Pureblood King's Hope

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Chapter 9: Betraying Instincts


“Brother...would you like to join me?”

I had spoken through my clenched jaw as I fought to keep myself under control. The heat in my boiling blood nearly rolled off of my skin; I was beyond angry--furious. It was one thing to disrespect me, but disrespect my family?

She crossed the line.

A grin was plastered on Hunter’s face and he chuckled, “I’d love to.”

With no intentions on showing her even the slightest bit of mercy, I aggressively grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her along the floor until we met the dungeon. Her pain-filled screams erupted from the back of her throat, echoing down the halls as she attempted to fight off my hard grip on her. When her hands had come up to touch my own, she dug her fingernails into my skin and it only urged me to pull on her even more so.

At first, I didn’t feel the slightest bit of remorse and I felt with every right to treat her as I pleased as...she was mine to toy with. I owned Hope like property. However, with this new property came the enemy of natural instinct. A resistance I forced to bury itself as deep as possible would flicker each and every time I laid my hands on her or inflicted some kind of pain on her. With such, I often inflicted more pain in hope that it’d vanish, but it only tugged harder in my chest. I’ve never had a problem with my morals on the methods of my teachings toward my slaves. It was frustrating, really.

A part of me couldn’t help but wonder if the reason my actions came resistant was because of the fact that she is a pureblood vampire. Naturally, our instincts are to protect our kind.

Was I wrong for enslaving her?

In meeting our destination, her fragile and bare neck became my next target. I had tightly gripped onto her and lifted her from the concrete floor only to send her across the room with the smallest of efforts, it was almost amusing.

Her back impacted the wall I had chained her against the last time I had beaten her as punishment. The chains hanging freely bounced and rang against the concrete as she had hit them back and collapsed onto the floor. I had expected her to get up and attempt to flee, but instead, again she surprised me by doing otherwise.

She scrambled to sit up and pulled her knees up to her chest. In that instant, I moved to her and did not hesitate to backhand her. She remained silent as the back of my hand had impacted the side of her face; her head whipped to a side, the impact breaking through the thin layer of skin on her lip and bruising her cheek.

When she cautiously turned her attention back to me, I rose my hand to hit her once again. The problem is, when I did so, her eyes locked with my own and my intentions shifted completely. She looked at me with so much fear in her eyes, afraid of what I might do to her--afraid of what I was going to do to her, and that infuriating resistance utterly stopped me. More than likely noticing my actions, Hunter cleared his throat and grabbed my arm, forcing me to put it at rest.

“Brother, I think the humiliation is enough.”

Hunter’s words were like music to my ears and all at the same time set me in a state of shock. He is the one who often encouraged me to inflict as much pain as it took to make a slave obedient and...suddenly he thinks embarrassment is enough?

Hope’s gaze had remained on me and her fragile form shuddered under my glower. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught my brother taking but a mere glance at me before crouching down to her eye level. However, Hope’s attention still remaining strictly on me.

“Look at me,” Hunter demanded in a growl. With him taking the floor, I stepped aside and eyed his actions as he firmly took Hope’s chin and snapped her head up to him. Tears hung at the brim of her eyes and she exhaled a shaky breath in the couple of seconds that she waited for her superior to scold at her.

“Don’t you ever disrespect me again!”

She flinched at the aggressiveness in his tone and the waterworks began to the stream and stains down her cheeks.

“I promise you, next time, you won’t be so lucky.”

A sigh passed his lips and he recomposed himself only to turn to me and say, “I should get going.” I had acknowledged him with a mere nod, however my glare remained on Hope as she stared at Hunter in a taken aback expression.

There’s something about her...


Hesitantly, I turned my attention to my brother and nodded before proceeding to escort him out of the dungeon, leaving Hope in her state of confusion and shock.

I was far from done with her and soon enough she’d learn.

Not long after, Hunter and I came around to stepping out of the dungeon corridor; he had given me a light pat on my back and spoke away into the direction that would lead him out of my home, “Don’t be so hard on her. She’s a pureblood. Obviously, it’s going to take her sometime to get used to following rules.”

There was nothing more he had to say and chose to take his leave. He was behaving strangely, and I wondered if that had anything to do with him perhaps having something buried in his mind.

Before my dear little brother was exposed to a different nature, he was a wholehearted individual that many oddly became fond of on their first date met. However, now, Hunter is the most ruthless between the two of us. He had been changed into this...animal when the Seekers came to take him away after he transitioned into like them. There was nothing about him that remained the same after that, not even his last name that was altered from our family name, Dubois, to the Seeker’s family name, Synn.

I sympathized him at times.

