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When Kailani and the other merchildren came to the land

By Ithilindil All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Under a canopy of lagoon blue water, there was a vast coral and seaweeds field. A great coral reef marked its limits in the east. A young mermaid was playing around. Kailani moved gracefully her splendid scaly royal blue tail. The turquoise and silvery reflections shimmered every time. Her silvery-blue fin veined with turquoise gave impetus to move her fast. She quickly disappeared between two huge green seaweeds, unnoticed by Areiti.

They were playing at hide-and-seek and it was the turn of the merboy to seek his friends. He was fairly good at this game and he had already found Liel, Vaiana and Kai. Kailani did not want to be found. Once in her life, she wanted to win a game. She wanted to be the last one to come out of her hiding place.

The mergirl hid between a group of great corals and seaweeds. The long and thin leaves moved slowly according to the currents. The corals had several and strange forms. Some looked like an opened fan, other like candelabras. They had many colours : coral pink, sunset red, green, blue, bright yellow. Kailani's tail was a scaly royal blue one with turquoise reflections on it and her fin was silvery-blue and turquoise. Surprisingly it allowed her to conceal almost perfectly. Her long and wavy chestnut hair was like brown seaweeds and her tan skin like shadows.

Little by little, she realized that she was all alone. She did not hear her friends talking and giggling anymore. Maybe it is a trap. I must be careful. She carefully moved apart two seaweeds and peeped at the field. No one was in sight. She came out of her hiding place and looked around her. The field was calm and silent. It was strange. Ordinary, it was never so calm and silent. Fishes and shellfishes were never silent. Something happened.

Where is everybody ? Kailani felt worry and scary. She decided to leave the field and looked for her friends. Her first idea was to set out to the coral reef. She changed her mind. The grown-ups told their children it was forbidden to go beyond the reef. Kailani's friends would never have gone there. She turned back and began to swim along the side of the field opposite to the one where she was hidden. Her heart beat heavily in her chest and it seemed to Kailani that it was very noisy. The only sound she could hear was the panic-stricken beat of her heart.

Boom ! I'm alone.

Boom ! Where are my friends ?

Boom boom ! Where are the fishes and the shellfishes ?

Boom boom boom ! I'm scared !

Suddenly she heard a noise. She listened carefully. Several persons were chatting and laughing. Kailani sighed with relief, she had found her friends. She swam to the direction from where the sounds came...

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