but I only had an idea of the kind of love Silver had for Celic. They were far from meant to being with each other, but they did feel for one another. Even if their “relationship” was solely that of a friends with benefits deal.

When I believed that Silver had a change of heart, she caught me off guard as she sassed, “How is that my problem?”

Okay...that’s fucked up.

“Celic loves you, Silver,” I snarled.

I didn’t care much for Celic, to be honest, but she was a nice girl. Though annoying, she has that gentle heart of hers that not many do. I would hate to see her change because of one person who hurt her enough to make her do so.

Silver threw her arms up in defeat and shrugged as she dusted the problem away as if it didn’t matter to her, “That is her fault. She knew that what we were doing was just for fun. Besides, I could never take a woman serious in a relationship.”

Then...she had managed to piss me off.

“Her fault? Are you fucking serious?” I snapped, “Silver, she is killing herself waiting for you to come back a--”

“She is not my problem,” she cut me off, “and stop calling me that!”

I chuckled in a mix of more anger and frustration than anything, “Oh, I’m sorry. Would you prefer I call you slave or pet?”

My sarcasm had pushed one too many buttons and she had finally done it, “You know what? Fuck you! I don’t need to take this bullshit from you or a--”

She never did finish her little rant as before she could, but a mere blur flashed before my eyes and the sound of her back slamming against the wall met my ears. I had snapped my head to a side, catching Erebus’ back as he pressed Silver’s against the wall and his hand held her by her neck.

I could sense her fear, her body quivering as she struggled against brother’s’ death-like grip. His hold never faltered, keeping her steadily in place as his other hand balled into a tightly clenched fist.

“I think it’s time I teach you a lesson,” he growled through his teeth, a fury I could only imagined ready to take over him.

Should I stop him?

My thoughts went back to Celic and my decision was quickly made.


“I’m s--” Silver tried to apologize, and I only stood to finish watching the scene play out. He had blocked her airway, forbidden her from speaking any longer. The color of her pale face had turned to a deep red color and she whimpered as tears began to roll down my face.

She was defenseless; utterly defenseless. And in her weakened state, compared to him, she was nothing.

Seeing as Erebus had given me his back, I couldn’t see his face. However, the tone in his voice spoke a million words though he only spoke a few, “Brother...Would you like to join me?”

I had glimpsed at Silver’s beat form, Erebus still holding her defenseless. At any given moment, he could easily crush her. However, he had suddenly loosened his hold for...I knew he had every intention on punishing her and if he was to do that, he needed her to be conscious.

The instant he released her from his grip, he collapsed onto her marble floor, her knees having given up beneath her. She had gasped loudly, holding herself up with the bit of strength she could muster.

When my brother finally turned to me, his hazel eyes meeting my own, I knew he was getting tired of waiting for a response. I couldn’t keep him waiting much longer.

With a grin plastered on my face, I chuckled, “I’d love to.”

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