With a sigh having passed my lips, I shook my head and moved back into the dungeon where I had my little mouse trapped and trembling in a corner. Any other time, I would have continued with my prior primary intentions, however, the mood to do so then had been ruined. Not only had the thought of my brother’s situation toppled me, but so had the fact that I knew that with time, I’d grow to not want to lay a finger on her anymore.

What is the point of having a toy you cannot play with?

My gaze landed on the beautiful silver-white haired woman burying herself into her knees on the same place and position she had been before I stepped out to part with my brother. When my sight shifted to her soft features, I admired the icy-blue color in her orbs as the dim light illuminated them with a glint.

In nearing her, her more than likely having felt my presence return to the room, she faltered to look up at me. Her eyes held a fear that did not exactly make me feel compassion for her but I did, for some reason, pity her. I pitied her not because I cared, but because the way in which she hid away behind this cautious wall reminded me how far beneath me she was--it was pathetic.

I crouched down to her eye level, our bodies being merely inches apart, and my voice lowered to be rather gentle than intimidating, “You must have some serious guts. Talking back to a Seeker? My brother should’ve killed you, you know that?”

I scoffed, “I should’ve killed you when I first laid eyes on you. You owe me.” Her eyes had widened at the last three words. “The least you could do is show my family and I a little respect.”


I had never been so afraid of anything in my life. I have seen each and every Seeker get angry till the point that they lose control but for some reason, when I saw the anger Erebus held, I felt fear like no other. And perhaps it is because I know that no matter what state my family is in, they would never go as far as hurting me bad enough to kill me.

I cannot say the same for Erebus.

I was hoping, with everything inside me, that he’d make the punishment quick. However, I was completely throw off when he showed me mercy. I didn’t understand why he had stopped. He was going to hit me for a second time, but he didn’t; that is what I was afraid of.

Then, Hunter. I know that the reason he agreed to join Erebus is because of what I said about Celic--that doesn’t make any sense because that man cares about no one but himself. I know that if Erebus hadn’t hesitated, at this very moment, I would have been chained and beaten by both of them.

Lucky? That is an understatement.

The sound of another sigh emitting from Erebus pulled me out of my thoughts and forced my attention to revert to him. He had straightened on his feet and refused to refrain from glowering at me. However, his glower was far from what bothered me the most.

“W-Why did you stop?” My voice shook helplessly in my deep state of anxiety.

“What?” He questioned, taking a step closer to me.

“Y-You were going to hit me...Why did you stop?”

He eyed he for a moment and in the next second, he rose his hand and backhanded me the way he was going to do so.

What part of ‘keep your mouth’ shut didn’t you get?

I mentally slapped myself as the stinging sensation spread throughout the left side of my face. I could feel the bruise begin to form as the taste of my blood filled my mouth.

“Is that what you wanted?” He spoke through his teeth as his jaw clenched, the darkness in his eyes returning. Without hesitating, he grasped onto my arm and forced me on my feet. A whimper had emitted from the back of my throat as I struggled beneath his hand.

Not long after, he tightened his grip and roughly forced my back up against the wall, his body pressing against my own. With his unoccupied hand, he firmly grasped onto my jaw and forced my to look up at him as he growled.

“Do not think for a second that I will hesitate to punish you again. You are my slave. I’ve told you once before, you will learn to obey even if I have to break you.”

You can’t break me.

“Believe me sweetheart, no one is truly unbreakable. Now, I suggest you keep that pretty little mouth of yours shut before you really piss me off and give me another reason to finish what I started.”

It was as if he could read right through me and it frightened me even more so. The more he did to me, the harder it was for me to keep this petty fight of mine up. This was no longer a game: it was very much real. And being in no position to resist him any longer, I nodded in submission.

“Y-Yes, master.”

The hard look on his face quickly softened at the sound of my words and a smug look worked it’s way upon his features.

“That’s more like it,” he chuckled away.

Without another word, he pulled me to the end of the dungeon where he reached into his pocket and drew a small key. He then proceeded to unlock his cell, and for the first time, he didn’t shove me inside or throw me in with his strength that I was no match against: he merely urged me to walk in on my own.

Obedience--that is what pleased him.

Submission--that was his weakness for gentleness in return.

With a sigh of my own, I moved inside and swiftly turned to watch him as he locked the cell door back into place and safely set the key in his dark jean pocket. My eyes remained on him as I shifted to lean my back against the cold concrete wall and slid down to sit in acceptance.

There was a look of satisfaction that lingered in his eyes before he cautiously turned away and disappeared into the darkness of the corridor that followed by the loud bang and barrier of the wooden dungeon door.

I have to get the hell of here...

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