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Legend of the First

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In the waters, so warmed by the blessings of the sun, and stirred by the love of the moon sparked the first-born. They were the triplets, Man, Beast, and Plant. Man walked from the ocean to live on land. Beast and Plant could not decide which was right for them. They split in half to become Fish and Animal, Reed and Tree. Reed and Fish bid Man, Animal, and Tree farewell, returning to the oceans to live.

Though for the company of Tree and Animal, Man did not feel fair, remaining whole, so he, too, split in half. However, his other half did not wish to return to the sea. So, Woman stayed near.

Man and Tree sustained each other. Animal helped to protect him. The sun loved the beauty of the Tree, and shone to help it grow. It glowed with pretty flowers for her. Fish and Reed sustained each other, too. Luna loved how they shimmered and continued to stir the tides to keep them happy.

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