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Crashing Down

Rex and Rust stood tense as they found themselves far outnumbered by a gang of herbivores and Blade. While Rust had his sights on Boulder, the ankylosaurus who began to wander ever so closer toward them, Rex had his eyes set on Blade and Rampage.

The latter, in particular, had his direct attention, and left no time to ponder how Blade came about with such metallic claws and teeth. With the horn long gone over his right brow bone, the triceratops yearned for revenge. As he began to stomp on the ground and snort, plumes of hot air burst from his nostrils.

Likewise, Blade had his mind racing as he thought of ways to dispatch of the two larger carnivores. Though Crunch’s defeat did little to quench his bloodthirsty ways, if he were to kill Rex in combat, the glory that would come for the baryonyx would be monumental.

Boulder began to turn as he crept up on the two dinosaurs, his clubbed tail hovering back and forth in anticipation of a powerful strike. His tail acting like a mace building momentum, the ankylosaurus kept his eyes locked on Rex’s toothy snout. Just one strike of this deadly weapon to his leg would bring down the monstrous titan, and the thick armored plates on his head, neck, and back only helped to assure himself to victory.

With the tyrannosaur focused on the two beasts behind them, Rust felt his heart race as Boulder inched in too close for comfort to the young lad. With a vicious snarl the acrocanthosaurus lunged forward, his head low when Boulder howled at him. With his narrow snout falling just beneath his opponent’s armpit, the massive carnivore brought his head up and upended the akylosaur despite his tremendous weight. With a helpless squeal, the armored dinosaur found himself emulating the common turtle when flipped onto his back as he rocked back and forth.

Rust might have attacked his exposed stomach if not distracted by Boulder’s minions sworn to protect their leader. Ceratopsians worked to keep the carnivore at bay with their menagerie of horns and tusks, while the duckbills used their snouts to hopefully roll the akylosaur back onto his feet.

The maneuver prompted Rampage to charge, grunting and snorting as he set his good horn to pierce Rex’s heart. Likewise the tyrannosaurus stepped forward, his chest racing with anticipation when he brought a heavy three-toed foot up. With the triceratop’s wicked horn racing toward his chest, Rex crashed his foot into his attacker’s brow, bringing the powerful assault to an abrupt end. Grass and dirt kicked up into the air when Rampage was forced to the ground under the tyrannosaur’s weight. There, Rex hoped that he might be able to crush his thick and heavy skull in, if not for another opponent darting forward.

Blade snapped his jaws, resounding in a metallic ping as he yearned for the chance to clamp down on the young tyrant’s warm flesh. With a cackle, he charged wildly, his fearsome weapons up and ready. Not again, Rex thought, when he took his foot off from the triceratop’s brow. In a mighty show of movement, he swung his thick, muscular tail around. Instead of biting it, Blade found himself overwhelmed by the force in Rex’s strike, and was sent reeling to the ground.

“Where’s your leader?” Rex asked. “Has he not the strength to face me again?”

“You’re looking at him.” Blade sneered as he quickly got to his feet. “I killed the one you fought before. Crash! Now!” The baryonyx turned to the forest, ready for the dome-headed dinosaur to surprise Rex with a painful headbut. Instead, he was met with silence. “Crash..?" He blinked once. Twice. After he cleared his throat, he looked to the triceratops. "Rampage, where is she?”

“I dunno, Boss. She was right behind us.” Rampage mumbled as he shook himself free of his headache. Then, with his teeth bared in a snarl, Rex charged Blade in a mighty show of strength and power. Without his backup plan, Blade panicked as he gave a surprised whelp. The tyrannosaur rammed his thick skull into the baryonyx, bringing him back to the ground with another wail.

“What do you want from us?” Rex demanded when he turned back to Rampage. The triceratops snorted once when he glanced over to Boulder in hopes that he could provide an explanation. The leader, however, continued to rock back and forth helplessly on his back.

In a final show of strength, the duckbilled-dinosaurs behind him helped their leader to regain both his footing and dignity. The incessant wobbling, however, left the herbivore’s head spinning. In a disoriented grunt his legs fell out from under him. Landing hard onto his chest and stomach, a painful headache could not stop throbbing inside his armored skull. With that, Rampage shook his frill.

“I dunno. Giant just wants you two gone.”

“Giant?” Rust turned his attention from Boulder’s men, who likewise dropped their guard. “Why?”

“I’m just following orders.”

“Shut up, Rampage!” Blade snarled as he staggered to his feet. Where Giant had cracked his ribs, the baryonyx found that Rex’s strike might have worked to break them. As such, he winced in intensive pain, stumbling backwards in a bid to separate himself from the battle that should have unfolded. Rex felt himself smirk. Perhaps he could use Blade to his advantage.

“Rust, let’s go. And, uh, Rampage? I commend you on your strength. 'Tis a pity that it goes wasted under, ahem...his leadership.” And with that, Rex glanced at the baryonyx, then to Rampage, and nodded his respects to the latter. Together he and Rust rushed back onto the trail they entered the clearing with, unchallenged by those present. Most of those present would rather work to help Boulder regain consciousness. Rampage blinked once when he looked to Blade, making his way toward him when he hesitated. Meanwhile, the herbivores doting on Boulder succeeded, and their leader finally came to. Shaking his head, the headache remained, but the armored dinosaur’s eyes narrowed harshly.

“What was that? You let them get away?” He demanded to his subordinates as he slammed his club down, when Blade approached them. “And you. You did nothing either. Oh, Giant's gonna be pleased with this.”

“So I hesitated. You try going up against that brat as I did. He won’t kill me, but damn do his hits hurt.”

“I would have if it weren’t for that dirty Rust. Say, where’s Rampage?”

“Huh? Rampage?” The baryonyx scanned their surroundings, and sure enough, the loveable oaf he knew was nowhere to be found. “Ah damn it!

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